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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I am taking a lot of screenshots and I prefer using the standard mac's screenshot grabber tool, it works great, but there are a few key points that can be automated for a better life =) I tried doing this workflow by myself but it didn't really work out. Upload the image from clipboard to imgur and get .png link copied to clipboard Trigger Alfred Write the keyword ("upload" for example) The first option you have is "Upload the image from clipboard to Imgur.com" The link (preferably the direct link to .png image) is copied to clipboa
  2. Upload to imgru 1.2 Goal Upload a selected Finder image file to imgru. Triggers Hotkey: select an image file in Finder, hit the hotkey and it will be uploaded and the link copied to the clipboard Keyword: select an image file in Finder, bring Alfred and type upimgur then hit return key and it will be uploaded and the link copied to the clipboard Keyword + option key: select an image file in Finder, bring Alfred, type upimgur, hold the Option key then hit return key and it will be uploaded, the link copied to the clipboard and the URL opened in the default Browser File Action: select an
  3. I have no idea how to even go about starting to write the scripts necessary to do this, but if someone else could, that would be awesome. Id really like a workflow that would upload the currently selected Finder image file to the Imgur hosting service, and then copy the url for that uploaded image to the clipboard. Possibly an additional function could be alt+enter would not only copy that url to the clipboard but also open the url in your default browser.
  4. Hello everyone, I've using Gadfly's Imgur uploader workflow. It's uploading images as anonymous user to Imgur. But I want to use it with my Imgur account. So, is there any way to change or modify this workflow to work with own Imgur account? Thanks.
  5. Hi! so I created this workflow for personal use, it's an imgur downloader. I created it because I hate to wait for imgur to compress the gallery and then download it from my email. This will work with images, gifs and galleries. imgur <url> It'll download anything from imgur given the url (there's an edge case that I'm not covering because I forgot which one it was :/) into your home directory. Github repo: http://github.com/EduardoRT/imgur-downloader Download link: Enjoy.
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