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Found 3 results

  1. Pokédex Look up Pokémon info, moves, abilities and items. (v 2.4) Maybe many of you haven't seen my Pokédex Workflow yet, because I posted it as an improvement of withanx's Pokemondb Pokedex in that same topic. That's why I decided to start a new one. Requirements: - The complete experience requires the Super Effective! workflow. Please, check it out here. Features: - Works offline. - Pokémon Info: + Types and Forms Example: "dex bulbasaur" Pro tip: Press Enter on the Pokémon type to use Super Effective! workflow and check the effectiveness of your attacks. + Moves learnt by Level up Example: "dex bulbasaur lvl" Filter by Move type: "dex bulbasaur lvl grass" + Moves learnt by TM Example: "dex bulbasaur tm" Filter by Move type: "dex bulbasaur tm grass" + Moves learnt by HM Example: "dex bulbasaur hm" Filter by Move type: "dex bulbasaur hm normal" + Egg Moves Example: "dex bulbasaur egg" Filter by Move type: "dex bulbasaur egg grass" + How to evolve Example: "dex bulbasaur evo" + Location Example: "dex pidgey location" Filter for more info: "dex pidgey location route" + Base Stats: Example: "dex bulbasaur stats" + Mega Stats: Example: "dex mewtwo stats mega" "dex mewtwo stats mega y" + Forms Stats: Example: "dex deoxys stats attack" "dex aegislash stats blade" + Abilities: Example: "dex bulbasaur ability" + Name in Other Languages: Example: "dex bulbasaur langs" + Shiny: Example: "dex bulbasaur shiny" - Moves Info: + Type, Category, Description, Power, Accuracy, PP, Probability Example: "move psychic" or "move tm10" or "move hm02" + Filter Moves learnt by Level Up, Machine, Breeding or Tutor. Example: "move false swipe tm" lists all Pokémon which learns False Swipe by Machine. "move false swipe lvl" lists all Pokémon which learns False Swipe by Level Up. "move false swipe egg" lists all Pokémon which learns False Swipe by Breeding. "move false swipe tutor" lists all Pokémon which learns False Swipe by Tutor. - Items Info: + Description Example: "item plate" - Abilities Info: + Description Example: "ability pressure" + Abilities by Pokémon: Example: "ability pressure pkm" lists all Pokémon with Pressure. Filter by Pokémon: "ability pressure pkm mewtwo" - Conditions to Evolve: Example: "evo leaf stone" lists all Pokémon that evolves using the Leaf Stone. "evo trade" lists all Pokémon that evolves when traded with someone. Hold CTRL to see more Pokémon Info Hold Option to see more Item Info - Location's Pokémon list: Example: "location route 2" lists all Pokémon you can find in Route 2, plus method and rarity. - Serebii, Pokemondb and Bulbapedia easy access: Open Serebii, Pokemondb or Bulbapedia for more info about Pokémon, Moves, Items and Abilities. Hold Option key: Pokemondb Hold CTRL key: Serebii Hold Function key: Bulbapedia Protip: You can set your favourite website as default using "set dex" keyword. - Use Large Type to read full information or description: If the Move description or Pokémon description isn't being fully displayed, hold CMD and press Enter to see in Large Type. - Use /help to check keyword options for each feature: Example: “dex /help” “move /help” You can look up Pokémon by name (English, Japanese, German, French or Korean) or by national number. Screenshots: Download Link: https://db.tt/a6bhugxY Contact: @MaximiliumM Any feedback is welcome.
  2. This feels like it should be simple, but can I create an Alfred workflow to add a keyboard shortcut for a menu item in an application. For example, in the same way you can go into System Preferences under App Shortcuts and you can create a keyboard shortcut for a specific application by giving it a menu item name, can you do the same in an Alfred workflow? I know this should be simple but I've done some searches and haven't found an example to do this.
  3. I'm new to writing workflows. I'm having a trigger that launches a php script, I have a loading text for that trigger, but the items returned by my script will also take time when the user chooses them, so I'd like to change also the subtitle once it's chosen, so that the user knows something is being worked on after his choice. Is there a way? Or am I missing something in how the script filters work? I am not launching another script once the user selects an option, and I don't post anything (just grabbing data from an API, and injecting the results in Alfred items at the final step). Thanks
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