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Found 3 results

  1. Description Workflow for fetching KeepassXC entries and their attributes. Demo Workflow page https://github.com/lxbrvr/alfred-keepassxc-workflow Features search KeepassXC entries copy different entry attributes. It includes title, username, password, url, notes comfortable configuration using Alfred's UI and MacOS modal windows there are different settings for displaying KeepassXC data in Alfred. For example, you can show KeepassXC attributes which you want. Or you can hide values displaying for KeepassXC attributes etc. it works with KeepassXC key files it saves your KeepassXC master password to OSX Keychain no dependencies. Only Alfred and KeepassXC. Download https://github.com/lxbrvr/alfred-keepassxc-workflow/releases/download/1.2.0/keepassxc-1.2.0.alfredworkflow Usage Initialization There are some ways to configure the workflow. The first and fastest way: Call Alfred, type kp or type kp:init and select "Express initialization". It'll ask you about KeepassXC database, KeepassXC key file and KeepassXC master password. The second way: Call Alfred, type kp or type kp:settings and select "Settings". There are all parameters of the workflow. Just change them to desired. The settings described below. Search KeepassXC entries Call Alfred and type kp <desired KeepassXC entry name>. For example kp google. It'll show found entries. Select some entry. It'll show entry attribute names. For example title, username, password etc. Select the attribute name. An attribute value will be copied to clipboard. Changelog 1.2.0 - 2022-01-15 Added Automatically paste entry attributes to front most app with Command ⌘ + Return ↵. Changed Log error to stderr after fail result of security and keepassxc-cli tools. Allow choosing a KeepassXC database with any file extension. 1.1.0 - 2021-09-25 Added Add the ability to manually remove the master password from a keychain. Add automatic removal of the master password from a keychain after using "reset" and "init" commands. Show an error message when trying to configure a master password without configured a keychain service or keychain account. Remove an existing keychain record if the keychain name or the keychain service name has been changed in the settings. Changed Change the names of the settings to be more informative Improve informativeness in dialog boxes. 1.0.0 - 2021-08-16 Added First release
  2. Hello, I created a workflow that allows to list the entries of a KeePassXC database and retrieve the password for an entry. You can find it here: https://github.com/Angoll/KPass I've been using Alfred for a while, basic functions without entering into the workflows world, but recently I'm switching to KeePassXC to store my passwords and I created the workflow to help with the change. I saw that there is some demand of a workflow that this one but no one created it. It uses the keepassxc-cli to access password database and Keychain to secure store the password for the keychain. All code is written in bash and AppleSript (JS) for the configuration setup. Keychain Tip: if you create a new keychain and enable the auto-lock after X time, it will prompt for the password. Or modify the Access Control of the KPass_AlfredWorkflow to ask for key always. Any feedback is welcome ☺️ - Dependencies: Apart from Alfred and KeePassXC no external dependencies are required. - Regarding Security: Security is a big concert for all, so all code of this workflow is plain text, you are welcome to check it. Feel free to reach me if you improve it. - Screenshots: Example of listing entries of a database KPass Configuration Script, this will prompt to select the database, keychain and password to configure the integration.
  3. Hello there!) Modified some KeePassXC workflow that starting with ScriptFilter asks user password name and then using "/bin/bash" with "input as query". Internals of bash script are using something like this: security find-generic-password -a $(id -un) -c 'kpas' -C 'kpas' -s "${keychainItem}" -w "${keychain}" |\ keepassxc-cli locate -q "$database" "$query" | grep -Ev "\/Recycle Bin\/" Password for my keePassXC database is saved in MacOS in custom-named KeyChain with its own password and timeout parameters. So after some idle time its auto close this custom-named KeyChain. Its all working fine, with one drawback - every time when idle time is over, ScriptFilter asks closed custom-named KeyChain for saved inside keepass database password and reciving this default UI for keychain's own: After this workflow breaks and all user input is cleared. Is there a way to make Alfred continue\restart its workflow with already entered input after this UI without additional hustle?
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