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  1. I'm feeling overwhelmed by hotkeys. Everywhere. I just saw Buzz as a brain flash. One of the reason I like Alfred is that I have one hotkey, and from there I can trigger anything. For Universal Action, I would like to keep the same hotkey, but when I try to set it, the Alfred prompt show up, of course. So maybe this thread should be in "Features request", but the implementation could be either : When I toggle Alfred, if any file is selected, offer the Universal Action menu directly, just like if I pressed the UA hotkey (yes I'm moving to an acronym now). When I toggle Alfred, if any file is selected, open the classic prompt with an option "File(s) actions" that leads to the UA menu. Maybe create an option to pick either behavior 🤷‍♂️ What do you think ?
  2. like ⌘ E make export workflow quickly.
  3. I play League of Legends. I also play it with a different setup for the hotkeys. Specifically: Command + A / S / D / F for quick casting abilities that mean my thumb is usually on Command. Maybe I'm getting lost in the preferences or having bad luck with the forum and Google search; but I can't seem to find where an option to ignore Alfred calls while in specific applications. Often while I'm playing, I'll hit Command + Command and Alfred will suck focus right from under League of Legends! While League is still on screen, pressing my abilities and such no longer work. So I am thinking that I could avoid this and still have Alfred running while the game is too if it ignores for hotkey activation while League is in the active application. I'm hoping this isn't a premium feature, nor would I want to get powerpack just for this. But should it not already be a thing—I'm hoping it can be done. I've had my Alfred hotkey on Command + Command for so long now I'm not sure I can change as I still use Alfred over spotlight.
  4. Hello! I created a workflow that, when the hotkey is pressed, will use the selected text as input, but if nothing is selected, fall back on using the current clipboard as the input. This is accomplished easily enough by passing the selected text to a script and checking if it's empty, and using `pbpaste` if it is. The problem is that with the hotkey node set to use the "Selection in macOS" as the argument, it makes a beeping noise if no text is selected. Is there a way to disable that beeping noise for such a node/workflow? Or, equivalently, is there a way to get the "Selection in macOS" reliably in the same way Alfred does from a script? (Preferably Shell or Python, but I'd make do with any.) Thank you for your time! Alfred 4.6.3 macOS 12.2.1
  5. I’m creating a workflow of the same function w.r.t. different browsers depending on which browser is being used, so I set the same hotkey for the links between browser apps and their corresponding AppleScripts. It can work though the workflow highlights the hotkey is overlapped, so I’m wondering is there any better solution? Note that we cannot link one hotkey to two AppleScripts here otherwise it will work on two browser apps simultaneously, which is unnecessary.
  6. macOS 11.2.2 Alfred When hitting my main Alfred hotkey (F11) his window usually appears instantly. But, I've noticed that during certain conditions, such as shortly after launching a slow-to-open app from the Dock (Excel, Photoshop, etc) the Alfred window does not appear. Instead, it seems to hang until the foreground app is in the "ready" state. (Not sure technically what this is called, but essentially it's ready to receive input - mouse clicks, key events, etc). This can also happen if the foreground app gets busy, doing some long running task etc. Funny thing is, if I click to another app e.g. Finder and then hit the hotkey, Alfred appears immediately. Just wondering if there's any way to change this behavior so that the hotkey stays more responsive even during these busy times.
  7. The reason is that some workflow requires a bit of time to run. and some of them related to monitoring, notes and tasks can be useful to just pin on the top for a while.
  8. Hi all, Fabrice/poirpom here. I live in France*. This my is first post in this forum. *Therefore my ability to write or understand english is far from perfection. Apologize my mistakes. To provide a little bit of context : Happy powerpack Alfred user from more than 3 years, I enjoy using it every single day (29.7 times a day on average according to the usage stats provided, up to 150 on a single day). Although I have no knowledge at all in scripting, I find ways to achieve very helpful stuff with Alfred every day, thanks to the basic but powerful tools provided to create workflows. Another piece of software/SaaS I use a lot is Notion. Combining Alfred and a wonderful web browser extension called Save to notion, I've been able to add content to a notion database thanks to a single workflow Enough with the context. Regarding Notion, I'm trying to solve a "localized problem" : Notion provides a keyboard shortcut to show/hide the sidebar ⌘+\ Unfortunately, this shortcut doesn't work on a french keyboard. Because the character \ is done with the combination ⌥ + ⇧ + / I thought I could find a find to emulate the required combination (⌘+\) by : activating a workflow with a hotkey of my choice (only when Notion has focus) setting an argument ⌘\ (I've tried with both options – pass through input argument selected and not selected) using a key combo output with the override with input argument selected Obviously, nothing happens. But I don't even know if what I'm trying to achieve can be done with Alfred, if I'm on the right path or completely wrong (that won't be the first time). Any piece of advice would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  9. It seems that Alfred only support Ctrl, Option, Command, Shift + Key to trigger a workflow?
  10. How to set a double-click hotkey, such as double T I have tried, double-shift is work,but double d or double t is not work .etc ,and computer beeped , why? because hotkey conflict?
  11. Run macOS services from Alfred… on the current selection on the clipboard contents on files via a File Action Installation Download the latest version from GitHub and double-click to install. Usage Use keyword services to run a service on the current contents of the clipboard. Configure the included Hotkeys to run a service on the current selection or clipboard contents. Use the macOS Services File Action to run on selected files in Alfred. For more info, see the README on GitHub.
  12. Hi guys, I use snippets a lot in Alfred 3, and I badly need a quicker way to edit existing snippets. They're so awesome! Please see 1st screenshot: if Cmd+S on selected snippet would open it directly (2nd screenshot) within Alfred preferences, that would be a simple but fantastic improvement! I'm suggesting Cmd+S for this because it is very similar to the already existing Cmd+S shortcut which transforms a clipping from clipboard history into a new snippet. Basically hitting Cmd+S would mean: "create a new snippet or open it for editing if it already exists". That would feel very intuitive! After hitting Cmd+S, this window would popup to make you able to quickly update the existing snippet. Thanks! Vermeer
  13. On Mac Mohave (latest), Command-Option-C is a keyboard shortcut used in multiple graphics apps and Alfred 4 steals that away when these apps are in use/focus. I can't find anywhere to turn that off. This is not a problem when using Alfred3. How do I free up Command-Option-C or other shortcuts so Alfred lets me work?
  14. Backstory I use the "Launch file group from hotkey" workflows to switch to launched applications using hotkeys (e.g. ⌘-Shift-F to switch to Firefox). Concern There is a perceptible delay between pressing the hotkey combination and the switch to the app. If I use Quicksilver, the switch is instant. Is there a way to speed it up in Alfred?
  15. I would love to start using Alfred’s file buffer more often, especially with some of the nice additions made in Alfred 4. However, Alfred is in dire need of better Finder-Buffer integration. Either of the following would solve this: a File Action that adds files to the Buffer, or a Hotkey that can be used to add files directly from Finder to the Buffer (i.e., in Preferences → Features → File Search → Buffer). Under the current setup, the ability to use a hotkey to file action files from Finder is great (Preferences → Features → Actions → Selection Hotkey), but it doesn’t help with situations where you want to action the file more than once. Several people have created workflows that effectively mimic Allred’s keystrokes, but they’re all pretty fragile (example). In addition, I still haven’t found any that work with multiple files. This feels like something that ought to be addressed on a system-wide basis. Alfred’s a great butler, but I think he can carry even more things! 😉 Thanks for your consideration.
  16. At the moment, when you assign a key combination to a particular hotkey in Alfred, it keeps you from using the same key combination with a different hotkey. While this make sense in most scenarios, when the hotkey is assigned to a particular app - as specified in the Related Apps panel of the hotkey, and selecting the option that limits the hotkey to when the app takes focus - it seems unnecessary to restrict the user from using the same key combination with other apps that might have focus. As a result, I'd like to request this feature be added to Alfred. Without this ability, it causes users to have to come up with increasingly ridiculous key combinations that they can never remember (OK ... that I can never remember 😉). Or, to rely on another intermediary app - like the Better Touch Tool - to assign app-specific shortcuts that are attached to External Triggers in Alfred. BTT is great, but let's cut out the middleman and keep Alfred's shortcuts in Alfred!! Thanks for your consideration! PS - This request comes from a previous that can be found here:
  17. Is it possible to type a snippet via a hotkey combination? I have not thus far found a way to accomplish this task?
  18. Hello, I am a trouble with a custom workflow with is more like a clipboard thing Among many things I use Alfred to append predefined HTML structures . I made several clipboards using : Workflow > + > Templates > Clipboard > Paste as plain text from hotkey I had to restore my machine with Time Machine. Everything is perfectly working, all my custom web searches are here Yet those aren't working I made sure Alfred has - Full disk access permissions - Files and Folders permissions - Accessibility permisisons I even uninstalled and reinstalled Alfred It found the sync directory and all but still not Clipboard workflow, even when I create new ones, it does not work. If you have an idea of what is wrong... I haven't not trying purging completely Alfred - not sure how (it did automatically identify my sync directory upon reinstall) Thank you very much
  19. Hi everybody! OK, I am desperate - I've spent the last two days trying to cobble together a tagging workflow and I am totally stuck... I would be extremely thankful if some of you Alfred-specialists around here could take a look at my issue. I kind of know my way around Applescript but everything else is a total mystery to me. So here it is: The Workflow uses "tag" (https://github.com/jdberry/tag/ - installed via homebrew, if that matters) to assign my custom tags to files selected in Finder. The workflow should work with a hotkey - be it via a "selection in macOS"-hotkey or by telling Finder to get the selection. It should work with multiple files. The tags will be specified inside the script (I will duplicate the script for the handful of tags that I use daily). Edit: nevermind, the bash script works now for some reason... I will never understand this stuff. I give up on the Applescript Cheers, Anna on alfred_script(q) set tagName to "paid" set text item delimiters to tab set filePaths to text items of q set text item delimiters to "" repeat with thisPath in filePaths set theFilePath to POSIX path of (thisPath as text) do shell script "/usr/local/bin/tag --add " & tagName & " " & theFilePath end repeat end alfred_script query="{query}" /usr/local/bin/tag --add paid {query} echo -n $query
  20. Evernote Reminders for Alfred Quickly modify individual or multiple Evernote reminders How to use: Download workflow and import into Alfred Open Evernote Select reminder(s) Use [ ⌘ + ⇧ + R ] to bring up the menu Get things done Note: hotkey will only work when Evernote is open. View on GitHub
  21. If you often scale designs using the golden ratio, you are probably tired of copy/pasting from your calculator. Now, with the Golden Ratio Workflow, after selecting a number, a simple hotkey will paste that number multiplied or divided by 1.618, the golden ratio. cmd+opt+shift+G will multiply the number by 1.618 and paste the result. cmd+opt+G will divide by 1.618 and paste it. View it in action here: https://monosnap.com/direct/WY9O1oh71mMjGNfYL94kwazBxeHnoU Try it out for yourself here: http://www.kevnk.com/public/alfred/Golden-Ratio.alfredworkflow
  22. I've been using Alfred for years now, and its keyboard shortcut is burned into my muscle memory. Unfortunately, another app's shortcut is also burned into memory: CTRL+OPT+CMD+C, which I've used for years to launch an app called Calq... which was a 32 bit app, and as such, has gone the way of the dinosaur with the launch of MacOS 10.15. The good news is that Alfred's calculator functionality means I haven't lost any of the functionality of Calq, and it behaves pretty much exactly the same way. The bad news is that I always forget about it, and my habit of conjuring Calq leaves me confused when nothing happens upon firing the old, engrained shortcut. Sure, I could just get over it and eventually learn to forget the old Calq shortcut, but old habits die painfully hard. So, in short: Is there a way to assign a secondary shortcut to Alfred WITHOUT removing the original hotkey? If I could call it forth using EITHER shortcut combo, my life would be so much simpler...
  23. Greetings, Is it possible to have several hotkeys to open Alfted? For example I would want to open it with F1 and with alt+space. A bit of context if you wonder why I need this (can be skipped) So I always had Alfred on F1, before apple introduced their new MBP with a touch bar, so there is no F1 now. I tried to get used to this keyboard for almost a year, but could not. So I bought external old apple magic keyboard with all the keys and use it with laptop. So now I want to have my F1 hotkey back, but I am not always with this external keyboard, when I am on the go, I use internal keyboard, and on it I need to have a hotkey instead of F1 Thank you!
  24. I'm trying to create a simple workflow to open a folder with a hotkey. I've done other hotkey workflows int he past with no problem. When I click in the box to enter the key macro (it's got the blue box around it so I know it's selected), it just does nothing when I enter any keystrokes. I went to one of my existing hotkey workflows and was able to modify the key macro, so it seems to only be impacting net new workflows. Anyone seen this before? Alfred 4.0.1 b1078 macOS Mojave 10.14.5
  25. In Alfred 2, I have a lot of Hotkey > Launch Apps/Files workflows, where I use global hotkeys to open/switch-between applications. I've noticed a slight delay (~200ms) between triggering a hotkey combination (⇧^C) and its corresponding Action (showing Chrome) taking place. I still have Alfred 1.3.3 (267) installed, and when I use that instead (making sure to not run both versions side-by-side), the delay is not there. It's much snappier. Alfred 2.0.1 (173) OS X 10.8.3 Aside from that, love the new Alfred
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