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Found 6 results

  1. Please support Java in workflow ~~! Since I'm a java programmer and I'm familiar with Java, if I want to write a complex workflow using python, then I will spend a lot of time to learn python and all kind of library, it's really inconvenient. There are more and more Java programmer, so please support Java in workflow ~!
  2. Hey people, So I like optimisation. Like I just mixed some bash and php to give my piratebay workflow a little multithreading boost (updates are regular so be sure to install with packal). But now I'm thinking: aren't compiled languages supposed to be faster? Technically yes, but workflows are usually very small pieces of code, so is it worth it? Is there a "loading" cost like there is for php for example?
  3. I hate to post bug reports, because it makes me sound dissatisfied. However, I am not. I absolutely adore Alfred. There, I said it! But I thought it worth to report this: Expansion works correctly until text has been copied within NetBeans After that, the keyword expands into the copied text instead of the desired snippet So, to put it as an example I open NetBeans I place my cursor in a document I type my keyword The keyword expands and my snippet appears Good I then copy something from the document I’m working on, say “$my_lov
  4. OS X 10.9, Alfred 2.3, FreeMind 1.0.1 (FreeMindStarter), JRE 1.7 I have a Java based application, FreeMind, that will show up in Alfred search but it will not show in the Quit or Force Quit lists. This is the first time I have experienced this with any Alfred + Quit + Mac application, Java or not. Does anyone know or have an idea what might be causing this? Thanks, Charlie
  5. Hi, I'd like to share my little Java framework that I use to write workflows. I'm open for ideas, suggestions, bug reports and pull requests. Have fun. Download https://github.com/visusnet/alfred-worker Configuration Example Code Example package net.coffeedriven; import net.coffeedriven.alfred.spi.AbstractWorkflowPlugin; import net.coffeedriven.alfred.spi.Item; import net.coffeedriven.alfred.spi.ItemManager; import net.coffeedriven.alfred.spi.PluginException; public class ExamplePlugin extends AbstractWorkflowPlugin { @Override public void run(String query)
  6. Update 3/25/13 10:30pm: Fixed a syntax error in the code. Sorry about that! Hey guys, This is my first post in the forums, I just wanted to share with you my V2 Workflow for launching the Minecraft Feed The Beast launcher, using Java 6. The reason you want to launch it with Java 6 is because Java 7 usually causes it to crash upon launch. The Keyword is 'ftb' with no parameters. Let me know if you guys need any help modifying it to work with your system! Download: http://cl.ly/0x0e3T040a0m Readme: /* Make sure to edit the Run Script element of the Workflow. Change FTBPATH to t
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