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Found 6 results

  1. Simple LastPass Workflow for Alfred - quick and easy access to your LastPass vault Simple yet powerful integration with the Lastpass CLI so you can now get your passwords out of your Lastpass vault and straight into the clipboard from within Alfred. Version 1.4.7 update - Please Read ----------------------------------------------------------- Ladies and gents, I am happy to present v 1.4.5 of the workflow. Before I continue, this has represented a SIGNIFICANT amount of work for me so if you like it and use it, please say thank you by donating towards my Diet Coke and cake fund. Any am
  2. Recently, I became frustrated how fluid/nice/elegant/etc. 1Password integration is within Alfred; being a LastPass user, the frustration arose because I wanted similar functionality for my beloved password manager. Thus, I introduce LastPass Vault Manager! Current Version: 4.2 DIRECT DOWNLOAD PACKAL PAGE Current functionality: log into and out of LastPass search a vault by query search a vault by your browser's front-most tab launch a vault URL in the default browser copy a vault item's username copy vault item's password inspect a vault item's fields (and copy their values) gener
  3. Hi, I'm looking for some help. I'm just having some trouble with the LastPass workflow too but on Yosemite 10.11.6 Alfred is not signing in to Last Pass 3.6.0 on OSX Yosemite 10.11.6 I suspect that the workflow script may not be pointing to the right place. Is there an updated script out / could anyone point me in the right direction? -Thank You
  4. Lastpass just released their CLI. http://blog.lastpass.com/2014/10/open-sourced-lastpass-command-line.html & https://github.com/LastPass/lastpass-cli We can def get a workflow going to copy your passwords, but would love to see integration like 1pass
  5. This workflow opens the lastpass vault in a chrome tab from alfred. It's a simple workflow but helps me save time always having to go back and copy long passwords or usernames. keyword = lpc Of course, this requires you to have the lastpass extension installed in chrome. Download
  6. Hey guys, Have just purchased Alfred with mega supporter power pack, based on a recommendation and impressive features! Would it be possible at some point to support LastPass in a similar way to 1password? I signed up with both LastPass and their sister app Xmarks to help manage all my passwords and bookmarks across all devices I use. While I can easily open these options in my browser it would be fantastic to be able to search through all my passwords, logins and bookmarked sites in Alfred, and perhaps work in copy and paste and autoload for easy logins (when clicking on a saved password
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