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Found 7 results

  1. This workflow allows opening different GitLab URLs easily in the browser. USAGE: The workflow accepts three params: - GitLab namespace. Examples: 'fjsanpedro/alfred_workflows'. For quick resolution to the main GitLab repos, if this param is 'ce' or 'ee' it will open the Community or Enterprise Edition namepace - GitLab branch. Example: 'master', 'version-1-stable' - GitLab file path. Examples: 'app/models/project.rb' If only the GitLab namespace is provided, the workflow will open the main page of the namespace. If branch is also provided, it will open the project repository page opened by that branch. Lastly, if the file path is provided it will open the file path using the specified branch of the project namespace. NOTE: As a shortcut, if only two parameters are provided, namespace and file path, it will use 'master' as the default branch. Examples: gitlab ce master app/models/project.rb gitlab ee 10-8-stable-ee gitlab fjsanpedro/alfred_workflows gitlab ce app/models/project.rb NOTE: The keyword gl is also valid to call this workflow. Download: (Alfred v3) http://bit.ly/2NQ2y14
  2. # SafariHistorySearch Alfred workflow to search Safari history written in swift. #Usage `shs <SEARCH_TERMS>` Separate search terms with spaces if you want to search for more than one word. ie: `shs github safari` Each word is searched separately. If you want to search for a phrase, surround the phrase with double quotes, ie: `shs "Alfred Workflow to Search Safari History"` The results contain all search terms. This workflow searches the page url, page title and page body if available. see https://github.com/akaralar/SafariHistorySearch/releases for latest version. I hope you like it!
  3. I just prepared very simple workflow to check DNS propagation time. It's helpful when redirecting domains and checking if DNS propagated yet. At this moment it's using www.whatsmydns.net but I may consider expanding it to show it in the Alfred directly. Just type: "dnsprop {domain.name}" and a page with results will open. http://www.packal.org/workflow/dns-propagation-checker
  4. The workflow should work like this: keyword + departure city + arrival city + date of departure + date of arrivel + enter opens specified search-engines and searches these. Example: "fly denver oslo 19.03.16 26.03.16" (+ equals spacebar) My guess is that the first two should be possible, but the dates may be hard to implement. The workflow now only opens five different search-engines for travel. It would be awesome to get some more automation going. I find myself spending quite a bit of time searching for cheap flights before traveling. Since the different search-engines gives different prices although they all claim to be cheapest, I'd like to be able to do these searches in one command instead of 50. Any tips? Or do some workflows for this already exist? I'll upload the workflow in the workflow-section, as I cant seem to find a place to attach it here (isn't it possible? I'm a newbie).
  5. I created a simple workflow to return the IP address of any domain you give it. When you enter a domain name it can understand it will fill in the first result item with the address, pressing enter will copy the address to the clipboard. The download link!
  6. This one will require a little editing to share from your chosen Ethernet device. It's currently set to share from "Display Ethernet", as I route my ethernet through my display. http://cl.ly/3h0H332q0H0l matt
  7. Hi guys, I made a workflow that checks to see if a specified website is online or offline. It uses the website "isup.me". The default trigger is "isd <URL>" Here's the github page: https://github.com/cheniel/Alfred-Site-Checker If you're just looking for the good stuff (immediate download): http://bit.ly/1evjqSu It's my first workflow, would definitely appreciate any comments or suggestions. Edit 4/10/14: fixed missing temporary folder bug.
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