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Found 2 results

  1. Hey, My workflow seems to be quite strange. What I can not understand at all. 😉 At least I've been looking for a solution for days. My customer sends me a file (.jpeg) that I have to edit and put online on a certain day. So I copy the file into the customer folder and create a task for this day in my Task Manager (NotePlan). So that I don't have to search for the file again later, I want to link it in the task. That's why I create an MD link. So far everything is good. But when I click on the MD link, the file is opened in Preview. Because Preview is the default app for opening JPEG's. So as a preview the behaviour is quite nice, but in that case I have to edit the file in Photoshop. And I don't want to change the default application for opening JPEG's. And that is the problem. I can't open the file in Photoshop with the MD link. I would have to go back into the client folder and find the file. Furthermore, I've created a macOS Quick Action (Service) in Automator which also works when I select the file itself. But not the link to the file. What I want is a bit like opening an alias or symlink in Photoshop. Is there any way to achieve this with Alfred (with Powerpack)? Mario
  2. Hey guys, Say I make a Script Filter and link it to 4 script actions that each perform a different function, but each action needs a different input from the Script Filter, and this is where the problem begins, because the "arg" attribute can hold only one value which will work with just 1 of the 4 actions Right now the only workaround to this problem is to give the "arg" attribute a separated list of multiple values, and then each action would need to parse the input and search for its piece of data, but it's too much parsing and splitting involved.. My opinion is that we should have some freedom in the XML attributes of the feedback results by letting us define our own attributes in a result and Alfred would automatically send those attributes as individual parameters to the "alfred_script" function, as well as individual {attribute_name} to other predefined actions. For example, script filter would generate this xml result: ... <item uid="rdioartist" arg="r96664" valid="yes" autocomplete="Incubus" artistiname="Bjork" track="All is full of love"> ... And we, the programmers, would then use the following in script action: on alfred_script(arg, artistname, track) -- we use the parameter that is needed for a specific action end alfred_script [later edit]: a big problem with the current design is when you link a script filter to multiple actions AND a Notification action, because inside the Notification action we can't split the separated list of values of the "arg" attribute, and setting the arg attribute to a single value would make the other actions useless So with my suggestion above we would type something like {aristname} or {track} inside the Notification action
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