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Found 12 results

  1. Mouseless Messenger Mouseless Messenger offers you rapid keyboard-driven access to send and read conversations in the macOS Messages app via Alfred — all without ever interacting with the Messages app. Click Here to Download the Latest Release Installation Before the workflow can be used, you'll need to provide Alfred with Full Disk Access privileges via System Preferences: Open System Preferences Choose Security and Privacy Choose Privacy Select Full Disk Access Unlock the 🔒 in the bottom left corner. Enable the checkbox for Alfred. If unavailable, use the ➕ button to add Alfred. ⚠️ Privilege Escalation Full Disk Access is used to provide Alfred with access to the Messages database. However, by providing Alfred with this access, you are providing ALL Alfred workflow with access — not just Mouseless Messenger. Be sure you trust your installed workflows before allowing this. Usage The workflow is triggered by the keyword msg. On run, you'll be provided with the your eight (8) most recent conversations in the Messages app. To preview a message thread, press the SHIFT key while a conversation is selected. Press it again to dismiss the conversation preview. To reply to a message thread, press the ENTER or RETURN key while a conversation is selected, then type your reply in the provided input space and press ENTER to send it. In order for the message to send, the Messages app must be running in the background. The window doesn't need to be in the foreground (or even visible), but the app itself must be running. Support the Workflow I built Mouseless Messenger because I code all day and don't like to take my hands off the keyboard. If you find it useful, please consider buying me a coffee so that I can keep building cool things like this. If you have a feature you'd like added, or an issue which needs attention, please open an issue on GitHub.
  2. Safari automatically reads your text messages and asks you to auto-fill any two-factor codes it finds: I don't use Safari (I use Chrome) and I was sick of having to manually type the codes from my messages. This workflow reads your message history and finds the most recent 5, 6, 7, or 8 digit two-factor codes. When you select a code and press <enter> it is copied to your clipboard, or you can press <⌘+enter> and it will copy the code to your clipboard and paste it into the active application. Keyword: 2fm Download the latest version: https://github.com/squatto/alfred-imessage-2fa/releases/latest/download/iMessage.2FA.alfredworkflow GitHub: https://github.com/squatto/alfred-imessage-2fa Packal: http://www.packal.org/workflow/imessage-2fa
  3. Hello everyone, I finally updated my Alfred v1 extension "iMessage to Friend" to support v2. "iMessage to Friend" allows you to directly write and send a message to a friend from within Alfred. Just hit Alfred’s hotkey, enter your friends (nick)name, write a message, hit enter and you’re done. No more clicking and application switching required. Answering your friends’ texts won't take you out of your work anymore. The setup is a little bit tricky, but there are detailed setup instructions on my blog, where you will also find the download. Download & Setup Instructions: http://eay.li/alfred2imessage I hope you'll enjoy it! Greetings from Cologne, Germany Stefan
  4. iMessage Workflow V3 My workflow has been easily surpassed by others, please use theirs ---------> http://www.alfredfor...red/?hl=unicall However, I'm updating this workflow to Alfred 3 for posterity's sake. Sorry for taking so long guys... Archive Change log: 2/12/2017 - Because of a specific error, I've updated this app. Alongside the minor bug, thanks to Amos Manneschmidt's workflow "Call or SMS contact", I learned how to use OSX's built in Contact app to feed out contacts. Furthermore, I updated this app to be compatible with Alfred 3. 4/30/13 - Non-Latin languages are now supported! I have verified Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. If it works for your language, please tell me! 11/27/13 - My extension prioritizes numbers that have been used before. This should allow Alfred to choose the correct number associated with a contact MUCH more accurately. Works only with phone numbers, not email addresses; A notification is now displayed when contacts are not updated successfully (mostly a response to Exceptions thrown when trying to update) 11/21/13 - Emoticons should now work; Alfred now opens up iMessage if its closed ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If using the OLD way: Setup: Run command 'IMU' before you start using the workflow Find Contacts and Send Messages: Keyword: "im" 1b. Send a message to the aforementioned contact 2. Reply to most recent iMessage or Group Message (Thanks to David Ferguson's Workflow) Keyword: ".." Download Link: https://github.com/NolanChan/iMessageWorkflow/raw/master/iMessage.alfredworkflow Please post up bugs in the comments below!
  5. I wrote up an extremely hacky way to reply to iMessages (should also work with SMS, maybe even group conversations) using the chat.db database. It will display the number of who it thinks is your most recent contact so you don't accidentally send your grandmother a reply intended for your significant other. Ideally it would show the person's name by looking up the number in your contacts, but I don't know how to do that so for now it's just the phone number. To use, just open Alfred and type ".. <message>" If it works, you'll see in the sub text the last message from that conversation. Hopefully that provides some useful context. Expect it to not work a fair amount though because the chat.db database is not too reliable. Any suggestions for ways to improve this are welcome. https://www.dropbox.com/s/74ggiacfc3zpk0z/Reply%20to%20iMessage.alfredworkflow?dl=1
  6. Hi, I've been looking for a Workflow to allow me to send messages to a specific person using Messages.app I've searched extensively here and on Google, but the only thing that comes close that works in OS 10.11 is UniCall , but that just takes me to Messages with my target contact. I'm wondering if there is something more full featured that could, for example, attach a file to a mesage, or reply to an incoming message? Thank you...
  7. I've been using this applescript for a while: set _message_ to "{query}" tell application "Messages" set _chats_ to get every text chat repeat with _chat_ in _chats_ try set _check_ to updated of _chat_ set _current_ to updated of _recent_ if _check_ > _current_ then set _recent_ to _chat_ end if on error set _recent_ to _chat_ end try end repeat send _message_ to _recent_ end tell But unfortunately with El Capitan it started sending messages to seemingly random people, certainly not the last one I received a message from. I am looking for a way to modify this script such that it will send _message_ to the last person I either sent a message to or received a message from (as if I opened the app, selected the conversation that appears first and texted them _message_) Such a script would be incredibly useful, especially when paired with Alfred, allowing one to hold a conversation over text while operating another app in full screen. Any help is greatly appreciated
  8. Hi, Just wondering if anyone knows how to use applescript to send sms continuity messages. Sending regular iMessage messages uses: send "Hi there" to theBuddy but this errors out on iMessage using a non-iMessage number. Or at least be able to turn off the iMessage capabilities of a specific user? -Nolan
  9. So basically you type in to Alfred something like "send message to Steve" ("Steve" would be just an example for a name in your contacts) and then a compose message box comes up for you to type in the body of text for the messages. This allows you to send iMessages very quickly and efficiently.
  10. iMessage a Contact Download workflow here Instructions Type keyword (default is iMessage). Enter contact name followed by ":". Enter the message you wish to send. Press return. Notes The concept and a few lines of code were taken from this I wrote this in less than 15 minutes, I plan to make it better later. But as of now this is the only workflow I know of that lets you select the contact and the message from Alfred. Screenshots
  11. Is there a way or workflow to type the message in iMessage in alfred's box directly?
  12. I asked this question in the Workflow Help & Questions forum (http://www.alfredforum.com/forum/13-workflow-help-questions/), but I believe I need even more basic assistance. Currently, Alfred is able to email a specific contact, but I would like also to be able to message a specific contact via the Messages app. If I start typing the name of a contact, Alfred recognizes that contact -- and can even open it, but from there I can't get it to message the person. I've tried various workflows to try to address this. I know how to launch the Messages app, but I can't figure out how to get it to start a new message to a specific contact. I can't make heads or tails out of the "Contact Action" trigger, and I'm not even sure that a Contact Action trigger would help me with this workflow. I realize that this seems very basic, so I feel quite silly. I would appreciate any help or ideas.
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