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Found 6 results

  1. Loads iCloud tabs from all connected devices and lists them as links. Current device is excluded. It works by copying the ~/Library/SyncedPreferences/com.apple.Safari.plist file to a temp location, converting to XML then parsing the result. https://github.com/kmarchand/iCloudTabsAlfredWorkflow
  2. Hi! iMac with 10.14 Mojave Alfred 3.7 Searching for .numbers file in local folder which is synced with icloud (nubmers folder). Sometimes the file shows up and sometimes it does not. It happens in Spotlight as well. Tried to index again but did not help. And later finding out my father has the same issue. This file is a shared one through icloud, not sure if that might be part of the issue? Thank you!
  3. I was just trying to search for a file in my iCloud Drive, and Alfred won't turn it up -- but Spotlight will. It might be a one-off issue, as other iCloud Drive-based files and folders seem to be showing up ok. When I put in the file name in Spotlight, it turns up: ...and when I search for it in Alfred, I see nothing but my default Internet search options: (also, no idea why the type in this screenshot looks weird — it's normal in reality).
  4. Google Drive and iCloud are known to do a rotten job of syncing Alfred's preferences, and the online help advises against using them. The help is where people go when they already have a problem. In this case, that can mean GDrive or iCloud already lost all their stuff. I believe it would be more appropriate for Alfred to warn users before they try to use a sync service that is known to work badly. It might not stop them using that service, but it would at least be an informed decision. I know that I, for one, would be extremely annoyed to lose all my workflows
  5. Hi, Is there a way I can use Alfred to create a public link to iCloud Drive files via a keyboard shortcut within finder? At this moment the process of creating a link is hidden behind way too many clicks. Thanks!
  6. It would be great to sync preferences and workflows via iCloud between different machines.
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