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Found 8 results

  1. I’ve been seeing a lot of workflows that need to interact with a browser via AppleScript (usually to get a page’s url), but most of them seem to settle on a single browser (usually Safari), which is a shame. I can understand — applescript is a pain, and since each browser implements these functions however they want, finding the best way to do it with each one can be difficult, so here’s the code for most of them. The code for this may seem massive, but it is not. Read the comments to understand when to use what. You can find the latest version of this as a gist. -- AppleScr
  2. Hi all! First post here. A workflow of mine involves having a script launch a bookmarklet in Google Chrome. I can, it is true, put the JS code to be executed directly into my script, but that means changing my code in 2 places every time I change something. So with Applescript, opening a bookmark in Chrome is trivial: tell application "Google Chrome" if not (exists window 1) then reopen set coef to URL of bookmark item "Coef" of bookmark folder "Bookmarks Bar" open location coef end tell But when trying this in JXA, everything goes to hell.
  3. This is a simple workflow for quick full text search inside current pathfinder folder. It can: filter files in your current pathfinder folder full text search in your folder THERE IS NO FINDER SUPPORT - I don't use it and Im too lazy to add it - if you want you can add it yourself github download dependency - http://geoff.greer.fm/ag/speed/ Search Options: -a --all-types Search all files (doesn't include hidden files or patterns from ignore files) -D --debug Ridiculous debugging (probably not useful) --depth NUM
  4. I have an Alfred workflow based on a JXA script. It acts as a control mechanism for focusatwill.com (an online music streaming service). It has basic functionality, play/pause, skip track... This was working fine in an earlier version, interacting with the page using query selectors, e.g. tab.execute({ javascript: "document.querySelector('.playerControls .playButton').click();" }) This site recently refactored their UI to use React. My basic controls still work (using querySelector), but one part of the setup (changing the genre) has broken. It used to use querySelectorAll f
  5. A workflow for quick adding new tasks into selected OmniFocus project. Preview: It can: Filter tasks inside project Add new tasks with notes and clipboard content Run terminal command after your task is finished (mostly for git or whatever) Open note links (all at once) (discontinued in version 2) Copy note Delete tasks Quickly open tasks in omnifocus (discontinued in version 2) Complete tasks - version 2 - Work with completed tasks Search tasks and projects (both completed and uncompleted) in of
  6. Hello, I use a simple jxa for getting url from devonthink this is the code Im using function run(argv) { var q=argv[0].split('/'),q=q[q.length-1].split('.')[0]; var qq=Application('/Applications/DEVONthink Pro.app').getRecordWithUuid(q).url(); return qq } But it adds %0A in the end of every link - this is not a script bug - this is an alfred 3 bug osx 10.11.5, alfred v 3.0 [652]
  7. I've been playing around with the new JavaScript for Automation in Yosemite, and I must say that I've been smitten. It so much more predictable than AppleScript. However, I'm a noob when it comes to scripting in general. So, on that note, does anyone know how I should be implementing JavaScript into my Alfred workflows? It won't run in a NSAppleScript action, nor will it run if I put in in a Run Script action with the language set to osascript. I was able to get it to work if I placed the script inside the workflow folder and ran it with a bash command, but then how do I grab the arguments i
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