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Found 19 results

  1. Hi, can anybody help me to make this image converting workflow work? I want to convert selected psd files to png. Thanks. http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/1385634/ptp.alfredworkflow
  2. Perform a Google Image search based on files on your computer. The images are uploaded to Google, and the list of search results is shown in your browser. Download Get the workflow from GitHub or Packal. Usage Google search supports PNG, JPG, GIF and BMP images only. This workflow is available as a File Action for any of these filetypes in Alfred. There is also a Hotkey to search based on the current Finder selection. If more than one image file is selected, only the first will be used. Licence This workflow is released under the MIT License.
  3. An Alfred 4 workflow for quickly compressing and resizing images using TinyPNG. Simply select a collection of images or a folder in Finder and activate the workflow. Installation and Getting Started Install alfred-tinypng workflow. All further updates are handled automatically. You will need to configure the workflow with an API key from TinyPNG. Type tinypng_api to get a link to the pagewhere you can get your API key and to actually set the key when you have gotten it. Usage Select either a folder, image file or a number of image files in Finder. Afterward, open Alfred and type tinypng. You are presented with the following choices: Choose an item based on what you want. When selected, the workflow will start compressing/resizing the image(s). After it is done, they will be saved to the same directory and with the same filename as the original image. The original image will be preserved with .bak prepended before the file extension. I.e. if compressing img.jpg, this will now become img.bak.jpg and the compressed image will be saved as img.jpg. Refer to the TinyPNG documentation for a full explanation of the different resizing options. Why? Another TinyPNG workflow already exists It doesn't support choosing the files based on what is selected in Finder (which I personally prefer). Only simple compression is supported whereas all TinyPNG compressions and resizing options are supported in this workflow. It seems to be abandoned by the creator (has not been updated since 2015). Credits The workflow makes use of the following: OneUpdater by vitorgalvao for handling automatic updates. TinyPNG Python API Code and more can be viewed on the associated GitHub-repo. If you find this workflow useful, stars are appreciated.
  4. Hello, while I love the ease of use of alfred and the great workflows created by the community, there is one thing missing for me to make Alfred perfect. It would be cool it were possible to output html or an image when a user presses enter on an item. This would be great for showing information on the web like wikipedia, imdb or wolfram alpha. It would also enable output that is more visually pleasing than plain old text output. I know that the not longer maintained Flashlight (https://github.com/nate-parrott/Flashlight) had this feature. Cheers Leon
  5. Snippets please support gif and image~! So I can input image emoji by snippets. In China, It's popular to send emoji while chatting online, if alfred snippet support image and gif, it will earn many Chinese user!! example: While input "!jump", I hope it become flowing gif tiao.gif
  6. alfred-docker-store-search Search docker images directly from store.docker.com Install npm install --global alfred-docker-store-search Requires Node.js 4+ and the Alfred Powerpack Usage In Alfred, type dss and your query. Github link
  7. Hi, I'm creating my first workflow, so please bear with me The idea is simple I would like to show a image based on a query. Is there any way to do open something like the finder preview using Alfred? I don't want to open the image in with something similar to finder quick-look, since this is intended to show a quick help and if opened on preview requires to close it latter. Thanks
  8. Hi folks, What's this Preview thumbnail at the top left corner of my Alfred search? I want to turn it off... unless it's some great new feature. :-\ Thanks! Gordon
  9. Hi everyone, Here's a very small workflow to convert a (lovely) PNG image to a (lovely) ICNS icon file (that you can use for your node.js app, for example). Import the workflow from -> the github repository Make a (lovely) 1024x1024 PNG image, Select it in the Finder, Hit CMD + ALT + CTRL + i (like "Image") Et voilà! You can also use the bash script, with more options (png2icns.sh). Enjoy!
  10. What I'd like to be able to do is select an image file/s in the Finder, press a hotkey or keyword, and get a reverse Google image search for that image. *Also, the option to directly go to the "All sizes" section of that "Reverse Image Search". THX zx Search by Image
  11. Hello, I am taking a lot of screenshots and I prefer using the standard mac's screenshot grabber tool, it works great, but there are a few key points that can be automated for a better life =) I tried doing this workflow by myself but it didn't really work out. Upload the image from clipboard to imgur and get .png link copied to clipboard Trigger Alfred Write the keyword ("upload" for example) The first option you have is "Upload the image from clipboard to Imgur.com" The link (preferably the direct link to .png image) is copied to clipboard. Optionally you can have a list of images from clipboard history, if you took a few screenshots to clipboard and want to upload them too Edit image from clipboard in "Preview" app Trigger Alfred Write the keyword ("edit" for example) The first option you have is "Edit the image from clipboard in 'Preview'" The "Preview" app is opened Keyboard Shortcut Trigger "CMD+N" (this open the image from clipboard) Keyboard Shortcut Trigger "CMD+SHIFT+A" (this turns on Markup Toolbar) What do you think of this idea? I searched everywhere I could to find something similar but didn't find anything.
  12. I installed the Snippets workflow hoping that an image stored in an Evernote note could be pasted into an app. Unfortunately, it only does text. Is there an existing workflow that can take an image, from my computer or Evernote (preferred), and paste it into the front app, or at least get it to the clipboard? I've searched through the forum to see if something already existed, but nothing jumped out at me. I'd like this to behave like a snippet, which is why I had hopes for Snippets, since Evernote notes can store text as well as images. As an example, if I had an image (png?) of my signature stored in Evernote, in a note titled "sig", I could issue the command "s sig" and the image would be pasted into the front app, or least onto the clipboard.
  13. Is there a way to have a workflow that browses images in a specific folder of your computer and actually shows proper thumbnails of said images? I found this workflow that seems to be quite popular. http://destroytoday.com/writings/gif-workflow/ However unlike the giphy workflows (that do show a thumbnail) out there this one doesn't show a thumbnail while I'm using alfred's prompts. It seems like I'm stuck with slow speed either A because I have to query giphy or I have to quick look individual files to see what they are. As a designer I know many designers out there want this functionality. Any Ideas?
  14. I have no idea how to even go about starting to write the scripts necessary to do this, but if someone else could, that would be awesome. Id really like a workflow that would upload the currently selected Finder image file to the Imgur hosting service, and then copy the url for that uploaded image to the clipboard. Possibly an additional function could be alt+enter would not only copy that url to the clipboard but also open the url in your default browser.
  15. It would be really cool if Alfred had an option for storing images in Clipboard History. Plain text is easy to search and light on resources, but limiting if you rely on images (e.g. graphic designer). When using snippets and/or workflow clipboard objects, {clipboard} should be able to inject images stored in the Clipboard. This would obviously increase Alfred's memory usage; if implemented, it should definitely be optional. Maybe even separate settings that set limits on how big a stored image can be (just like the current implementation for text clipping size). Cheers
  16. I am looking to make a workflow for searching an image API. I would live to feature live results as preview images in the alfred window. can this be done?
  17. Just put together a quick workflow to open images in Pixelmator. Useful if you usually just want to open them, but occasionally need to edit. Open Image in Pixelmator
  18. Image Dimensions The workflow is based on the Alfred v1 extensions created by Don Southard. It was modified to work with Alfred 2 and to handle multiple files at once. The workflow can be updated using Alleyoop. Features This workflow shows the dimensions of one or more selected images. It works as Alfred File Action Based on current Finder Selection Installation Download from GitHub and import into Alfred 2. Usage Hotkeys ⇧⌥I - Show dimensions of images selected in Finder Actions The following actions are available on the file row of the result view: ENTER: Copy file path (incl. filename) to clipboard ALT+ENTER: Copy filename to clipboard CMD+ENTER: Copy the file itself to clipboard
  19. Hi, This workflow will convert selected image to base64 string and copy to clipboard in css friendly format(with 'data:image/{file extension};base64' prefix). Download | Github I will be happy to hear feedback and improvement suggestions.
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