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Found 14 results

  1. If you activate Alfred and press ⌘-⇧-/, you'll get this error, which seems misleading because there is a lot of Help available: I dunno if you can rewire that keyboard shortcut to open https://www.alfredapp.com/help/ instead?
  2. This is a very basic workflow that allows you to set a keyboard shortcut/hotkey to open the current browser's URL on Brandfetch. I'm sharing it primarily as a demonstration of this technique, which was discussed in this thread with guidance from @vitor. 🎩 Get Brandfetch Toolkit for Alfred
  3. It would be nice for Alfred to custom keybindings like : `ctrl-k ctrl-a` instead of only `ctrl-k`. That is two set of commands should be supported.
  4. Keywords: Open each of the three different Library folders by keywords: library system (open a Finder window @ /System/Library/) library hd (open a Finder window @ /Macintosh HD/Library/) library user (open a Finder window @ ~/Library/) library visible (make library folders visible in Finder) library hidden (hide library folders in Finder) appsup hd (open a Finder window @ ( /Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/) appsup user (open a Finder window @ ~/Library/Application Support/) If you would like to use keyboard short
  5. Hi, On one of my 2 macs, I can launch Airmail 3 using workflow (keyboard shortcut) on the other Airmail is greyed out in the workflow. At first, I thought it is only because, on the mac it doesn't work, I have "Airmail 2" in my /Applications and my workflow refers to Airmail 3. Yes, I have "Airmail 2" in Applications while the application version really is 3.5. Even after reinstalling the application, resetting the right application path in the workflow, Airmail 3 is still greyed out and can't be launched with a keyboard shortcut.
  6. After updating form Alfred 2 to Alfred 3 - the keyboard "command p", (print), no longer works. It worked using ver 2. It also works when I quit Alfred 3. Any help??
  7. Back in the day there was a clipboard app called Flycut/Jumpcut. When you pressed the hotkeys to bring up the interface, you needed to hold the modifier keys, select which clip you wanted to paste, and then let go of the modifier keys to paste the clip into the active application. So basically, you would: hold cmd+shift then tap v while still holding cmd+shift, use arrow keys to scroll through clips when you have the clip you want to paste selected, let go of cmd+shift the content is pasted into the frontmost application With Alfred, when you press the modifier keys (in my case
  8. I am working on 2 macs (macbook pro / mac mini (2 displays)). Thanks to synergy/teleport I can switch between the two computers quite easily. The problem is one of my 2 Macs, has 2 displays. In that case, switching from my macbook pro to the second display of the second mac is way more "painful". I have seen one window manager app that lets you do switch between any display/computers via a keyboard shortcut (but decided not to use/buy it for so many reasons. Main reasons are I found it not 100% reliable + you must buy a licence for every computer you use => more than 50$). Sy
  9. So I totally just thought of this possible idea and I can't believe it didn't hit me sooner. Is there a way that the "Secure Erase" function can be called from Alfred, just like the "Empty Trash" option is? The reason for this request is: ​Obviously Apple got rid of the Easy way to "Secure Erase" stuff, which for me was always my way of deleting files that were still in use/stopping rogue programs from running. The only - and rather irksom way - of doing this is by going into your trash, diving, usually, 3 to 5 folders deep before finding those 2 or 3 or 4 files that refuse to de
  10. Context: * When using the File Buffer, alt is the default modifier and pressing alt + backspace removes all items from the buffer. * When the "Compatibility: Use shift+alt as modifier key" toggle is checked, shift + alt is required to interact with the buffer. Current Behavior: When the "Compatibility" toggle is checked... - pressing alt + backspace still removes all items from the buffer, with or without pressing the shift key Expected Behavior: When the "Compatibility" toggle is checked... - pressing alt + backspace should not remove items from the
  11. Are you keyboard junkie like myself? Have a ton of finder windows open or trying to copy and paste from one document to another... or some other unorthodox reason for needing window management? Yeah... me too. I've used several of the window management apps, they are all very cool and have a really cool feature set about them, but still can't justify the price? Yeah... me too. I've converted this Alfred extension from http://projects.jga.me/layouts/#toc3 to a workflow that uses both Hotkeys and Keyword trigger to help manage the top most window on your screen. Take a look at a look at Gr
  12. Is there a way Alfred differentiates cmd,alt,shift right and left keys? Many Mac applications do, so why not Alfred? Would be Christmas for keyboard shortcuts freaks
  13. Let say I have an action file that lets me archive the file I selected in Finder. Is there a way, once the file is selected, to archive this file just by hitting a shortcut key I would have set? Thank you.
  14. I want to launch Twitter application (not twitter.com) from one shortcut in Google Chrome. The problem is (apparently) one can simply not create shortcut google chrome app shortcut on a MAC. So - I installed google apps launcher. It can be launched from a keyboard shortcut but I want to launch one app not the launcher. - I tried to create a workflow (Hotkey -> Open url). Failed big time. Any idea? Thank you.
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