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Found 4 results

  1. I want to create a basic workflow that opens a few web pages and Alfred preferences using a keyword. I know this is possible as I created a workflow that only opens Alfred preferences in the past. But I can't make it this time. I think maybe I am trying to open the wrong file. Should I open the Alfred preferences file in my Dropbox file (I sync my preferences with Dropbox) or the one in my ~/Application Support/Alfred folder? Or any other file? Thank you.
  2. I just discovered that I could use cmd+enter as a keyboard shortcut to display Alfred clipboard. Awesome! The problem is cmd can also be used as an action modifier. So, when I type cmd+enter from Alfred's bar the clipboard panel appears. If there is a technical possibility to use the same keyboard shortcut in these two cases, you can consider this post as a feature request :-)
  3. I am trying to set app based keyboard shortcuts. Here is what I tried. I set up a keyboard shortcut for the first workflow (the keyboard shortcut is available when TextExpander has focus). Then I tried to set the keyboard shortcut up with one new workflow. The keyboard shortcut is not available anymore... I can't type it. It looks like one keyboard shortcut can be used by different applications (Alfred, Excel, Google Chrome, ...) but not by more than one workflow. Am I right?
  4. Alfred version 2.1.1 (227) OS X 10.8.5 How to replicate the issue: - I created a workflow that used a command-numkey combination to trigger an action in Finder (setting a file label via NSAppleScript). This should have been limited to only when Finder was active, but I didn't see a way to do that, so I just left it as-is. - When I was done with the project that required Finder labels, I deactivated the workflow in Alfred. It displays as greyed out and the keyboard shortcuts no longer label files in Finder. - However, the keyboard shortcuts still do not work in ANY application. For example, pressing command-0 in Photoshop no longer fits to the view. It just does nothing. - It appears that Alfred is not releasing keyboard shortcuts when a workflow is disabled. - This is persistent across multiple reboots. - I have not tried removing the workflow as I may need it in the future...I just need to be able to use my other apps as normal in the meantime! Two requests: - Allow for workflows to be disabled so that other apps can function properly (in other words, disabling a workflow should also disable the keyboard overrides). - If possible, allow for app-specific workflows (much like how Automator's Services can be app-specific).
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