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Found 6 results

  1. Light Theme Dark Theme BTW, is it possible to make the selected item background as round corners? THX.
  2. Hi guys, I'm transitioning from LaunchBar and one thing it does, in my opinion, way better is the trigger for file and folder actions. While it might be good for some users to have a separate shortcut I would find it very intuitive to just press and hold the common Alfred Shortcut (whatever it is) to trigger the action menu. So I wouldn't have to remember a second shortcut. AND: LaunchBar also allows you to trigger actions for the currently active folder. So you are working in Finder, have a folder open and for example want to create a textfile or add it to the buffer etc. You just give the Finder window focus and press + hold the trigger shortcut. Currently you would have to navigate one directory up, reselect the folder you want and press the separate shortcut. Which is way more hassle and cognitive load. Best, Alex Addendum: This is also true for various other actions like hotkey triggers etc. This might be a deliberate decision of the team, but for my part I would find it much easier to remember just one shortcut and knowing that Alfred would come up when I press and and hold no matter if I've selected text or a folder.
  3. I'm coming over from Launchbar (it's been giving me problems lately - figured it was time to check out Alfred) but one thing I do like about the clipboard history in LB is that the hotkey for it is ONLY active once you've already got the input window visible. So, in LB I do cmd-space to launch and then cmd-k to show the clipboard history. The reason I like this is that it allows me to use simple hotkeys that would otherwise conflict with other software packages. Make no mistake, having global hotkey support is great too, but there's times when I just want Alfred to behave like other apps and only recognize hotkeys when it has 'focus'. Is this possible and I'm just missing something?
  4. I just looked through the programming guide for LaunchBar 6 "actions" which are their equivalent of workflows. Alfred, in general, has more comprehensive workflow support (not even counting the GUI layout tool), but LaunchBar 6 has some features it would be nice to see in Alfred: - Scripts can be marked to be killed if they don't return before the next keypress, e.g., user types 'A', script searches the internet, user types 'B', script is killed and re-run with 'AB' This is an overall feature that's been requested many times but I don't think anyone actually mentioned killing the currently running script. - Scripts support either 'strings' or 'paths' I believe a script that takes a path gets path completion support in the LaunchBar entry box. - Scripts can return a 'string', a 'path' or a complex result LaunchBar assumes defaults for everything if your script just returns a string or a path instead of XML, JSON, etc. - Environment variables are passed to the script w/various paths and information about the state of the option key, command key, etc. - LaunchBar can accept script output in JSON, XML or a property list XML I don't care about property list XML, but I would love if JSON was an option. - Items returned by a script can include a quicklook URL - Items can indicate another script to run to get the next 'level' of items, e.g., a multi-level menu - Items can directly list out the next 'level' of items Various Alfred scripts now have hacks that "re-call" the script and mimic multiple levels of results. LaunchBar bakes it into the workflow model. - LaunchBar actions are code signed - LaunchBar supports using JavaScriptCore as a scripting language - Scripts can marked to be initiated by LaunchBar but LaunchBar immediately returns (doesn't wait for output)
  5. Hey, I've been using the new v2 beta since it's launch. I've been impressed with the features and the possibilities and flexibility of the workflow system, it allowed me to replace TextExpander and Keyboard Maestro to a certain extent and I'm a big fan of less. But there is a feature I really miss from LauchBar when navigating the file system. Let's say I have these folders, and I'm navigating them in Alfred. /A Blue Sky Haze /Red River /Purple Haze I remember the folder I'm looking for had something to do with Haze, and I start writing it by pressing "H", it gives me an empty results. Since It's not word matching the actual folder names but checking if the folders there start with the letter "H". I'd love to keep the great abbreviation matching system that Alfred has also available when navigating through the file system with Alfred, as it would really make it easier navigating some larger folder and company servers when project numbers and such are involved? What do you guys think?
  6. I’ve quit Launchbar and I’ve been trying Alfred v2 since it was launched. So far I’m really liking it, the workflows feature is killer. But there are a few things that I really miss or some things about Alfred that makes things slightly slower for me compared to when I use Launchbar. - In Alfred ⌘⌫ on a an item has no effect. You have to navigate to the actions menu to delete. - I’d prefer that pressing → on an application would bring up the recent documents for that application. With Alfred I have to press → twice. - In Launchbar holding ⌥ Space with with some text selected initiates Instand Send. With Alfred I have to select text, ⌘C, ⌥Space, ⌘V. - In Alfred’s clipboard viewer. I can’t perform any actions on any of the clipboard items, unlike in Launchbar. - The icons used in the clipboard viewer are confusing to me. I’d prefer if the icons represented the type of the clipboard item as opposed to what looks like the item’s origin application. - Launchbar uses the standard system shortcut — Space — for Quicklook instead of ⇧. - You can create calendar events in Launchbar but can’t with Alfred — unless you have additional software installed. It might be that I’m missing some options that can resolve/mitigate some of the above. Or do I just need to accept that things are different?
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