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  1. Press a shortcut to simulate a right click in the Finder and use the context without leaving the keyboard. A native alternative exists but suffers from a major flaw: it right-clicks where you cursor is, not what you’re selecting. This workflow (or gist, if you prefer it as a Service) addresses that limitation. Download | Source
  2. Do you toggle "Use all F1, F2, etc keys as standard function keys" frequnetly? Now you can do it from alfred itself Based on https://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/59178/toggle-use-all-f1-f2-as-standard-keys-via-script https://github.com/riyaz/alfred-workflows/tree/master/Toggle_Fn_keys_as_standard_keys
  3. It would be great if you could improve text navigation in the input text box. So far left/right arrows move by single character and command + arrow moves to the beginning/end of the text. I'd like to have option + arrow to jump between words as well. Furthermore it would be great if you can configure word boundaries - e.g. whitespaces, delimitters, camel humps etc. Thank you!
  4. Use case: I am copying and pasting text in an editor, website input field or something like that. I want to modify/delete/add the first x characters on every line. Run the macro x amount of time. Optionally save the macro. Only optionally because the chance that i have to do that same thing again in exactly the same way and in the same application is very small. Building a workflow for this with a Key Mapping is a bit cumbersome fort this one time i need to do this. But..., i do this repetitive work a lot, just not always the same way, the same text, the same modifications in the same applications. So ideally i would like to have a hotkey that starts recording keystrokes (typing the word "record" in Alfred would also do this), key strokes are recorded until i press the hot key again. Maybe it already exists. If so, please point me in the right direction to achieve this.n the Thanks, Ton.
  5. At some point, Alfred started hijacking my command key, so whatever app I'm using, when I double-tap command, it copies to clipboard. This is extremely undesirable to me, as I use a clipboard tracker and it's constantly being filled with random crap. I don't need this feature, however I have no idea, even after scouring through the app settings, where to disable this feature. Anyone has a clue? Please help
  6. After a few years away from MacOS, I finally bought myself a Mac once again. And the first application I installed was of course Alfred. Then I found a couple of extensions I made years ago for Alfred 1 and 2. This one is useful enough to share with you in my opinion. The extension let you set up two different keyboard shortcuts - one for closing every background window in the front application, and another one for quiting every application (in the dock) except the front application. Download
  7. This feels like it should be simple, but can I create an Alfred workflow to add a keyboard shortcut for a menu item in an application. For example, in the same way you can go into System Preferences under App Shortcuts and you can create a keyboard shortcut for a specific application by giving it a menu item name, can you do the same in an Alfred workflow? I know this should be simple but I've done some searches and haven't found an example to do this.
  8. I am having a consistent issue with the keyboard shortcut on macOS Sierra. I have bound the Clipboard History Shortcut to SHIFT + APPLE + V (I have used this with another app for years - it is basically hardwired now) However, after a reboot the shortcut does not work. The only way I have found to get it to work is to go to ADVANCED > SET SYNC FOLDER Then change the Sync folder It is saved in Google Drive synced using inSync (not Dropbox - I saw a thread saying this could be an issue) What i have been doing is changing it to a tmp folder, then changing it back. This drives me a little nuts - any help much appreciated
  9. I only use Alfred Remote under two conditions: • When I control iTunes or other media apps when I am not around my mac; • When I am using a fullscreen app that blocks access to desktop Alfred. It would be really cool if Alfred Remote has a remote trackpad and Keyboard. It would allow us to do almost everything without being near to the macs. Maybe someone would mention better touch tools remote, but that app is just hideous.
  10. I use CMD+Space to activate Alfred. Works great (and the minimal space between the keys is perfect for my left thumb's damaged ligaments). However, when using Adobe Creative Cloud, I'd really like to reserve CMD+Space for standard Adobe zoom function. So, is there a way to selectively disable the Alfred keyboard shortcut for certain applications? Thanks!
  11. Just type in "keyboard shortcut, replacement text" to add a text replacement shorcuts. You have to relaunch any launch app to see the changes https://github.com/huguesbr/alfred2-workflow-keyboard-shortcuts
  12. Hi everyone, I sometimes use a 60% keyboard on top of my Macbook but unless I turn off the built-in keyboard I was getting accidental keypresses because my Pok3r is heavy enough and just the right size to press the keys underneath. There are two Terminal commands I was running to switch the internal keyboard on or off but I quickly got tired of running them so I created this Alfred workflow to make it super easy. Hope someone else finds it useful! Download and get all the installation/command deets on the Github repo. Download on Github: https://github.com/zenworm/alfred-keyboard-on-off
  13. Recently got an HHKB (Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional2) and rest it over the on-board keyboard on my MacBook Pro while in use. However, because it's so small (60% keyboard), the bottom half activates keys on the on-board keyboard. So I made a little Alfred workflow that uses a "keyon" or "keyoff" keyword to enable or disable the on-board keyboard. It requires admin privileges since it runs a sudo command via AppleScript, but works fine and makes it quick and easy to toggle between setups. WARNING: Do not disable your keyboard if you need it to [easily] enable it again. DOWNLOAD: Keyboard Enable/Disable by Codewyn
  14. With workflows, I can add multiple triggers to a single action. So, for example, I can launch an app using two different keyboard shortcuts. With Clipboard History/Snippets, the keyboard shortcut choice is sort of baked into Alfred in the "Viewer Hotkey" field under Clipboard. Is it possible to assign a second keyboard shortcut to that action? Thanks, Pat
  15. Is there a way Alfred differentiates cmd,alt,shift right and left keys? Many Mac applications do, so why not Alfred? Would be Christmas for keyboard shortcuts freaks
  16. I use modifiers to jump around text, and often it's faster just to retype an Alfred query than to edit it at a specific point. I'm going super minimal with my theme, so I was wondering if I could get an option to hide the keyboard cursor.
  17. If you use more than one AppleID in iTunes App Store or Mac App Store, this is the extension for you. All you have to do is to press a keyboard shortcut when you want to switch account, this brings up a dialog window with all your AppleID's listed. Then you choose the account you would like to log in to, and press enter. Only works on Mac OS X with English and Norwegian language - but it also work in both iTunes and Mac App Store! If you want your OS language supported, give me a hint.. Installation For AccountChanger to funtion like supposed to, you have to do some preparations first. 1. Download and mount http://cl.ly/YKQF'>AccountChanger.zip 2. Run the applescript application with the name "Run this first!!!" This Applescript will Install and launch UsableKeychainScripting (needed to use Applescript with Keychain Access after Mac OS 10.7), and add it to the startup items. 3. Open Keychain Access (/Applications/Utilities/) 4a. Make a new keychain by pressing the following keyboard shortcut: Command + Alt + N 4b. Give the keychain a master password and remember it. 4c. Give the new keychain the name 'Applescript', and drag it to the top of the listed keychains, in the upper left corner of the window (like in the screenshot below). 5. For each AppleID you want to use, make one 'New password item' (Command+N). Each of the entries must be named 'eple'. In the 'Account' field, enter your AppleID (email address). And of course - the password in the password field. 6. Add the Alfred workflow from the mounted image 'AccountChanger.dmg', and add a keyboard shortcut. Congratulations! The workflow should work now... My Twitter account - @macgeeky
  18. Navigating through Alfred Preferences can sometimes be not "that" optimal (i.e. switching from "Workflows" to "Features" and from "Features" to "Workflows") from a keyboard point of view. One can use tab to select one menu (General, Features, Workflows, Appearance, Advanced), but when I tried to click nothing happens... I tried to select one of the menu this afternoon, but can't replicate it now...
  19. I use the Microsoft Natural series of keyboards on all my computers, and frequently switch between Windows and OS X. I have it mapped so the keys are in the same places as the Mac keyboard (meaning Ctrl == control, Win == option, Alt == command) since that's the OS I use most often.[/size] This workflow lets me use the Win+key combo to perform the most common system functions I use regularly: Win + L: Lock screen Win + U: Shut Down Win + R: Restart Shift + Alt + F4: Quit all Ctrl + Shift + Esc: Application Monitor The same keys work on the Mac keyboard, just with different names on the keys: ⌥ + L: Lock screen ⌥ + U: Shut Down ⌥ + R: Restart ⇧ + ⌘ + F4: Quit all ˄ + ⇧ + ⎋ (␛): Application Monitor You can download it at https://github.com/morganestes/alfred-windows-hotkey.
  20. This is the most frustrating thing to date and I can't seem to figure it out! Lately (and somewhat sporadically) when I use my keyboard shortcut ALT+SPACE on a file in finder (i believe this is called File Search -> Actions -> File Selection) Instead of opening in the nice box where I can apply an alfred workflow to the selected file in Finder, I get a full screen quicklook which I think was introduced as a keyboard shortcut / feature in mavericks. I've looked everywhere to disable this shortcut so it's not hijacking my alfred. I've also tried changing the shortcut in alfred (see screenshot http://d.pr/NEFH ) but no matter what I change it to, i still can't get alfred to pop up on the file im selecting in Finder (nothing happens) Hopefully I've explained this somewhat clearly. TL;DR I can't select a file in finder and use my keyboard shortcut (normally alt+space) to pop up a alfred action window. Instead I just get a full screen quicklook. If i change the keyboard shortcut, it just doesn't do anything. I'm not 100% sure if I'm changing the right shortcut though because honestly I'm not positive what the feature is named in alfred preferences. Thanks guys EDIT: I've just updated to 10.9.1 and i'm not sure if its just the reboot, or the update but its currently working, so far so good. ill update if the problem persists but so far that's solved it. Like i said i OP its a bit sporatic
  21. Inspired by Ramshank, I went on the googling hunt of googling hunts to find the code (which ended up being in his post). And compiled this bad boy: v1.1 Keyboard Locker: d.pr/f/xtPs v1.2 Keyboard Locker: http://d.pr/f/cp7i **Updated! Fix command fully implemented, and you can now enter the number of seconds you want to lock it for.** This workflow will lock your keyboard for 20 seconds so that you can clean it. It does ask for your admin pass! If your keyboard doesn't re-enable use the "fix" keyword and enter your admin pass to re-enable it. You can do updates via Alleyoop, and please read below before using! **Read Me!** Be sure that you have an external keyboard or you know where your on-screen keyboard is, before running this workflow for the first time! I have learned the hard way what happens (Your internal keyboard doesn't work, and you have to restart your computer). Here are directions to the on-screen keyboard for your mac: I don't think it has changed since SL but just to be safe... 10.6.x Snow Leopard: http://j.mp/Yl7ZYJ 10.7.x Lion: http://j.mp/Yl89zp 10.8.x Mountain Lion: http://j.mp/Yl8jqp Enjoy! and Please message me if you have any questions or concerns!
  22. Please add ⌘+F in the Alfred Preferences window to search for workflows.
  23. I think every Alfred power-user is keyboard Geek. We want to navigate through OS X using keyboard shortcuts as much as possible because it is fast as hell comparing with mouse actions. So why don’t make navigating through Alfred Preferences tabs faster by using keyboard shortcuts to switch them? I really like the idea of switching tabs in Mac App Store app using Cmd+1 … Cmd+5.
  24. Hi, My Mac keyboard is not working so well unfortunately as I spilt coffee on it. As a result, I can't invoke the "greater/lower than" keys (i.e. `<` and `>`), and I need them badly as I write a lot of HTML code. Is there a way to simulate a keystroke using Alfred's Workflow? For example, I'd love to configure a hotkey that will result in printing the `<` symbol, for example. Thanks.
  25. First of all. This Alfred v2 it's so great !. I really want to say Thank you for all this hard work. I post this topic because i don't see the option to "Force Keyboard" on Alfred v2 preference. This feature is gone on v2? Maybe is a small thing, but it was very useful for me working on Alfred v1. http://cl.ly/MKaI
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