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  1. Hello, I don't know if it's possible to emulate this behavior with a workflow trick (other than duplicate the script filter), but I think it would be useful to allow to have multiple keywords for a single script filter. It could be used to set multiple language keywords (like "weather" and "météo" in french), or just add a shortcut (like "w" or "wiki" for a wikipedia autocomplete workflow)
  2. I currently have a workflow I made called 'DailyDigest', which consists of a keyword named 'daily' triggering 5 separate 'Open URL' actions (of sites that I'd like to visit once a day). I've attached a screenshot of this basic workflow. It works well, but now I'd like to evolve it to the next level. Ideally, I would type the same keyword ('daily'), but this time it would reveal all 5 URLs in a list within Alfred, and offer a 6th option: 'Open All', which would open all at the same time (as it currently does). Even more ideal, each URL would have its own custom favicon.
  3. I often wish I could trigger a workflow input object by one of several keywords, rather than just the one. I have a lot of workflows and often find myself forgetting which keyword to use. Having a couple different options might make it a little easier. Thanks.
  4. Currently, I have a nice Snippet Trigger set up that asks me about three keywords, for use in a clipboard action later. This works great! However, an inconvenience is that the next keyword input always auto-remembers the previous input. This causes me to have to select all and then start typing, instead of just start typing. Is there any way to force a clear of the input field?
  5. When upgrading a workflow, if "Migrate my settings" is checked, settings such as custom keyword inputs and custom hotkeys are kept; however, if a keyword is customized and the associated "with space" setting is also customized, the "with space" setting is not migrated during the upgrade. I expected that the "with space" setting would migrate just like the keyword migrates. As an example, when I upgrade Alfred Emoji, I change my keyword from "emoji" to to a single character (:), but I also uncheck the "with space" setting, because I want to emulate emoji completion in tool
  6. Hi all! Mega supporter since the beginnings and first time trouble Since a fresh 10.12.6 install, Alfred 3.4.1 doesn't seem to recognize anymore: - my custom web searches' keywords. Those web searches are simple and straightforward, have worked fine for ever, not been changed and! Still work with the 'test' button in edit mode. But typing a keyword in Alfred treats it like a random input (see example screenshot). The web searches are enabled. - any workflow keyword. Be it default, custom or freshly imported 3rd party (see example screenshot). The workflows a
  7. Hi, I'm trying to move from TextExpander to Alfred Snippets and so far things are going pretty well. BUT, am I correct that when searching Snippets, Alfred is only looking at the name of the snippet and the keyword? As opposed to the actual snippet itself. It sure would be handy if the snippet text itself was also searched. Thanks!
  8. Alfred 3.4.1 Build 860, Friday 21st July 2017 macOS Sierra Version 10.12.6 When trying to create snippets if the first few characters of your snippet have been used before you are blocked from creating a snippet example: trying to create a snippet for the prime and double prime characters if we create the prime snippet using the keyword: `!prime` then when trying to create a snippet for the double prime you are blocked from using i.e. `!primed` as soon as you type `!prime` in the keyword field the text turns red and no matter what you type after
  9. I have 2 custom web searches for google drive "gd" and "gdu" where "gdu" has a {query} in the url keyword search url gd https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/my-drive gdu 2 https://drive.google.com/drive/u/{query}/my-drive They both work as expected alone. but when they are both enabled the "Enter" choice is always the most previous one that was used. Meaning if the last one I used was gdu 2 (which worked) When I type in the second one "gd"it completes to gdu and waits for the query input even though it has the EXACT qu
  10. I have a Workflow that is triggered by the Hotkey: Ctrl+Alt+K The result of the Hotkey is to grab the current selection in the Finder and send that path as {query} into a Terminal command. Works great! However, what I'd like to do is invoke Alfred, type "kin", have the workflow appear, press Return and have the flow grab the current selection in the Finder etc. In other words, use a Keyword to grab the selection as {query}. I can't work out how to do that. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  11. I'm experiencing very odd behavior. If I attempt to select a workflow using a keyword, I get the default search instead, even though the workflow keyword shows up in the Alfred menu and I select it. For example, I use the ens keyword to access the installed "Evernote" workflow. When I select "Search..." from the Alfred Dropdown (see image 1), I very briefly see "Searching..." appear, but then it appears to time out almost instantaneously and then I see the fallback search options (see image 2). Similarly, if I type a workflow keyword, Alfred very briefly shows the keyword result, b
  12. I'm building my custom workflow to run TeamCity application. What trouble me is that I configure the keyword trigger with keyword "teamcity", and type it in the search bar. This workflow appears but not be triggered after I hint Enter. As pic-1 shows. pic-1 The more detail show in pic-2, pic-3. pic-2 pic-3 The 3rd-party workflow I added is ok to trigger by keyword. I also try to add a "keyword to command line" template, and did not work as well. Looking forward to your suggestion~ Thx
  13. I have a simple keyword script that parses some arguments in Ruby and then uses `curl` to submit to a url (a Google Form). All works as advertised, including error messages after rescued Exceptions, except that I get no notification from any output in my script that occurs *after* the `curl` command. Examples: # works correctly and echoes notification puts "Completed successfully!" `curl --data #{data} #{url}` # does not echo notification `curl --data #{data} #{url}` puts "Completed successfully!" In the second case, no notification ever gets issued. If I run the script from the command li
  14. Hi, Is there an easy way to see all available keywords that Alfred will act upon? I'm pretty new to Alfred, and I've found myself (un)installing many workflows, and it's a bit difficult to keep track of what's available. I guess I'm wondering if there's a built-in way for me to see all keywords, or if it's possible to create a workflow that will list all keywords? Thanks, Mark
  15. I am having an issue with workflows that you type after entering the keyword. (From downloaded workflows, in particular http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/917-reminders/ and the Rdio one.) What happens is: 1. I type the keyword (I'll use the reminders as an example) - radd (to add a reminder) 2. Press space - It immediatly changes from the workflow to searching the web 3. Back to Step 1. - Press enter - It processes for a second - It brings up web search. It is the same with Rdio any time I enter any info it goes to web search. What is wrong? Am I dumb or do
  16. This workflow accesses a Bible program (Accordance) and searches it for the 'selected verse reference' then pastes the result. It works fine. Instead of a hotkey, I want to be able to type a keyword such as 'find' then a verse reference and have the reference run through the script. Tried some of the more obvious approaches, but it just won't work for me. Current configuration is ----- >>>Selection in OSX- Hotkey >>>Run Script- global theResult global moduleName global input global citationFormat set moduleName to "MLV 2016" --NOTE: Change this to c
  17. I'd like to request the ability to have different types of arguments. you could have one type be 'iterator' which iterates through the argument data presented, processing each delimited entitiy as if the invoked action were called with just that string as the argument you could have another type be 'multi-var' which permits one to pass multiple independent strings to a workflow, which could be referenced as elements of an array, or enumerated strings, or whatever. this would be backwards compatible, since existing workflows would still be using the string typed handler, which wo
  18. I am a long-time Alfred user, and today I created my first workflow, but I need help. My workflow runs a terminal command from Alfred -- very, very simple. To do this I created a new Workflow, added a keyword input object, and linked it to a terminal command object. For the keyword, I typed "create ruby on rails project" since that's what it does. Here's my problem. Alfred only finds it if I type, "create ruby on rails project", or the beginning of that string. If I type, "create rails project" Alfred won't find it. Or if I type "rails project" Alfred won't find it. This sucks because
  19. Currently, if you hit the plus symbol to add a new element to a workflow, but then press Cancel, Alfred will nevertheless add the element. When adding new elements in any program, if the user presses Cancel at any time, no new element is (or should be) added. It'd be great if Alfred stuck to this essentially universal behaviour, as when a user chooses Cancel during the creation of something, the expected (and linguistically logical) behaviour is that the new thing will not be created.
  20. Hello: Search Fallbacks do not strip keyword from {query} resulting in wrong searches. For example, if I have a workflow which starts with keyword "mw" the fallback search will be like that: "mw {query}". I want it to be just "{query}". Thanks, Oleg
  21. Hello! So I've used other people's workflows with Alfred for quite some time now (thank you to all you lovely developers that have created some - they're ace!) but I thought I'd have a bash at making a simple workflow myself, for launching a few apps. The basic idea (or so I thought) was to do this... Have a hotkey that links to a keyword... Keyword has arguments that can be passed into it... Depending on the argument you put in, that will launch a specific set of apps (via the Launch Apps/Files action) However, I can't for the life of me figure out how to get the keywords/argumen
  22. I'd like to type a keyword and have a different Alfred keyword get executed. You can think of this as an alias or a shortcut. A practical example is with Victor Quinn's Volume Adjust workflow: I type "vol mute" dozens of times per day. I'd rather type "mute" into Alfred. I've been unable to find anything that accomplishes this literally or even really in practice. One of the stickies here talks about doing 'tell application "Alfred 2" to search "keyword args"' but that just presents an Alfred window and requires an enter press...or a keypress event to be fired which is A hard to get wo
  23. Hey there, cant see the wood for the trees: is it possible to change the whole input? With 'autocomplete' I am able to change the argument, but can I change the keyword also? for example: 1. user input: keyword argument 2. a list pops up and the user chooses an element (selectedElement) 3. script w/e fires and changes the input to: keyword2 selectedElement better example: 1. user input: world statue of liberty 2. list: Paris, New York user selects New York 3. script leeds user to: us new york and shows a new list ofc greetings eusi
  24. A simple workflow that makes it easy to quit all background applications on your Mac! Use the keyword 'qall' or a keyboard shortcut of your own choice to quit every application whose not the frontmost one on your Mac. The workflow won't normally quit your menubar applications... Download version 1.0 Download version 1.01 Download version 1.02 - Update the workflow with the Alleyoop update workflow for Alfred - makes it easier to update this and other supported workflows in the future... - hides Finder windows when using the 'qall' command and Finder is not the frontmos
  25. Hi Two questions regarding "File Filters" 1) I would like to know how to make a file filter that searches for a specific extension. I have some Truecrypt images in my ~/Documents folder, to which I can add a .tc extension. In the advanced tab of the file filter node, I noticed the KMDItemDisplayName matadata field I tried to change the "Value" column from "{query}" to ".tc" or even "{query}.tc" without success. How would you do such a thing without a script filter? Where can I find information on how to use those Advanced fields columns? 2) I noticed that when I type
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