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Found 21 results

  1. Toggle Desktop Icons (TDI) shows or hides the icons on your desktop if you want to take cleaner screenshots. Download and installation instructions on https://github.com/larkov/ToggleDesktopIcons-AlfredWorkflow.
  2. Hello everyone. I tried to integrate thenounproject.com service. The main purpose of this workflow is a choice of the icon, by tags, and query words with the possibility get the preview right through the Alfred. So, you can choose some icons for your Alfred workflows and you can see how does it look like immediately. The main function of this workflow is preview icons (many icons), so I suggest flipping through the pages (by hit arrow buttons) instead of scrolling. For that, I limited count of the search result to 12. You can change this optionally (in Alfred preferences) depending on your count of visible result items in Alfred options. (I use 7) and each keystroke to up or down shows by 6 items. It's handy, I think. For use this workflow you will have to free register and get "KEY" and "SECRET" which required to fill into the configuration block of this Workflow. Install $ npm install --global alfred-icons Requires Node.js 7.6+ Usage In Alfred, type icons, Enter, and your query. Use [alt + enter] (⌥ + ↵) to go the collection of some icon in your search result. It's will be signed by this 🧰? And for any result, you can use [cmd + enter] (⌘ + ↵) to continue your search set using 'tags'. It returns you to collections relative with the selected tag. By clicking on the item you can free download (SVG or png) from the page of this awesome service. GitHub Thnx for your interest.
  3. I realize I may be the only one who cares so much about theming, but what can I say? I do! It occurs to me that for some Workflow icons won't work well (i.e. black icons) in Dark Themes. Workflow builders assume they're fine because they work in Light themes, but then become harder to see in Dark themes. Example: I think it might be possible to detect whether someone is using a Dark or Light theme using some logic in the Workflow, but then each Workflow would need to repeat this logic. @Andrew Given how widespread the Light and Dark Appearance UIs are becoming, is it possible for Alfred to support icon switching in Dark Themes?
  4. The Twitter icon looks distorted/not anti-aliased on the Usage page?
  5. I previously shared a directory of nearly 200 Custom Web Searches that I maintain. I've continued adding more searches to it, along with custom icons to accompany the searches. Up until now, however, I hadn't done the same thing for the web searches that come pre-installed in Alfred. I decided that I didn't like the look of the default icons (several of them are outdated), so I created a free set of 20 starter icons to replace them! Download the 🎩 20 Starter Web Search Icons Since Alfred doesn't let you modify the pre-installed web searches, you'll need to install redundant searches and then apply the icons to the replacement searches. There's an enclosed README in the download that includes instructions and links to quickly complete this process. Enjoy!
  6. Hello! I previously used some apps that helped hide the visibility of the macOS desktop but wanted to take on creating an Alfred workflow that would do the work for me. All of the existing workflows I found relied on typing out commands to explicitly state if you wanted to show or hide the desktop icons. I think that's silly. Instead, this workflow first looks up whether the desktop is currently hidden, and then uses that data to do the opposite. No typing out explicit commands, just use the same keyboard shortcut to toggle the desktop on and off. Easy peasy. The recommended mapping is: command + . This hot key doesn’t conflict with system defaults and also logically mirrors the hot key for showing and hiding hidden files in the Finder (command + shift + .) The hotkey can easily be set by editing the workflow in the Alfred preferences UI. Grab it from Github or Packal. https://github.com/andrew-boyd/alfred-hide-desktop-toggle http://www.packal.org/workflow/hide-desktop-toggle Hope you enjoy!
  7. hi all, i was wandering if it is possible to change dafault actions icons. not that i hate them, but it would more beautiful without them or with different ones for me i was looking inside the alfred app if they are somewhere, but i didn't find anything i also know i can do my workflows with custom icons, but i don't know how to replicate the default ones it would be awesome if there is some way to simply remove them or block them or something.. thanks
  8. I'm just getting started with creating my own workflows and I have a couple questions I haven't found the answers for yet after a bunch of searching, reading and testing. A quick note to begin with, I'm writing this partially as an exercise to improve me proficiency with AppleScript, as frequently painful as it is. It does seem like a good workflow to use it for since its functionality is almost entirely reading information from and sending commands to the iTunes AppleScript Dictionary. JXA is a little further down the to-learn list. 1. What is the proper way (if there is one) to get Alfred's workflow environment variables into an AppleScript file? Right now I'm using the Script Filter to issue the Bash command osascript *file*, I can append a variable to it like "alfred_workflow_data" and read it as an argv or use (do shell script "pwd") to get the workflow path but I haven't found a way to access all of the variables directly. I'm open to ultimately running it as a usr/bin/osascript if that's the best solution, but it's nice to just run the script from my code editor rather than copying and pasting it every time I want to test a change. I have read the pinned post on using environment variables but I'm not sure how to apply it in this context. 2. It looks like the best practice is to use alfred_workflow_data and alfred_workflow_cache where possible but is it appropriate to use the workflow folder for things like included icons or should I be creating a data directory, copying the files there and then using that location when setting icons in a Script Filter? Given that there doesn't appear to be a provided environment variable for the workflow folder path I wasn't sure if that was to discourage using that in the workflow or because it's trivial to determine that path another way. 3. I have a couple of different icons I'm using for different workflow components so I don't want them all to inherit the workflow icon but I also use some of the same icons for multiple trigger objects. If I assign them the same icon I get duplicate *iud*.png files, is there a way to set the path for the icon programmatically so I can set a single image to multiple objects? 4. Along similar lines, does Alfred allow you to use any vector formats for icons? It doesn't seem to accept SVG and it converts vector PDFs to PNG images but I know that some of Alfred's internal workflows use vector code for icons so I thought it was worth asking. If not, is 512px the appropriate resolution? I've seen 128px referenced in older threads but that seems pretty small for uses like icons in the iOS remote app for devices like retina iPads. 5. Finally, is there a good way to assign multiple keywords to the same action? I'd like to trigger my script filter with both itunes and love and I had hoped that using a Keyword object as the input to a script filter would do it but while it still lets me trigger the action object I've linked the script filter to the script filter functionality doesn't work. I've also tried adding an Arg and Vars utility to overwrite the query to the keyword for the Script Filter but I get the same result. I can just duplicate the Script Filter with a different keyword but am trying not to repeat an identical function if I don't need to. Thanks for any help, I really appreciate you taking the time to read over this. The workflow in its current state can be found on GitHub. Alfred 3.6.2 [921] macOS 10.13.5 (17F77) I've customized a lot of my macOS environment but I don't think anything that would affect AppleScript and likely not anything that would affect running osascript commands from /bin/bash.
  9. Hello! New Alfred user here, so the questions are accordingly newbie-level. 1. I was wondering what are the small icons that sometimes appear above the right edge of the Alfred bar (see attachment) 2. Is it possible to sort file actions in my own custom order? 3. Many of the file actions in Alfred result in the termination of the Alfred bar (like moving a file). Many times this is desired, sometimes it's not. Is it possible to define a hotkey to be pressed while performing the action that will leave the Alfred bar open even after performing the file action? 4. I use the dictionary feature a lot, and I would like that each definition to appear in its entirety in the Alfred window, and not just a preview, so I won't have to open the Dictionary app. This is how it's done in Spotlight. Is this possible? 5. I use the left and right and arrow keys to navigate folders. Is it possible to define that the right arrow key also opens the actions menu for files? (left arrow goes back) 6. Is it possible to make cmd-down arrow open files and folders, in addition to the return key? Thanks!
  10. Hello, I am just discovering all possibilities of Alfred but one thing I would really like seems to be missing: an option to hide the icons from the search results. What I am talking about are the icons in the "magnifying glass" in the picture below. I am sure that many people would find this an unuseful feature but it seems like a simple feature that I (and maybe others) would very much enjoy..
  11. I've not been a big user of the File buffer, but I'd love it if there was a feature much the like the File buffer, but not. Something more like "File dock". So, basically the same as file buffer except: Files can only be removed by the user manually. Never automatically. I'd like to be able to add workflows there. I'd love to be able to drag files into these icons. ( Just imagine typing "find some-file.jpg" and dragging that into the photoshop icon above, for instance. Aaah the possibilities... ) I understand that as it is, file buffer would either have to be somehow extended, changed or replaced by this feature, so that the File dock icons could be placed in the same position. So I don't know, but I'd love it if the icons would sit in the same position as in the screenshot.
  12. Not sure why Alfred displays HUMUNGOUS icons in the notification center when no other application does this. it's really jarring and odd-looking; see below. Can we get a little more consistency?
  13. Hi everyone, When I use Alfred to log into a 1Password site, the icon associated with the URL is blank in Alfred. The functionality of using 1Password with Alfred is working great, but the missing icons are a little nagging. I now this isn't a big issue, but I'm wondering if anyone else is having a similar problem or has found a solution. I'm using Alfred 2.2 and 1Password 4.1.2. The "Enable integration with 3rd party apps" preference is selected in 1Password, and "Enable 1Password Bookmarks" and "Discover Automatically" preferences are selected in Alfred. Thanks! --- Ryan
  14. It may seem like a silly question, but I was going to reuse Alfred's icons to make a workflow icon look more like it "fits" but I couldn't find Alfred's different icons used for file actions and other things. I peeked in the application bundle, but I only found the main application icon. Any idea where these resources are?
  15. I created a workflow that hides/unhides the icons on your desktop. I use this at work because i don't want others to see what is on my desktop. just type "desktop hide" or "desktop unhide" to hide or unhide the icons. Screenshot: http://cl.ly/image/453u2H050a2w Download: http://cl.ly/1u330t3k1F19 I hope this is helpful for some of you.
  16. I like to hide my Desktop icons, specially when I'm going to present a keynote. This is a very simple workflow that executes a shell command to toggle the Desktop icon. I Hope someone else find it useful. Just use the keyword deskicons. Download Link: http://cl.ly/OEG8 If it's not working properly (no change, or icons reappearing in a few seconds) try executing the following command in the terminal: defaults write com.apple.finder CreateDesktop 1 After that it should work fine.
  17. So I haven't experienced this before and I've been using the latest version of Alfred 2, but when I changed my theme this morning and then added some applications to Alfred's buffer, the icons were all upside down. This doesn't happen when adding icons from Alfred's file browser, and they get reset (so that they're upside up) if you toggle Alfred's visibility a couple of times. Not a big deal at all, but I'm miffed!
  18. Would it be possible to define a standard size to display for the icon in the results? Currently, when cycling the "Result Padding", the icon sizes change from 28, 30, 32, 34 and 36px. This makes certain icons look like complete garbage ... especially if the icons contain single pixel lines. The idea, is that if an icns/tiff/jpg/pdf IS or CONTAINS a certain size, Alfred will honour it in the results. So, if for some reason I wish to have my results icons displayed at 16px, regardless of padding or font height with results, the icon will always show centered at 16px in the image results area. Alternately, if I wish to have my icon show at 64px, and have the text to the right of it smaller, the text results would be centered in it's area. I do realize that the theming/appearance area of Alfred2 is a work in progress but this has been bugging me as a visual type person who is in love with 'pixel perfectness'
  19. If an icon is not a square shape, it displays in Alfred's results as a stretched image. Just wondered if there is any way to specify that the icon aspect ratio should be preserved instead? I've got a bunch of images that I'm wanting to use as icons in a workflow I'm working on, and most of them are significantly wider than they are tall. I'm about to go and process them all so they have transparent padding at the top and bottom, making them square, but I just thought I'd ask here first in case there's something obvious that I've missed that would achieve this within Alfred.
  20. I have been using a lot of workflows with "Post Notifications" and it has begun to bug me that I keep seeing the Alfred beta icon. I think that, if possible, Alfred workflow icon should appear on the "Post Notification".
  21. Hi Andrew and Vero, please consider allowing individual icons for File Action workflow modules, just as much as for any other Input/Trigger type workflow modules. Use Case: I have a workflow that does EITHER A OR B as a script filter, based on whatever criteria the script filter checks for. I also want to allow for the same functionality as a file action included in the same workflow: Script Filter "Do A" or "Do B" -------------------> [Whatever Module Here] File Action "Do A" ---------------------------------> [Either another Module or use the same as Script Filter] File Action "Do B" ---------------------------------> [Either another Module or use the same as Script Filter] For the Script Filter, the feedback would contain the appropriate icon for either A or B, so it would be good to drop Icon A onto File Action "Do A" and Icon B onto File Action B accordingly.
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