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Found 6 results

  1. Hey Alfred community! I've recently made an Alfred workflow for managing Jira Cloud. Please try it out if you are interested! http://www.packal.org/workflow/jiralfred-jira-x-alfred Github: https://github.com/jackchuka/alfred-workflow-jira I've seen many Jira workflows in the past but none were suited to my daily routines, whether they were setup-heavy, very few operations, or dependency-heavy. So I built my own with these in mind, It's made on top of a widely used go-jira/jira command line tool so you are probably already familiar to. It also covers many basic functionalities by default and it can be extended easily.
  2. Hi everyone, here is a workflow for Alfred integration with Asana. It integrates through concept of GTD. Also it integrates with AnyBar and Atlassian Jira. It is quite advanced so check the documentation here: https://jotc.herokuapp.com/software/alfred_workflows#asana_workflow. It basically looks like this: It is written in Ruby, dependencies are listed in readme with guidance. THE WORKFLOW IS DEPRECATED. I use now an alternative written in Golang but it doesn't include a cloud solution (thus not synced between mobile and computer) so I don't offer it yet. Have a nice day Joe
  3. I've noticed a few threads on the forum that integrate Alfred with JIRA but wasn't quite able to find one that did everything I was looking for so I decided to try my hand at writing my own (in Node.js). Here are a few of the features: List issues assigned to you List issues that you are "watching" Search JIRA Assign an issue to a user Transition the status of an issue Quickly add a comment to an issue View an issue's priority Watch/Unwatch an issue Open issue in a web browser I'm still in the process of developing the workflow so I haven't yet created an .alfredworkflow file. That said, if you'd like to install and test the workflow for me, instructions can be found on my github page. If you have suggestions/features those are certainly welcome as well.
  4. Hi everyone, I have been using Alfred for a while and I am so happy with it that this weekend I decided to create my first Workflow: a JIRA Task Manager. I used the Python Library for Alfred and jira-python. You can find the code here: https://github.com/miguelpuyol/Jira-Alfred-Workflow You can directly download the workflow here: https://github.com/miguelpuyol/Jira-Alfred-Workflow/blob/master/Jira%20Task%20Manager.alfredworkflow Please note that you have to provide the server, username, Greenhopper board Id and the Apple Keychain service account that stores your password. I hope anyone finds it helpful! Best regards, Miguel
  5. Howdy all, So I use Atlassian JIRA at work and in personal aspects of life. I am coming up with a design to allow quick creation of new tickets and searching of existing tickets (as a starting point). Not sure at this stage how extensive the workflow will be (will greatly depend on how long it takes to develop the minimum features I require and then how much I can get done before the start of next semester . Basic functionality I am looking at thus far is: Cache available projects Cache available assignable users (possibly/depending on how well this would work with thousands of users... may also provide the option to "create" a local reference to a user as this could just get messy... yet to be decided) Cache available Sprints (depending on if these can be listed with the api) Cache project available issue types (depending on what can be done with the API) Set active project (i.e. the one you want to work with) Search active project Search all projects Create issue in active project Assign issue on creation with a flag Set up some issue defaults (for those people that have some fields mandatory) Possible Extension Ideas: Set active issue Log comment on active issue Log work on active issue Re-assign issue Assign issue to sprint Set issue start time Set issue finish time Use oauth for Authentication rather than Apple Keychain and POST parameters (as per https://developer.atlassian.com/jiradev/api-reference/jira-rest-apis/jira-rest-api-tutorials/jira-rest-api-example-oauth-authentication ) My current language of choice is perl but I am going to have a look at ruby or python as well... open to ideas/recommendations if anyone has experience with REST web services and can recommend any over the other. So... who out there uses Atlassian JIRA, what would you look for... throw your ideas at me.. and GO! Cheers, Stuart
  6. I've started on a JIRA workflow for Alfred that uses the JIRA API and GreenHopper API through jira-python. This is really, really new and has basically no testing so any feedback is appreciated. Improvements to the instructions are greatly appreciated. If anyone has a public JIRA install they can use to create screenshots, it would also be greatly appreciated. Download Pre-built workflows can be downloaded from GitHub. The source is also available for those looking to extend/modify it. Dependencies There are none! The workflow bundles all of its dependencies when it's built. Currently implemented keywords jira open - Open JIRA in your browser. jira search [query] - Search JIRA for tickets matching [query]. jira my [query] - Search your own tickets matching [query]. jira boards [query] - Search GreenHopper boards for [query]. jira set domain [domain] - Set the domain for JIRA (ex: https://my-company.atlassian.net) jira set consumer [key] - Set the consumer key, created when configuring Alfred on JIRA. jira step 1 - Step one of the 3-legged authentication with JIRA. jira step 2 - Step two of the 3-legged authentication with JIRA.
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