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  1. I activate a List Filter in a Workflow with a Hotkey combo: and when I press option, "Search for '(null)' in Spotlight" is shown as the subtext of the action: Hitting enter opens a Finder window, but of course it can't search for "null". It seems like this behavior should be prevented?
  2. On Mac Mohave (latest), Command-Option-C is a keyboard shortcut used in multiple graphics apps and Alfred 4 steals that away when these apps are in use/focus. I can't find anywhere to turn that off. This is not a problem when using Alfred3. How do I free up Command-Option-C or other shortcuts so Alfred lets me work?
  3. I created more than 10 text manipulations using a regex transform. I tested 2 of them with workflows and they work fine. They are all structured the same way (hotkey, app focus, etc) except for the regex. My problem is that I do not want to assign a hotkey to each. I want to assign one text manipulation hotkey (⌃⌥ ⌘T) and choose from a list of transformations. My initial idea was to use the same hotkey, ie sharing/conflicting hotkeys and expected some kind of a menu to be displayed from which I would choose, but this is not the case, even if all workflows are structured th
  4. Consider my two workflows, projectA and projectB. I only ever have one of those workflows enabled at a time. I would like to have the same "Hotkey" in both Workflows. But Alfred won't let me, is it trying to prevent collisions between hotkeys? Can I override this?
  5. Is there a way to configure a hotkey so that it always passes a selected/highlighted file in the results? More specifically, I have Alfred set up so that, when he opens, he shows his previous search results (Advanced - History). Assuming there’s an old query to display, by default, Alfred automatically selects/highlights the text from the previous argument. This text also stays selected/highlighted until the user clears, modifies, or unselects it (e.g., right/left arrow keys). As a consequence, if you use hotkeys to pass files to workflows (i.e., setup w. Section in ma
  6. Hi everyone, I'm definitely not an expert with this program. My intention is to create a simple hotkey able to focus on an already opened app while I'm maybe using another app. So for example I'm using Safari and I've got to swap many times to (let's say) text edit, for this reason it is a lot simpler if i could do that with a simple hotkey. Is there anyway I could do this. Thanks! Ps: I already tried setting hotkey and linking to the action "open app/file" but it doesn't work. Actually it doesn't open the app either in the first place also if it isn't already opened. And
  7. I've used Alfred v1 from the Mac App Store for a long time but today decided to upgrade to Alfred v2 from the web site and bought the PowerPack. I uninstalled Alfred v1 via Launchpad and installed Alfred v2 via downloads -> unzip -> move to /Applications. Finally I entered my Powerpack code successfully. However, when I tried to set my Alfred hotkey to Command Space, it wouldn't allow me - when I press the combination in the preference window, nothing happens. Other hotkey options (e.g. Alt Space, Double Command) work just fine. Under the preference I saw some text "Some hotkeys
  8. I use the feature of adding custom urls to alfred many times a day.. to the point where I would really like to do it as a hotkey. This is what I do manually 1. hit my alfred launch hot key <kbd>⌘</kbd> 2. hit bottom key 3 times to go to web search 3. click on add custom search button 4. fill in the details of the page 5. use mouse to click on save Is it possible to have an alfred hot key that simply launches a prompt where i enter simply the url and the keyword.. click on enter and that's it! if not possible is at least
  9. is there a way to get a list of user defined hotkeys in Alfred. As I add to my hotkey workflows I'd like something that pops up a list of them, by way of a reminder. thanks.
  10. Hi guys, I'm unable to set my Alfred hotkey to Command Space, even after turning Spotlight into Option Space. For some reason, Alfred will take Option or Control with space, but not Command. I did see a help file on the site about it and it merely says to make sure spotlight isn't Command Space anymore, which I did. Any advice? Running El Capitan on a brand new Macbook.
  11. According to the official documentation, it should be possible to assigned the same hotkey to multiple actions based on what app has focus: Top tip: You can use the same hotkey for multiple actions within a single workflow. For example, you can set a hotkey to perform action A only when your browsers are in focus, while performing a different task when Mail is in focus. This can only be done within a single workflow, not across multiple ones. However, I cannot find a way to make this work. Here is what I've tried: Creating multiple copies of the hotkey I create a hotkey object and
  12. Control iTunes and Spotify using the same global hotkeys with this Alfred workflow. Play magically knows which player you're currently using and sends the command to the right place. Download — stable version. The source code is available here: https://github.com/pstadler/alfred-play
  13. I just finished setting up my new install of Yosemite, except for my hotkeys. I decided to use homebrew-cask to install a bunch of my apps this time around, which actually installs the apps to /opt/homebrew-cask/Caskroom/ and symlinks them into ~/Applications. While my hotkeys are successfully switching between apps, "Toggle visibility for apps" doesn't seem to be working. It does work on my other apps that were installed through the App store, just not with those being symlinked. I've tried with all of the different trigger behaviors and it doesn't seem to help. I'm using the late
  14. I made a System volume control workflow. Holding the hotkey down does not cause the workflow to run repeatedly (after my configured "key repeat" delay). I would love if "rapidly trigger workflow when key is held" were an option (read: a checkbox) when creating hotkey workflow components. Loving the Workflows. Such power!
  15. Is it possible to restrict a hotkey to be active only when a particular application is in the foreground? The default implementation of hotkeys in Alfred's workflows causes all hotkeys to be 'global' in scope, which is to say that they work regardless of what application is running. For example, I'd like to run an apple script using the hotkey combination 'command+D' when Adobe Illustrator is in the foreground. Currently, setting this hotkey in Alfred achieves my purpose, however it also overrides the same hotkey combination in other apps that already use it, such as the 'duplicate' comman
  16. Hi everyone, I usually use two users in Google Chrome (personal & job) so I think it would be great to be able to set hotkeys to show the desired user in Google Chrome. Any idea about how to do that? Thanks
  17. Hi there, just bought Alfred today and coming to grips with all the great stuff it can do. I can see how hotkeys work - and have managed to create a workflow to show specific folder finder window/s with a hotkey. Is there a way to set it up so the same hotkey jumps to that folder in an appications open/save dialog box? (ie: jumping to an often used folder location when saving/opening files). (As far as I can tell, if you are looking at an apps open/save dialog box and hit that hotkey now, it will open the finder window seperately... I want it to jump to that folder within the open/save
  18. Hi. I'm sorry for what I'm sure is going to be a stupid question, but I can't figure this out, for the life of me. And I have searched the forums... I've been using Alfred for a few years now. I recently upgraded to a new mac, and so I installed Alfred on it, and purchased the powerpack. So I should be able to setup hotkeys (like ctrl-alt-cmd-0) to open apps. I used Alfred to do that on my previous mac, and did that just by opening the Alfred preferences, clicking on the HotKeys icon, and setting it up. But in this new version of Alfred, with the powerpack, I can't find the damn way to
  19. I ran several tests with this workflow; here are my results: Cursor 'Left' with prefix [space]: [space] is prefixed to selection; on re-editing the hotkey, no [space] is found in 'Prefix' area Cursor 'Right' with prefix [space]: no [space] is prefixed to selection; raw selection returned; on re-editing hotkey, no [space] is found in 'Prefix' area Cursor 'Left' with prefix 'a': [space] and 'a' are prefixed to selection Cursor 'Right' with prefix 'a': 'a' is prefixed to selection; functions normally It seems that setting the Cursor to 'Left' automatically prefixes a space; this should be option
  20. I had earlier posted about this here: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/2719-browse-in-alfred-shows-finder-info-window-instead/ I'm making a new topic because I better isolated the trouble (as described in my final post in that topic). What's happening is that the hotkey to activate the File Actions menu from the Finder just gets remapped to "⌘I". So when I try to use that hotkey, I just see the Finder "Info" panel for the selected files instead of the list of Alfred actions. The hotkey setting I am talking about is under Features -> File Search -> Actions, and it's at the ve
  21. This question"How do I stop Alfred from stealing command-shift-backslash" has a plus 50 bonus on the Ask Different forum. If someone would like to answer it there: http://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/94680/how-do-i-stop-alfred-from-stealing-commandshift that would be great.
  22. Well, I understand visual minimalism, and I get common usage of hotkeys working their way into your brain and muscle memory, but I wonder, those workflows that we all use occaisionally - damn it! I forgot the keyword.... How about a preference to enable the workflow keywords as a desktop overlay on hitting the alfred launch? or even a change in the text color within the albert input field as workflow keyword string possibilities are entered??? as more workflows are made and modified, the onus upon the memory to remember multiple keywords per workflow is bound to get a bit heavy!
  23. Hi I've been moving all my hotkeys over to V2. I can get all the apps and files to open OK, but none of my Applescripts are working. (Three of my applescripts do stuff in Mail for the currently selected email, and one other launches app Minuteur and passes a number to it). I've tried both run script with usr/bin/osascript selected and run NSapplescript What do I have to do ? thanks k
  24. Hi, For the sheer number of hotkeys that I'm recreating from v1, and the already large number of workflows I'm already using (awesome stuff from people here in the forums!); it would be great if the v1 hotkeys windows was brought into v2. Not only is it faster to setup, but it's much easier to see what is using which key combinations, and it would help keep the volume of workflows down in the workflows screen. As well, for new Alfred users, it would be a lot easier to set up than having them have to understand the workflows.
  25. To switch apps I mostly use Alfred to type in the first few chars of an apps name and every now and then I'll Alt-Tab. I switch between Sublime, Postbox, Chrome and Terminal at least a hundred times per day and I realize my method is pretty expensive (at least 4 keystrokes). Obviously assigning a global hotkey would be the most efficient but I already have problems with local and global shortcuts clashing. What do you more experienced users do (Im new to osx from Ubuntu) to switch apps as quickly as possible, am I missing anything?
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