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Found 5 results

  1. Alfred my Mind This workflow lets you search through entirety of my personal wiki, all the articles I wrote and GitHub repositories, as well as GitHub Gists I share and a lot more. You can read why I made the workflow here. As this workflow is focused and optimised for fast access to all the knowledge and references I have indexed. It is adised you read through some parts of my here first. My goals with sharing both this workflow and my wiki knowledge base is to extend my idea of knowledge bootstrapping and tapping into a person's expertise in the most transparent way possible. For more information, on how you can use the workflow, you can read the GitHub readme. Hope you like it. ? Code | Download
  2. I have published an Alfred Workflow that allows you to search various curated mind maps I have made. It also has an option to just search for study guide learning mind maps that provide the best resources one can take to learn the subject in a guided manner. In future, this will cover every topic one can learn and if you want to improve and change it, you can. Here is the GitHub repository of the workflow and here is the direct download of it. I hope you enjoy it. The cool thing is that if you dislike something or disagree with the way they are structured, you can propose the changes you want to make and thus everyone benefits.
  3. While getting back into learning Spanish I was looking for a way to make word research easier. For every new word I want to learn I am looking for Visual representation of the word (Google Images) Definition of the word in Spanish (WordReference) Audio recording of pronunciation (Forvo) The word in context and example sentences (Linguee) Translation(s) of the word (WordReference/Leo) Conjugation if the word is a verb (WordReference) Frankly, to open all these pages manually, click around to get to the language/section I want and finally enter my word is a pain in the butt. And it might have been one reason I stopped learning regularly... Alfred to the rescue! So I made my first workflow. It is quite simple: Type keyword 'esw' followed by the word you are looking for and it queries the aforementioned pages on separate tabs in the default browser. Translations are not opened by this workflow. Usually I use a link on the definition site or the Leo Translate workflow by psistorm for that. There is a second keyword 'esc' for researching the conjugation of the specified verb. That way I get the information I want to put into Anki with a few keystrokes and can spend my time actually learning the language. If you are interested in the workflow download it here. The workflow was inspired by this post of Gabriel Wyner on Tower of Babelfish. If you are learning a foreign language I highly recommend checking out this website! There is a wealth of information about methodology, resources and lots more. He has a Pastepin with useful links for a lot of other languages, which gets mentioned in the post linked above. They are intended for iMacros but can be used with Alfred, too. So if you want to adjust my workflow for another language, chances are he has the links you need. Side note on Google Images: If you are wondering why I use the Basic Mode of Google Images within Google Translate I would like to refer you to this post on Tower of Babelfish. In short: More often than not you will get images and matching example sentences at the same time - even for abstract or functional words. Screenshot
  4. Hello I am having trouble with Alfred learning my youtube shortcut for 'Search Youtube'. It was working fine until 30 minutes ago when typing 'you' instead brought up my bookmark for YouTube (and I pressed enter). Now, no matter how many times I select 'Search YouTube' after typing 'you' it will not relearn it. In addition I by accident selected another bookmark (with the word 'your' in its title) once and now even this appears before 'Search YouTube'!! I know that reseting Alfred's knowledge will probably resolve that but I don't want to have to train everything again! A similar issue happened with a folder and I had to reset knowledge as well… It would be nice if I could reset knowledge only for specific items so that these kind of bugs are not as costly. Maybe worth noting that this happened to me again a few days ago and I resolved it by deleting the bookmark that was in the way. * Whether you were able to replicate it a second time by performing the same action - It happens every time now... * Include the Alfred version & build number you are using - 2.0.3(187) * Include your OS X version - 10.8.3 best, Dionysis
  5. There are a few things I want to do with workflows, but I don't want to have to plead for someone else to write the script for me. Could someone direct me to an online resource to learn the basics of script that will work in Alfred workflows? Thanks!
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