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Found 8 results

  1. It would be great if you could improve text navigation in the input text box. So far left/right arrows move by single character and command + arrow moves to the beginning/end of the text. I'd like to have option + arrow to jump between words as well. Furthermore it would be great if you can configure word boundaries - e.g. whitespaces, delimitters, camel humps etc. Thank you!
  2. I often wish I could trigger a workflow input object by one of several keywords, rather than just the one. I have a lot of workflows and often find myself forgetting which keyword to use. Having a couple different options might make it a little easier. Thanks.
  3. I'm trying to call a service which takes the selection as the input. However, I'm not able to send the input to it directly since it is a 3rd-party Service and no open API found. I know how to bring selected text into a workflow. But what I need is the reverse process. Is that possible to manipulate the selection?
  4. There's a bug with Input Objects when arriving into one after having looked at a file using QuickLook in a Script Filter. Or maybe it's just the way the Script Filter is sending to the other objects... In short, when accessing a file using a script filter, everything works great if I don't press the shift key to have the quicklook popup to see the content of the file (the flow goes to the next object in the Workflow has it should). However, if I QuickLook the file, then after pressing enter to go to the next object in the Workflow, then I see Alfred reappear, but closes immediately
  5. I'm trying to make my workflow robust against special characters, and I'm having a bit of trouble. When I run my python script from the terminal with an argument containing special characters it works fine. Eg: python alfredwl.py show "a´´´´ÅÅÅ´´ÅÎÎÎÏÍÒˆ„ÏıÔÍÓÔÍÏıÅͯÅÍåå∂ß˚˜≤√åß" However, when I run it through Alfred as "wlshow a´´´´ÅÅÅ´´ÅÎÎÎÏÍÒˆ„ÏıÔÍÓÔÍÏıÅͯÅÍåå∂ß˚˜≤√åß" in a script filter my workflow seems to stumble on the character encoding. In my python script I convert arguments from UTF-8 into Unicode strings--I figured that would've worked for Alfred. What type of encoded string do
  6. I am a long-time Alfred user, and today I created my first workflow, but I need help. My workflow runs a terminal command from Alfred -- very, very simple. To do this I created a new Workflow, added a keyword input object, and linked it to a terminal command object. For the keyword, I typed "create ruby on rails project" since that's what it does. Here's my problem. Alfred only finds it if I type, "create ruby on rails project", or the beginning of that string. If I type, "create rails project" Alfred won't find it. Or if I type "rails project" Alfred won't find it. This sucks because
  7. Hey there, cant see the wood for the trees: is it possible to change the whole input? With 'autocomplete' I am able to change the argument, but can I change the keyword also? for example: 1. user input: keyword argument 2. a list pops up and the user chooses an element (selectedElement) 3. script w/e fires and changes the input to: keyword2 selectedElement better example: 1. user input: world statue of liberty 2. list: Paris, New York user selects New York 3. script leeds user to: us new york and shows a new list ofc greetings eusi
  8. Hey there, thank you very much for Alfred 2 :-) Beside all the cool stuff you can do with it, I also enjoy its ways to customize it. The only thing I can't change though is the color (and probably the thickness) of the cursor. I'd love to have it in blue (think iA Writer, Ulysses 3, iOS etc.). Is there any way to change it? If not—well, thanks for your consideration in advance! Yours, - Ben
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