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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, One thing that I think would make Alfred better is if you could batch import workflows. When you try to do it now, it just takes the first one, asks you about wether you want to import, imports it, and ignores all the others. What you could do is whenever one tries to import multiple workflows or themes, have multiple prompts going through the list of themes/workflows that were opened, letting you accept or deny. Even better yet, you could have a checkbox, "do the same for the rest of the selection" that would function something like this: But instead of replacing or note replacing a file, it would install or deny a workflow/theme. You could also have an option that would always accept amy theme or workflow that was opened.
  2. I'm unable to import a workflow (https://github.com/yannickglt/alfred-devdocs). It opens in Alfred and I get the screen to choose a category for it, but when I click "Import" nothing happens and the workflow doesn't show up in the sidebar (Categories set to "All"). I don't know how to troubleshoot why it's not working, since the "toggle debugging mode" option only works for existing workflows.
  3. I found out last night that my MBA HDD has been recalled so I'm going to have to get it replaced. While I have TimeMachine Backups I wanted to use this opportunity to have a fresh start with things such as my Ruby installation and basically have a good clean up of my machine, so I don't really want to restore a backup to the new HDD. Does anyone know of a way to export all my Alfred settings and my workflows, then import them onto the new HDD in a single process? I'm aware that I can sync the settings to a folder in Dropbox (or a similar service) and sync them onto another machine, which I would assume would sort the settings out on the new HDD. However it appears the only way to export workflows in individually then re-import them all on the new HDD. Is there a way to do it in bulk? I have quite a lot... Any help would be grand, and if it's not possible a new feature in Alfred for this could be worth the implementation? It would also work as a way of syncing everything in your Alfred setup between machines, all I think needs to happen is the existing settings sync to be extended to include workflows...
  4. Hi. wit the new version dropbox has introduced the possibility to copy your iphoto library in the cloud. After this first operation every time you import a pic into iphoto it won't be copied to dropbox. For doing this you have to open dropbox option (from the status bar) go to preferences, import and then select import photo to iphoto. This is a really annoying operation and I was wondering if it possible to create a workflow that with a shortcut let me doing this operation directly from alfred. Thanks, Tecnoborder
  5. I had successfully imported the settings from v1 to the free version of Alfred 2 when I upgraded the powerpack license. The custom searches and snippets are erased however, the app settings set in v2 remain. Unfortunately, v1 is uninstalled.
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