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Found 13 results

  1. Loads iCloud tabs from all connected devices and lists them as links. Current device is excluded. It works by copying the ~/Library/SyncedPreferences/com.apple.Safari.plist file to a temp location, converting to XML then parsing the result. https://github.com/kmarchand/iCloudTabsAlfredWorkflow
  2. Hi! iMac with 10.14 Mojave Alfred 3.7 Searching for .numbers file in local folder which is synced with icloud (nubmers folder). Sometimes the file shows up and sometimes it does not. It happens in Spotlight as well. Tried to index again but did not help. And later finding out my father has the same issue. This file is a shared one through icloud, not sure if that might be part of the issue? Thank you!
  3. I was just trying to search for a file in my iCloud Drive, and Alfred won't turn it up -- but Spotlight will. It might be a one-off issue, as other iCloud Drive-based files and folders seem to be showing up ok. When I put in the file name in Spotlight, it turns up: ...and when I search for it in Alfred, I see nothing but my default Internet search options: (also, no idea why the type in this screenshot looks weird — it's normal in reality).
  4. Google Drive and iCloud are known to do a rotten job of syncing Alfred's preferences, and the online help advises against using them. The help is where people go when they already have a problem. In this case, that can mean GDrive or iCloud already lost all their stuff. I believe it would be more appropriate for Alfred to warn users before they try to use a sync service that is known to work badly. It might not stop them using that service, but it would at least be an informed decision. I know that I, for one, would be extremely annoyed to lose all my workflows and snippets to iCloud, then discover via the above help page that it's known not to work, but that isn't mentioned anywhere in the sync settings in Alfred itself.
  5. Hi, Is there a way I can use Alfred to create a public link to iCloud Drive files via a keyboard shortcut within finder? At this moment the process of creating a link is hidden behind way too many clicks. Thanks!
  6. I had Alfred set to sync its preferences through iCloud Drive to keep them the same across two Macs, but I somehow lost my Powerpack workflows in the process. The preferences for Alfred on one of my computers were reset as well. I have two preferences files in iCloud Drive now, one labeled Alfred.alfredpreferences and the other Alfred 2.alfredpreferences. Deleting the second one returns my preferences to the ones I had, but the workflows are still gone in both files. (checking the folder within the alfredpreferences package) These files are the only Alfred preferences files left on the entire drive. Is it possible to recover the workflows?
  7. I just recently bought Alfred and the remote to go with it. First, I should say that I love the remote. It is a great idea but I've noticed two annoyances with it. First, there is a major limitation in that it can only be used if you're on the same WiFi network as your computer. It would be more useful to be able to run workflows, etc. from anywhere (e.g. using my cellular data connection to issue a command when I'm not home). Second, when I'm at home using it to control music or a movie or something, it's pretty annoying to have to wait 5-10 seconds for the remote to connect before I'm able to do anything, especially because i'm usually only doing one action each time it connects. The option to "prevent device from sleeping when the remote is connected" indirectly addresses this but leaving my display on constantly drains my phone battery very quickly. For the iPhone remote app (not sure if there's an Android version), both of these problems can be addressed by using the new option (as of Yosemite I believe) to sync app files between mobile and desktop via iCloud for a more integrated experience. This could be used to pass messages back and forth in a way that circumvents the need for a local network and the need to wait for a computer to respond before issuing a command (you could use an "update remote layout" button instead of automatically updating the remote each time it connects to a computer). I'm not sure how you would address this for an Android version of the remote though. Maybe by adding the option to use Google Drive or Dropbox or something to automatically push the messages between apps. Please and thank you, Bryan
  8. SEND To download, visit the Packal page Version: 1.2 This workflow allows users to quickly and easily send documents to the cloud service of their choice. Once configured (send:config), users can make use of either: hotkey file action keyword to either send a duplicate of the file to the cloud service (leaving the original where it is), or move the original itself to the cloud service. Configuration When you run send:config, 3 options appear: This will determine which cloud service you send your data to using the workflow. At any point, you can change your settings, but once set the workflow will always send the chosen file to this folder. Anyways, if you choose the Other option, you will need to name the service used: After this (or if you choose iCloud or Dropbox), you will need to choose the folder you will be sending to. The workflow will begin by telling you what you need to do: After this reminder, you will choose the folder: This is an example of having chosen iCloud, and the workflow will automatically take you to the Mobile Documents folder in your Library, where you will see all of your iCloud enabled apps have their own personal folders. Choose the one you'd like to send your stuff to. For example, if you use Readdle's Documents app on your iPad or iPhone, find that folder within the Mobile Documents folder and select it. Once configured, you can send documents in a few different ways. First, you can use Alfred's File Browser to either send a duplicate or send the original to the cloud service you chose above: Or you could use the keywords. send:d sends a duplicate of the frontmost document (if possible): send:o sends the original of the frontmost file to the cloud folder (if possible): Of course, you can also set up Hotkeys for both of these actions as well. The workflow is 90% Applescript, so it should work on all machines out-of-the-box. There is a little bit of Python, which uses deanishe's Alfred-Workflow library as its backbone. Hope this is helpful, stephen
  9. I upgrade to Yosemite. When I search with Alfred, it keeps showing me results from Library/Mobile Documents folder. And when I try to add iCloud Drive from in the Search Scope, it is not possible to add. So what am I doing is wrong. Many thanks in advance.
  10. This workflow allows you to view and open iCloud tabs from all your devices (except the current one). Unlike this workflow, my workflow also allows you to narrow the results using keywords. For example, entering "itabs apple iphone" will return only iCloud tabs whose page title or URL contains both "apple" and "iphone". You can also quickly open all your iCloud tabs using keyword "alltabs". Download This workflow uses the awesome Alfred Objective-C framework.
  11. Pretty much what title say but im not sure if it's possible. It would be pretty sweet to type something and see opened tabs on other devices and open them all. Thanks.
  12. I've been running 1Password 4 lately and I noticed that the integration with Alfred is broken. I've enabled iCloud sync which does cause the 1Password keychain to be saved in iCloud. I also believe that 1Password 4 uses a new file format with encryption. I've heard Andrew mention that he's working with Agile Bits to support 1Password 4, but it doesn't look like it's fully supported yet. Does anyone have a fix or if Andrew happens to ready this, when can we possibly see a fix for this issue? Thanks.
  13. It would be great to sync preferences and workflows via iCloud between different machines.
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