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Found 12 results

  1. Ever since I migrated from my 16-in Intel MacBook Pro to my 14-in M1 MacBook Pro, Alfred 4.6.1 [1274] on macOS 12.1 won't launch Google Chrome 96.0.4664.110. Chrome will launch with a click on the dock or the Applications folder icon just fine, and once Chrome is launched, Alfred can direct it like a champ. It's just the launch of the thing. I'm able to replicate this every time I try. I'll try to post a screenshot or screen recording after this initial post.
  2. I've been using Alfred for years now, and its keyboard shortcut is burned into my muscle memory. Unfortunately, another app's shortcut is also burned into memory: CTRL+OPT+CMD+C, which I've used for years to launch an app called Calq... which was a 32 bit app, and as such, has gone the way of the dinosaur with the launch of MacOS 10.15. The good news is that Alfred's calculator functionality means I haven't lost any of the functionality of Calq, and it behaves pretty much exactly the same way. The bad news is that I always forget about it, and my habit of conjuring Calq leaves me confused when nothing happens upon firing the old, engrained shortcut. Sure, I could just get over it and eventually learn to forget the old Calq shortcut, but old habits die painfully hard. So, in short: Is there a way to assign a secondary shortcut to Alfred WITHOUT removing the original hotkey? If I could call it forth using EITHER shortcut combo, my life would be so much simpler...
  3. [I'm sure this has been addressed before, but with keywords like "menu" and "launch", it's hard to search.] I'm trying to design a launcher that will open apps from a menu choice, much like some Siri Shortcuts I have designed. An example might be: A hotkey triggers a Games menu. A selection from the games menu will open the specific game. Another hotkey would open a Utilities menu. Again, the selection from that menu would open the specific utility. And so on... I've been using Alfred for a very long time, but just have never gone into workflows. I'm sure this is simple, but I'm not clear on how to do it. Your help is appreciated. Tony
  4. I have been using Alfred for 5 years without even a hint of a problem but I am now having a lag (four or five seconds) upon launching Alfred (by keystroke). I have cleared the application cache, rebuilt Mac OS metadata, and restarted (app and mac). Any suggestions? Alfred version 3.6.1, Mac OS 10.12.6. Thanks.
  5. Hello! I am brand new to Alfred! I could use some workflow suggestions for college students & busy parents. Some favorite/popular workflows for general use would be appreciated too. I am also looking for a workflow that will launch specific applications & URLs when I login to my MacBook. Thanks! Heather
  6. Ok, I've put off moving past Alfred v1 for years because Workflows looked like an elephant gun when all I needed was a flyswatter. But I'm building out a new Mac from scratch, so thought I'd catch up and bite the bullet. All I really want is to assign hotkeys to apps. I used the Workflow template "Launch file group from hotkey," which I assumed I'd need to do once for each app, and just create "file groups" of one app each. But it looks like you're supposed to be able to set up a bunch of these inside of a single workflow: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/triggers/hotkey/creating-a-hotkey-workflow/ The problem: The instructions refer to and show a + icon in the upper right corner of the workflow panel that I don't see. I will try to resist voicing the cascade of frustrations that the UX for what must surely be a common task is so oblique, though I really hope Alfred gets some UX design help. But can anyone enlighten me on how I can set up hot keys for apps in the way the help page indicates I should be able to? Thanks!
  7. How can I set it so that I can launch Alfred with just the ctrl key?
  8. I am a long time user of Alfred and up until today it has worked flawlessly. For me, Alfred is indispensable. I really didn’t realize how much I used it until it quit working right. At any rate, I primarily use Alfred to launch apps & find stuff. Well, it won’t launch apps now. Before today, all I would have to do was type the first letter of my often used apps and presto, Alfred would find it. I would then hit return and the app opened (there is NOT a faster app launcher out there when Alfred is working). So, in an attempt to fix, I go into the settings, and clear the Applications cache. It had no effect. So, I rebuilt OS X metadata, and it had no effect. Are the Alfred gods mad at me!!! Please help. I have a MacBook Pro 15” Retina, 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7, 16GB ram. It is running OS 10.10.4. I haven’t installed anything new since the 10.10.4 update came out.
  9. Is it possible to make an Alfred workflow to automatically launch an app at a specific time? I want to start an app at a particular time of day, so starting on launch doesn't fit my needs and using a hotkey to trigger a workflow doesn't either. I want to set up a workflow and simply forget about it. Thoughts?
  10. I'm Running Alfred 2 on my iMac 10.8.3. I've disabled CMD+SPACE from launching Spotlight and I have that to launch Alfred instead. I've tried to do the same on my 10.7.5 Macbook (too old to upgrade to 10.8), but I am not allowed to set the Launch Alfred Hotkey to CMD+SPACE. Having had many years of launching items with CMD+SPACE I'd really like to keep that as the setting with Alfredv2. Is it possible? I have disabled Spotlight launching so that's not the problem. Any ideas? Thanks.
  11. Update 3/25/13 10:30pm: Fixed a syntax error in the code. Sorry about that! Hey guys, This is my first post in the forums, I just wanted to share with you my V2 Workflow for launching the Minecraft Feed The Beast launcher, using Java 6. The reason you want to launch it with Java 6 is because Java 7 usually causes it to crash upon launch. The Keyword is 'ftb' with no parameters. Let me know if you guys need any help modifying it to work with your system! Download: http://cl.ly/0x0e3T040a0m Readme: /* Make sure to edit the Run Script element of the Workflow. Change FTBPATH to the location of your FTB_Launcher.jar (If you don't know, '~/' is the location of your home folder) So for me it would expand out to /Users/David/FTB/ (Make sure there aren't any spaces between the '=' and the rest of the line.) YOU SHOULDN'T have to edit anything else. If you have to, change JAVA6PATH to the location of your 1.6.0.jdk file */
  12. I’ve updated my Alfred workflow that allows you to quickly open an app in the language of your choice. If you're a developer, tester or translator, you might find this workflow useful. It's available (with instructions) here: http://adrianthomas.org/projects/Alfred-language-switcher-plugin Let me know if you have any suggestions or issues – enjoy!
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