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Found 10 results

  1. I would like to suggest one of these two features: 1. Multiple Keywords for Snippets and Workflows Just as the headline says: Multiple keywords for snippets and workflows would be a nice possibility to defeat our habits when it means to finding the right word to access the wished snippet or workflow. I think we all already had the situation where we tried 3 or 4 keywords and then gived up to look how that damn keyword for the workflow was called. If we could add more keywords to snippets and workflows, it would make the bad times, less bad. 2. Option to turn on/off the case sensitive on Keywords Please add an option to turn this damn case sensitive keyword detection off. Yes, it is more precise if I say you only have to toggle when I write it exactly like "tHiS". But sometimes it is just annoying that the keyword auto insertion don't toggles because you wrote on letter in the wrong case. But talk about an option here, like a check-dialog-field in the snippet-editor. Not all keywords should are able to ignore case sensitive, the user should exactly set what he wonts to trigger on case sensitive and what, without. Example: If I would make a Internet-Signature-Snippet for fourms the signature for the Internet would be've the keyword-string "signet". Sounds good, but if the case sensitive option would be just a global one, instead for each keyword for itself. The problem would be that "Signet" is already a word in my language what I wouldn't like to trigger an event when starting with a capittal letter.
  2. Is it possible to remove a keyword that winds up being used in a fallback search? Since I’m probably not asking this question in the appropriate Alfred lingo, let me provide an example. Let’s say you have a file filter that uses the keyword “oo” when searching for OmniOutliner files. After searching for “oo searchterm” in Alfred, it doesn’t find anything relevant, and so you decide to use one of your fallback searches. For simplicity, let’s say you select the default Google search fallback. When run, Google searches for the following: “oo searchterm”. My question is whether it could be run without the “oo “ (i.e., without the keyword and space). In other words, could Alfred snip out everything before the first blank space in the search (and preferably the first blank space, too)? To be clear, my question is not specific to Alfred’s default Google search fallback. I have other fallbacks that use Finder, Spotlight, etc that I’d like to solve the problem with. I just find it annoying to always have to go back and clip off that first bit, especially when the searches all follow the same pattern (unnecessarykeyword+blankspace). Thanks for your help!
  3. Hi. First post here. I have a number of Workflows that are keyword activated. However, it's a long list to remember. Is there a way I can print out all the keywords I've set up? Thanks.
  4. When using Keywords and Arguments to open specific URL's, it would be great to be able to specify another URL to be used incase of no argument, instead of the same url with a part missing. for example; url with Argument; https://www.google.com.au/?q={query} URL without argument automatically goes to a different URL; https://news.google.com.au
  5. Because I use option + spacebar to activate Alfred, I often accidentally hit option + s rather than just s for activating snippets, so what comes out is ß. It would be great if there could be more than one snippet keyword allowed, so I could assign both s and ß - this would eliminate the problem!
  6. Is it possible to have a workflow/plugin programmatically dynamically add/remove keywords at runtime? I'd like to code up a workflow that allows me to specify keywords to URLs in a text file. For example, I have a text file calls "links.txt" where I can edit and add keyword,url combinations, like a line with "gmail,http://gmail.com" and my plugin/workflow will monitor that file and provide the first word as the keyword. This way I only need to edit the text file to add/remove URL keywords. I'll later expand the idea to run scripts by keyword as well. So far I've only seen workflows or examples with a static set of keywords. Any points will help, thank you! p.s. bonus for pointing to any code examples online! Python or Ruby = +++ points =P
  7. I've been using Alfred since the v1 days. I've frequently encountered the following problem, and it appears to be worse, rather than better, in Alfred v2. My primary use of Alfred is to accept an assigned keyword, and perform a really simple action: Open File, Open Folder, Open URL, etc. I use that action probably 30 times a day, and I use all of Alfred's *other* functions maybe once or twice a week. However, Alfred's ability to match input in the search box to these keywords is extraordinarily inconsistent. Let's say I've created an action for the input keyword "files", which is linked to opening a folder. Often, typing "files" will result in Alfred suggesting that action first - but not always: * Sometimes, Alfred will show the "files" keyword action as the second, third, fourth, etc. option in the list. Often, the options presented before it are pretty strange - e.g., random filenames that happen to have the word "files" somewhere in the path. * Sometimes, Alfred won't show the "files" keyword action AT ALL - it doesn't appear anywhere in the list. This is especially true for keywords that are a single letter, like "f" or "d" - those keywords don't show up in Alfred's list. * Sometimes, Alfred will show the "files" keyword action as the top option while I partially type the keyword into the search box (e.g., when the search box reads "f", "fi", "fil", or "file") - but when I enter the full keyword "files", Alfred *switches the top option to something else*. This behavior is extraordinarily irritating. * On the off-chance that I happen to select the wrong option (particularly in the latter example), Alfred kind of cements that selection in place: for the next like 10 or 20 times I try typing in the keyword, the wrong option keeps showing up as the #1 suggestion. Frankly, I am mystified as to how such a simple feature could be so totally botched. I understand that one of Alfred's strengths is that it has a learning aspect - but when Alfred "learns" to suggest 10 options before the one explicitly specified option that EXACTLY matches the input string, then Alfred's learning has become a crippling handicap. It shouldn't be difficult to insert a hard-coded rule that if the input EXACTLY matches a keyword, ALWAYS show that option first. Anyone experiencing similar bugs?
  8. It would be great to have more than one keyword. Snippets are a good example. At present you can have only one keyword for snippets, the default which is "s." But because I use the alt key to activate Alfred, I often accidentally put in ß. So it would be great, for instance, to be able to specify that for snippets the keyword could be: s, ß So that either would activate snippets. This ability to have more than one keyword might be helpful for other keywords too!
  9. Hi, I would like to see the ability to get to clipboard content easier in all scripts. Similar to the {query}, there could be a {clipboard} macro to expand the contents of the clipboard. I know there are command line functions that I can incorporate in my scripts, but that requires loading more programs. I usually have my system running at max (video editing, program editing, uploading/downloading videos all at the same time). Therefore, it actually is noticeable on my system the slow down of launch more programs (I know, I need to get more memory. Money is not easy these days!). Even better, it would be great to have {clipboard1}, {clipboard2}, ... for the different levels in the clipboard manager in Alfred. That way I can write workflows that would use the clipboard "stack" like a register stack in programming. Just load up the different contents and then launch the workflow (yes, I come from a Forth background. I have written several TILs, so that mindset is easy for me). What do you think?
  10. Hi, Here is a small bug report for which I'm surprised that there's nothing about yet. It might be only me... Simply the control keywords for iTunes don't appear in Alfred (v2, I mean). Here some snapshots: http://cl.ly/image/1s2U1V1R0Q0U http://cl.ly/image/3P1z0F0Y0r0I http://cl.ly/image/1X3l2z1z300j Is there any known reason for that? Thanks!
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