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Found 4 results

  1. Very new user here just bought licence today so bear with me. I understand that to launch an application I just have to bring up Alfred, start entering the application name and once it's found, I should enter and the application will be launched. In my case when I press enter, it opens the Application folder in Finder with the application selected. Then when I hit enter again it selects the text of the application name so that I can rename it which is not what I want. I need for it to actually start the application in question so I can use it. Thanks.
  2. I'm using Caps Lock as Control via OSX preferences and I'm using Karabiner to make it so if I tap Left Control (or Caps Lock) and let go, it will instead send the Escape character. This works for every application, and sometimes for Alfred. If I type something random like "lakjflka", Alfred will display Search Google for "lakjflka". I can then tap Left Control (or Caps Lock) and Alfred will disappear just as if I'd pressed Escape. If I type a command (like "Restart"), and repeat, again, Alfred disappears no problem. If, however, I type an application (like Chrome) and press Left Control (or Caps Lock), Alfred disappears ever so briefly, but then pops right back up with the same command still in the box. If I eventually push the actual Escape key, Alfred will disappear. I've made a screen recording of this happening here:
  3. The fresh macOS Sierra rewrite of the original Karabiner, the Karabiner Elements qietly supports multiple profiles, which has been one of the core features, historically speaking. Although, as of now, you can define multiple profiles in the ~/.config/karabiner/karabiner.json file, but you can't switch between them easily. This is an important features for people that regularly switch between internal / Apple keyboard and an external USB one, which usually have different layout, hence the need for 2+ profiles. Karabiner Elements listens for changes in karabiner.json config file, and there is a setting that specifies which profile is currently active – selected: true. This workflow does the following: Type keprofile (you can change this if you like), to fetch your profiles defined in karabiner.json and list them in Alfred Once you select a profile you want to switch to, hit ENTER and the workflow script will edit your karabiner.json file so that the selected profile becomes active Note that after you switch to a different profile, you can adjust its settings inside Karabiner Elements preferences window, save them and it'll all work seamlessly; the workflow only changes selected: true|false attribute, nothing else. Commands keprofile - lists your profiles; then ENTER to switch to one Download: http://www.packal.org/workflow/karabiner-elements-profile-switcher Example Workflow You can freely edit settings of each profile after switching to it Thanks to @tekezo for creating an awesome key switcher application for OSX / macOS – Karabiner Elements. @bennypowers for a fresh Karabiner Elements logotype, as submitted in this pull request. @deanishe for creating an amazing, easy to use Alfred Workflow creation framework – Alfred-Workflow.
  4. I have updated my description of how I use Karabiner in combination with different workflows and keyboard maestro macros. I think it's insanely powerful in combination. Perhaps some will find this idea interesting and would like to implement something like that too on their machines, the only current requirement is being on El Captain as this software is being rewritten for Sierra still and is thus not compatible. The most amazing thing though is that there really is no longer a barrier to adding a new hotkey. I don't have to twist my hands. I don't have to try and remember the shortcuts as first, I use them daily, and secondly, I can map my hotkeys naturally into their appropriate sections. Ultimately I am always two keypresses away from everything that I can dream of doing. And if you don't find this idea interesting, you can just see what workflows I personally use and love and there are many of them. P.S. I hope it is okay that I share links to the workflows like that, if any author takes offence in how I present this information, I am willing to take down the links. I am also currently in process of trying to understand how to use either awgo or alfred-workflow library to write a goodreads and quora search with autosuggestions workflows so I hope I can share those some time later.
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