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Found 9 results

  1. Press a shortcut to simulate a right click in the Finder and use the context without leaving the keyboard. A native alternative exists but suffers from a major flaw: it right-clicks where you cursor is, not what you’re selecting. This workflow (or gist, if you prefer it as a Service) addresses that limitation. Download | Source
  2. I was tired of not being able to skip with a keyboard shortcut if Spotify wasn't focused, so I created an Alfred workflow to let you do exactly that. I recommend using the keyboard shortcut ^ + ⌘ + →/← for skipping forward and backward as it is already set in Spotify and is most likely not a shortcut used by other apps. If you enjoy this workflow or rely on it to enhance your Spotify experience, please consider donating. I'm a college student creating and working on open source projects such as this one for free to enhance your experience on your Mac, and I hope you enjoy it. If you have any questions, open an issue on GitHub. I hope this workflow treats you well! Source: https://github.com/3raxton/SpotifyGlobalSkip/
  3. Hey all, I haven't been active in this community for a long time (though I used to a lot!). And I haven't really been keeping up with the updates. I'd like to have a workflow that would let me assign a keyboard trigger to open a terminal and make it the frontmost app. If the app was already open, just switch to it. If it wasn't, open it and switch to it. Does something like this exist already? If not, how can I make it? It seems very straightforward but glancing at the examples in the workflow tab of Alfred, I couldn't immediately see how to... Thanks for any help thrown my way, Cheers.
  4. This webpage explains how to change sorting preference and order using by clicking the cog of the File Navigation window. To do this, I have to use a mouse. I wonder if there is a keyboard shortcut to "click" the cog and navigate a opened little window to change sorting order, etc?
  5. I want to create a basic workflow that opens a few web pages and Alfred preferences using a keyword. I know this is possible as I created a workflow that only opens Alfred preferences in the past. But I can't make it this time. I think maybe I am trying to open the wrong file. Should I open the Alfred preferences file in my Dropbox file (I sync my preferences with Dropbox) or the one in my ~/Application Support/Alfred folder? Or any other file? Thank you.
  6. I just discovered that I could use cmd+enter as a keyboard shortcut to display Alfred clipboard. Awesome! The problem is cmd can also be used as an action modifier. So, when I type cmd+enter from Alfred's bar the clipboard panel appears. If there is a technical possibility to use the same keyboard shortcut in these two cases, you can consider this post as a feature request :-)
  7. I am trying to set app based keyboard shortcuts. Here is what I tried. I set up a keyboard shortcut for the first workflow (the keyboard shortcut is available when TextExpander has focus). Then I tried to set the keyboard shortcut up with one new workflow. The keyboard shortcut is not available anymore... I can't type it. It looks like one keyboard shortcut can be used by different applications (Alfred, Excel, Google Chrome, ...) but not by more than one workflow. Am I right?
  8. Alfred version 2.1.1 (227) OS X 10.8.5 How to replicate the issue: - I created a workflow that used a command-numkey combination to trigger an action in Finder (setting a file label via NSAppleScript). This should have been limited to only when Finder was active, but I didn't see a way to do that, so I just left it as-is. - When I was done with the project that required Finder labels, I deactivated the workflow in Alfred. It displays as greyed out and the keyboard shortcuts no longer label files in Finder. - However, the keyboard shortcuts still do not work in ANY application. For example, pressing command-0 in Photoshop no longer fits to the view. It just does nothing. - It appears that Alfred is not releasing keyboard shortcuts when a workflow is disabled. - This is persistent across multiple reboots. - I have not tried removing the workflow as I may need it in the future...I just need to be able to use my other apps as normal in the meantime! Two requests: - Allow for workflows to be disabled so that other apps can function properly (in other words, disabling a workflow should also disable the keyboard overrides). - If possible, allow for app-specific workflows (much like how Automator's Services can be app-specific).
  9. 1) I dislike using the mouse. I don't like moving my hand away from "asdf-jkl;" Thank you for this cool Alfred tool that solves this problem. 2) I dislike using the arrow keys only slightly less than #2, for the same reason. Please provide alternatives shortcuts to next/previous item list selection. Perhaps command-j/k for us vi wackos. Thank you.
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