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Found 9 results

  1. Lock is not working although Sleep, Shutdown etc. do work. There is an error message in the Console.app: This seems to suggest permission problems. Alfred has been enabled in Accessibility, but NOT in Automation. That's another thing that's weird, as Alfred doesn't appear in Automation, like described in this post: https://www.alfredforum.com/topic/12182-solved-alfred-not-in-automation-settings/.
  2. Hi, After upgrade to High Sierra, "lock" system operation is very slow. I've seen some information that other tools are having issues as well due to "enhancements" in High Sierra to certains aspects of the system, such as lock screen, screensaver and kernel extensions. Anyways, the Ctrl+Cmd+Q global shortcut introduced in High Sierra is blazing fast, while the "Lock" System command in Alfred 3.5.1 is slow (takes several seconds). My immediate workaround is having a workflow that binds to "lock" keyword and triggers apple script that tells System Events a Ctril+Cmd+Q key combination has been used. This works like a charm but would be great if "native" lock command implementation was fast on High Sierra, just like it was in Sierra.
  3. The problem described in the issue Alfred 3 Lock is still happening to me several times a week (and some times multiple times a day). Upon using Alfred to Lock the Macbook it shows the login screen, but instead of allowing Touch ID login, it displays the message "Your password is required to enable Touch ID". When I enter my password, the machine logs in but then has to restart all the apps previously running (such as after a reboot), which allows for some irritating issues concerning the development environment I'm running on the machine (related to having rebooted / restarted the user session, not directly related to Alfred). I'm currently running Alfred 3.1.1 [806], and macOS Sierra 10.12.4 Beta (16E175b) on the Macbook Pro (15-inch, 2016). For now I'll try to start using screensaver instead, but I'm hoping you might be able to look at this to try to find a solution allowing Lock to work as it used to before.
  4. Hi, It seems to be a problem with the new MacOS Sierra when I have set the option to unlock computer with Apple Watch. When I use Alfred option to lock the screen, it kills the current session and all the apps (like a reboot). Thanks
  5. On OS-X, there's a few ways to 'Lock' the Mac. One is to manually lock it using the keychain or keyboard shortcut, the other is to let the screensaver lock the mac after a timeout. When locked manually, OS-X disconnects the network, exposing a bug is OS-X where unlocking doesn't re-establish network connectivity without manually disconnecting/reconnecting the network. Unfortunately, this also happens when using Alfred to Lock the Mac (via typing "lock"). The network disconnect does not happen if the Mac is locked via screensaver timeout. It would be nice if Alfred allowed the user to disable shutting down the network connection when locking the screen.
  6. This is a pretty simple one, but my first Alfred Workflow, based on simple applescript I pilfered from elsewhere and an icon grabbed off of user image search. The workflow has two options, on and off. For 'off', it is a single command for myself to logout of my IM apps and then lock the screen. For 'on' it'll log on to both adium and skype. Definitely not perfect or finished, but thought I'd share. Download link here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rgxcxacp2z6u59j/Logout%20of%20IM%20and%20lock.alfredworkflow
  7. Hi, I've tried "Features/System/Lock" command of Alfred. OKey, Alfred was able to lock my Mac. But, Oh No, I don't know that how to unlock from this situation ;_; I tried typing randomly, It seems to accept typing space-bar 4 times. Is this right way for unlock? Thank you.
  8. I was looking for a way to easily lock my screen at work and was pleased to discover that there's a command for that in Alfred. However, I've recently realized that when I lock the screen in this manner, the screen doesn't sleep as set in Energy Saver preferences.
  9. Inspired by Ramshank, I went on the googling hunt of googling hunts to find the code (which ended up being in his post). And compiled this bad boy: v1.1 Keyboard Locker: d.pr/f/xtPs v1.2 Keyboard Locker: http://d.pr/f/cp7i **Updated! Fix command fully implemented, and you can now enter the number of seconds you want to lock it for.** This workflow will lock your keyboard for 20 seconds so that you can clean it. It does ask for your admin pass! If your keyboard doesn't re-enable use the "fix" keyword and enter your admin pass to re-enable it. You can do updates via Alleyoop, and please read below before using! **Read Me!** Be sure that you have an external keyboard or you know where your on-screen keyboard is, before running this workflow for the first time! I have learned the hard way what happens (Your internal keyboard doesn't work, and you have to restart your computer). Here are directions to the on-screen keyboard for your mac: I don't think it has changed since SL but just to be safe... 10.6.x Snow Leopard: http://j.mp/Yl7ZYJ 10.7.x Lion: http://j.mp/Yl89zp 10.8.x Mountain Lion: http://j.mp/Yl8jqp Enjoy! and Please message me if you have any questions or concerns!
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