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  1. I use Alfred for searching in iTunes Store but I can't find a custom search for Apple Music catalog, any tips?
  2. I was ecstatic when I found a workflow to add the currently playing track any playlist of my choice. So fast and efficient! But, alas, the workflows out there do not seem to work with Apple Music. I have looked at AppleScript API for iTunes (god I hate AS) and the small proof of concepts I have made have failed miserably. Has anybody gotten close to doing this? I am so sick of adding songs to playlists like a mere mortal! Thanks! -Christian
  3. Just finished a quick workflow to rate the currently playing track in iTunes. Simple usage, type "rate x" where x is the star rating you want assigned to the track. EDIT: Now supports much better reliability, 1/2 stars, two panel display, and keyboard shortcuts. Latest version can be found here: http://d.pr/f/Oysk or https://github.com/dklem/Alfred2-Rate-iTunes-Track Screenshots:
  4. I am using the 'Play song' from iTunes as a workflow. The debugger shows" I know this is an issue with Mojave and the new 'sandbox' security bubble they put around interacting with the OS; I just don't know how to give it access. Alfred is already enabled in the seurity section. Any thoughts?
  5. Hello, powerpack is a must have! I listen music in iTunes every day and there are some days when i just turning on random mode through all songs in my itunes library. But sadly there are no such mode in itunes mini player, so i must go into itunes and enable random mode (shuffle) again (because alfred somehow disables it). So i have a two questions: 1. Are there any possibility to implement shuffle mode for currently selected playing unit (artist, album or all songs)? 2. Are there any hope to get "all songs" playing unit support (just like in itunes)?
  6. As of iTunes 12.2 you can now favorite any track in addition to rating it (in iTunes menus, this is called 'Love'). It would be great if the iTunes Mini Player had a keyboard shortcut to favorite/unfavorite the currently playing track as well showing the current status. Additionally, it would also be fantastic if the mini player could be able access iTunes' 'Up Next' feature. I.e. let me look at what tracks are coming up next in the current playlist without having to switch to iTunes. Regards, Keith
  7. Hi all, I've got a fresh install of Yosemite, with iTunes 12.2 and the latest alfred. Trying to use the mini player and when I bring it up it says "Invalid iTunes XML path, check path in Alfred's iTunes Preferences" When i got there, and try to use the "find" in iTunes settings > Advanced, it doesn't find anything. Is it because I have no downloaded music? Is it something to do with iTunes 12.2? Any suggestions?
  8. There's an old workflow that stopped working with the jump to Ruby 2.0, I'd like to see this functionality added to the Alfred's iTunes Mini Player. https://github.com/edc1591/alfred-up-next
  9. I feel like I'm losing my mind: I can't figure out how to queue up an entire album from the mini player. Whenever I search albums, they show up but my only option is to select them, which dives into the album and only allows me to select a single song. Even if I pick the first track in the album, it stops playing after it finishes. Can someone PLEASE help?
  10. Whenever I select a track to play in the Mini Player, iTunes launches and plays the track. Is that how it's supposed to be, and if not, how can I stop it happening? This happens when I open Mini Player and press enter when a track is selected, or click on Mini Player's play icon.
  11. Introduction With the introduction of Alfred v2.0, the built-in iTunes mini player is now the only way to interact with my iTunes library in Alfred. However, I would prefer to quickly search for and play songs without entering the mini player first. Therefore, I created Play Song—a workflow designed to make playing songs in iTunes extremely quick and convenient. Download Download Play Song (latest) Usage Play Song enables five keywords which allow you to search for and play songs in your iTunes library. In order for Play Song to
  12. DJ Pedro - Create iTunes playlist based on Last.fm similar artists (Updated 10/11/2015 - Fix for broken Last.fm API links) This workflow uses the Last.fm API for "similar artists" to create and play a playlist based on either the artist of the currently playing song or an artist searched for within the local iTunes Library. The workflow does not require that you use Last.fm, it only pulls information from their database using their API. (i.e., no scrobbling required.) DJ Pedro now lives on the wonderful Packal repository. The best reason for you to get this version is that Packal will
  13. Hey there! How can I fix this issue with a mini player? Have a look here screenshot. http://j.mp/2tcLtod Thanks in advance!
  14. Hi there, The iTunes "next track" somehow doesn't work on my laptop using 10.11 (El CApitan) The pause/play and previous track works, but the "next track" fails to work when I have a Genius playlist playing. Where do I start to find the problem??
  15. I have Powerpack, but I can find nothing on my iPhone relative to iTunes Mini. I can open iTunes from my iPhone using Alfred, but I can do nothing with it. No ability to change tunes, adjust volumes, rate music, find movies/music... Any help would be groovy!
  16. Hello Has anyone had / solved this problem: With Alfred 3 running, pressing the space bar (with iTunes as the active window) stops the track as usual, but pressing it again (which normally starts the track) offers to delete the track (see the image). Without Alfred 3 running, iTunes returns to normal: space bar both stops and then starts tracks. I can't find any setting that should do this rather strange thing. Disabling all workflows makes no difference. Is this just a bug?
  17. Big fan of Apple Music (iTunes). Not a big fan of switching windows each time I feel the need to "Love" a song or add it to My Music. Is there not a workflow that accomplishes either of those tasks? Would someone be interested in creating one? Thanks for the help.
  18. Hi all, I've been getting lots of requests to update this workflow to make it compatible with Ruby >=2.0 which is what's been shipping with the past couple releases of macOS. Well, I took some time this week to finally do it and also added a few new features. Results will now show their album art, and the pairing process has been improved. You can also now search by artist name and album title. I've also renamed the workflow to iTunes DJ (reminiscent of the original queuing feature in iTunes). See the README on Github for more info and download links.
  19. Overview Add current iTunes song to a selected playlist or select or create a playlist and add songs to it. Usage Type the keyword addto and select a playlist to add the current iTunes song to it. Or type the keyword addto, highlight a playlist, press Command key then Return key to add any song from your library to the selected playlist: The last selected playlist will always be used if you e.g. use the hotkey to add the current song to it without any interaction. Download Release date: 26 Feb 2014 OSX 1.9.2 iTunes 11.1.4 Alfred 2.1.1 Download Now What's NewRewritten to t
  20. This workflow allows you to switch between multiple Apple accounts quickly and easily in iTunes, App Store and iBooks. Also it can automatically turn on iTunes Match (iCloud Music Library) for you after switching (when available). Passwords will only be stored in Keychain. Keywords switch - Switch between Apple accounts in iTunes, App Store and iBooks fill - Autofill the password of your Apple account to the current input area Download v1.5: http://cl.ly/cFsl v1.4: http://cl.ly/YC2k v1.3: http://cl.ly/Xqnl v1.2: http://cl.ly/U5YK v1.1: http://cl.ly/U4Aw v1.0: http://cl.ly/U4KK Wh
  21. This is my first post and I hope this has not been answered 100 times already, but I didn't see an answer. Is there a way to write a workflow that will open iTunes, update all the apps that need updating, then close iTunes? Apps will update on my phone but in iTunes you must do it manually, or automate it yourself.
  22. When I use the Itunes Mini player to search or browse for songs the wrong song is often played, regardless of whether I use down key and hit enter on the list or use the option+number shortcut. Here's a video where I try and select History by Mos Def, but A History of Violence by Ice Cube (also on the list) plays instead. I've tried resetting music library and thumbnails. https://www.dropbox.com/s/9di1klz2ndciyrp/itunes.mov?dl=0
  23. Hi, Alfred's iTunes integration isn't doing anything for me: OK, so let's look... You can see in this screencast that the "Find" button doesn't do anything. I'll need to find that file myself. The problem is it doesn't exist: $ find ~ -name 'iTunes Library*' /Users/boneskull/Music/iTunes/iTunes Library Extras.itdb /Users/boneskull/Music/iTunes/iTunes Library Genius.itdb /Users/boneskull/Music/iTunes/iTunes Library.itl Of note, all of my music is in iTunes Match. Is there some way to create this file? - Mac OS 10.11.5 (15F34) - Alfred 3.0.2 (676) - iTunes
  24. I use the mini-player fairly frequently and would love to see it updated to include a button to "Love" a track (heart icon). This is a standard feature of iTunes now and other 3rd party controllers are including it, so seeing that ability in Alfred would be great.
  25. UPDATE: DOH! Fixed the problem I stated below. Quit iTunes, Quit Alfred and tried the Alfred iTunes 'hot keys', a-batta-bing-a-batta-boom works like a charm. Sorry for this post. Don't know how to delete after posting. Alfred 3Beta Mac mini late 2012 OS 10.10.5 iTunes: 12.4 I've tried all the trouble shooting articles. I can't get the iTunes Library to show up in Alfred > Features > iTunes > Advanced > Library XML... it's empty and I've tried all the suggested ways to fix it... Went to iTunes > Preferences > Advanced > √ "Share iTunes Libraray XML with other
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