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Found 4 results

  1. I created more than 10 text manipulations using a regex transform. I tested 2 of them with workflows and they work fine. They are all structured the same way (hotkey, app focus, etc) except for the regex. My problem is that I do not want to assign a hotkey to each. I want to assign one text manipulation hotkey (⌃⌥ ⌘T) and choose from a list of transformations. My initial idea was to use the same hotkey, ie sharing/conflicting hotkeys and expected some kind of a menu to be displayed from which I would choose, but this is not the case, even if all workflows are structured th
  2. Consider my two workflows, projectA and projectB. I only ever have one of those workflows enabled at a time. I would like to have the same "Hotkey" in both Workflows. But Alfred won't let me, is it trying to prevent collisions between hotkeys? Can I override this?
  3. Is there a way to configure a hotkey so that it always passes a selected/highlighted file in the results? More specifically, I have Alfred set up so that, when he opens, he shows his previous search results (Advanced - History). Assuming there’s an old query to display, by default, Alfred automatically selects/highlights the text from the previous argument. This text also stays selected/highlighted until the user clears, modifies, or unselects it (e.g., right/left arrow keys). As a consequence, if you use hotkeys to pass files to workflows (i.e., setup w. Section in ma
  4. Hi everyone, I'm definitely not an expert with this program. My intention is to create a simple hotkey able to focus on an already opened app while I'm maybe using another app. So for example I'm using Safari and I've got to swap many times to (let's say) text edit, for this reason it is a lot simpler if i could do that with a simple hotkey. Is there anyway I could do this. Thanks! Ps: I already tried setting hotkey and linking to the action "open app/file" but it doesn't work. Actually it doesn't open the app either in the first place also if it isn't already opened. And
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