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Found 10 results

  1. List and / or delete local time machine snapshots Previous Apple operating systems had the possibility to disable local time machine backups with "tmutil disablelocal" within Terminal. Unfortunately this does not work anymore in High Sierra and above. Apple changed this behaviour with the release of High Sierra. And unfortunately I do not like this behaviour as I have always three external TM HDDs attached. So after searching a little bit, I found a reddit.com posting with proper terminal commands for listing and deleting local TM backups when you have High Sierra and above. Thanks for posting! ++++ How to use this workflow ++++ Just type "ltm" and then "list" to open terminal and to see how many local TM snapshots are on your local disk. Type "ltm" and then "del" to delete your local TM snapshots. Terminal opens and deletes the backups. ++++ USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! ++++ ++++ It's a simple workflow and my first one ... please feel free to optimize and enhance it ++++ Icon made by me Download here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/g0pm6c32o7wcjjr/Delete Local Time Machine Backups.alfredworkflow?dl=0
  2. I have a checklist that I run every weekday morning. It's very creatively named "Weekday Morning Checklist." Since I upgraded to macOS 10.13, Alfred is intermittent in his ability to find this file. Some mornings it's no problem. Some mornings he won't find that file, but will find other files in the same directory. Some mornings he won't find any of them. I've reinstalled Alfred and rebuilt the Spotlight index, but the problem persists. Can anyone suggest a solution? Thanks, dp
  3. Hi, After upgrade to High Sierra, "lock" system operation is very slow. I've seen some information that other tools are having issues as well due to "enhancements" in High Sierra to certains aspects of the system, such as lock screen, screensaver and kernel extensions. Anyways, the Ctrl+Cmd+Q global shortcut introduced in High Sierra is blazing fast, while the "Lock" System command in Alfred 3.5.1 is slow (takes several seconds). My immediate workaround is having a workflow that binds to "lock" keyword and triggers apple script that tells System Events a Ctril+Cmd+Q key combination has been used. This works like a charm but would be great if "native" lock command implementation was fast on High Sierra, just like it was in Sierra.
  4. I found this thread: Which is exactly what's happening to me, however I see that it's listed as closed and fixed in version 3.4.1 b858, but I'm on 3.5 build 875 and still seeing it. My config: MacBookPro11,4 (15" Retina - Mid 2015) 16 GB RAM High Sierra 10.13 (17A405) Alfred 3.5 build 875 Just wanted to let you know that it's still happening. Switching to Alfred Mac OSX theme did resolve the issue, but Frosty Teal (which I was using) is very slow. Cheers, Emery
  5. Regardless of the app, all the "recent documents" disappeared. Thoughts?
  6. Hi, i'm using High Sierra with Axure 8.0. Recently i've experienced issue with launching axure from Alfred. Steps to reproduce: 1) Open Alfred, type "Axure" - it will launch Axure.app, ok; 2) Then open Alfred and type "Axure" again - it will launch another instance of Axure... It should already opened instance of Axure. How can i do that?
  7. I am using macOS 10.13 with Alfred 3.5 Build 875. Whenever I hit the shortcut for Alfred and start typing, everything starts to lag. Every character that I press is delayed for at least half a second. The search result itself appear to be fast as usual, but the typing lags. This happens every time, even after restarting the mac.
  8. After upgrading to High Sierra there's a lag of almost 1s after every keystroke in Alfred making it unusable. It doesn't matter if it's app search, file search, or clipboard search. Meanwhile Spotlight is instant. I've left my Mac on for days at a time so Spotlight should have finished reindexing as per https://www.alfredapp.com/blog/tips-and-tricks/alfred-3-5-ready-for-high-sierra/ But does clipboard search even use Spotlight? Sometimes Alfred is fast and responsive, but then it goes slow again. I haven't found any correlation with what causes it to be normal / slow. There's no mds related process running that I can see, just the mystery "kernel_task" thats often about. Latest Alfred v3.5 [876]. Latest macOS 10.13 (17A365)
  9. Kevllar

    macOS - Unity

    Was messing with the theme customizer for the first time. Not really sure if this has been done yet. Probably has. But wanted Alfred to blend into macOS sierra. So tried to keep it real minimal. Almost like Apple would have wanted it. Was trying to match the app switcher in the Finder. Did it work? Download it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jge5ttv218vwgdz/MacOS - Unity.alfredappearance?dl=0 Preview here: https://www.alfredapp.com/extras/theme/d7JiWHvax7/
  10. I'm on the public beta of High Sierra and I'm seeing input lag when typing into Alfred. Tried clearing preferences and re-installing. Could it have to do with the new file system? Update: Changed my Alfred theme from "Alfred Default" to "Alfred MacOS" and the lag went away. Seems to be related to graphic assets?
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