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Found 2 results

  1. Hey! I've created this first workflow to try out the new possibilities of Alfreds workflow. It provides two different search methods: de - Translating a german word to english and vice versa. df - Translating a german word to french and vice versa. ds - Translating a german word to spanish and vice versa. When hitting 'Enter' the translated word is copied to the clipboard. When hitting 'Shift + Enter' the selected word translation is opened with Leo. With Version 1.2 newly introduced a somewhat "automatic" detection of the language of the entered word. Thanks, at this point, to David Ferguson, whose workflow.php I used to pass the results to Alfred. Here is the workflow: V1.1: - Added hotkeys transferring selected text (please choose your own hotkey) V 1.2: - Only one keyword per language needed now. The language of the entered word is automatically detected. - Opening Leo with the selected word when hitting 'Shift + Enter'. - Fixed problem with german umlauts. V 1.2.1: - Fixed problem with opening the URL in some cases. - Fixed problem with some words. V 1.3: - Added support for translation of german to polish and vice versa (Sebastian Kusnier) V 1.3.1: - Quick fix for changes in Leo site to make the workflow work again (Oderwat) V 1.4: - Added timeout for php request to avoid high process load when loosing internet connection. - Open Leo with the originally entered word when hitting 'Ctrl+Enter'. Added workflow to Packal. Best regards, psistorm
  2. All of my workflows that are requesting data from external resources don't get response. I think there is nothing wrong with the workflows, since their authors confirm that they're working. Workflows tested are: caniuse v1.3 ( Fahrplan ( | Leo Dictionary ( openthesaurus ( Package Managers v1.25 ( At the time of writing, I redownloaded the latest version from all of them. When I type the shortcut for one of the workflows, for a very short time there's a loading indication ("Updating database...", "Retrieving data from..." or similar) but as soon as I'm typing my request it stops and looks like this: Is it possible to get an error log or something which could help me understand what's going on? Or does somebody has another clue? - Alfred v2.3 (264) - Mac OS X 10.9.3