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Found 10 results

  1. IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT HANGING PROCESSES ON SIERRA (2017-04-03) Versions of Alfred-Workflow older than 1.25 cannot launch background processes properly on Sierra. In fact, they regularly hang quite dramatically and consume 100% CPU Users (in particular) affected by this bug should install and run this workflow, which can find and fix any workflows with broken versions of Alfred-Workflow. The workflow library for Python GitHub | Documentation A feature-rich library for developing Alfred workflows in Python The library is simple to
  2. How do I tell Alfred to look for a file in my 'Library' folder? There's a template for an app I'd like it to see but it resides in user---library---application support---app name Thanks
  3. Introduction With the introduction of Alfred v2.0, the built-in iTunes mini player is now the only way to interact with my iTunes library in Alfred. However, I would prefer to quickly search for and play songs without entering the mini player first. Therefore, I created Play Song—a workflow designed to make playing songs in iTunes extremely quick and convenient. Download Download Play Song (latest) Usage Play Song enables five keywords which allow you to search for and play songs in your iTunes library. In order for Play Song to
  4. Hi, Alfred's iTunes integration isn't doing anything for me: OK, so let's look... You can see in this screencast that the "Find" button doesn't do anything. I'll need to find that file myself. The problem is it doesn't exist: $ find ~ -name 'iTunes Library*' /Users/boneskull/Music/iTunes/iTunes Library Extras.itdb /Users/boneskull/Music/iTunes/iTunes Library Genius.itdb /Users/boneskull/Music/iTunes/iTunes Library.itl Of note, all of my music is in iTunes Match. Is there some way to create this file? - Mac OS 10.11.5 (15F34) - Alfred 3.0.2 (676) - iTunes
  5. Hi, Could you please add my new Alfred Workflow Library in Haskell to the list of Alfred libraries. You can find it here: https://github.com/raguay/AlfredLibraryInHaskell Thanks.
  6. What is Alphred? Alphred is a PHP library to aid in the creation of workflows for Alfred. Most of Alphred should work with PHP 5.3+ (OS X 10.6+), but some features need PHP 5.4+ (OS X 10.9+). Alphred generally needs Alfred v2.5+ to run. It's not quite complete because it needs some testing and a bit more documentation. Please help with the former. Features Simple AlfredXML generation for script filters, including extended XML attributes Create and manage configuration files in ini, json, or sqlite3 from a few lines of code Easy http requests with get or post, including data caching Use
  7. Hey all Alfred lovers out there, After David Ferguson created the PHP Workflows class to help PHP gurus create complex workflows with ease, I decided to create an equivalent solution for AppleScript gurus, because let's face it: you can't really do with PHP (or other languages) what you can do with AppleScript in terms of controlling your Mac system and its apps. This library provides an object-oriented library of functions for working with plist settings files, reading and writing data to files, generating Alfred feedback results, requesting remote data, and more. But before you begin
  8. Hi guys, I made BASH framework for Alfred that makes it easy to create a certain kind of workflow that allows you search and look up information without leaving the Alfred interface. It basically allows you to display results after selecting a result. It's a way around the fact that "Script Filters are the only way to pass feedback to Alfred" Here is an example. The magic happens at step 3. 1. Type in workflow keyword: 2. Type query to find results: 3. Selection of a result brings up additional results. There are two options for workflow creation: static, which i
  9. There's 3 different Library folders in Mac OS X - with this workflow it's easier than ever to open them individually! The Library Folder in your user folder: Use the following keywords to open the library folder in your user folder: library user The Library Folder in the System folder: Use the following keywords to open the library folder in your System folder: library system The Library folder in the root folder of your system drive: Use the following keywords to open the library folder in the root folder of your system drive: library hd Keyboard shortcuts? If you want t
  10. Hey everyone! As tends to happen when I have a great deal of other, more pressing work to do, I've just spent a couple of days on what I think has the potential to become a neat little project. It's an Objective-C/Cocoa framework for creating Alfred workflows. Like alp for Python, it makes handling a couple of basic but super-annoying workflow tasks—like providing feedback XML and searching—simpler and faster, resulting in your spending less time and less code on the boilerplate stuff and more time making your workflow work (and flow). There's a great deal more information in the README at my
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