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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I can't quite figure out, how to check and conditionally move on. Depending on that, one or the other URL should be opened: //pseudo code if {query} is empty { open URL #1 } elseif { open URL #2 } → my workflow But I'm confused with the setup of the conditional:
  2. I'm familiar with many other solutions for automation including PHP, AutoHotKey, Quickeys, and other similar macro/scripting languages. But I can't for the life of me wrap my head around some seemingly simple things in Alfred, despite having had Powerpack for a few years now. How can one perform simple conditional logic to detect for instance if a particular application has focus? I would like to perform an action only when a particular app has focus, but use the same hotkey that is already assigned to bring that app into focus. This is specifically because I want to show/hide an application in Windows under Parallels, but these apps don't support the show/hide functionality already available in Alfred. I want my hotkey to bring the app into focus, and minimize its window if that app is already in focus. I can't even seem to use the same hotkey more than once in a workflow because if it is already assigned to something, then you can't type it in another hotkey module since it will instead execute the hotkey. Appreciate any help with this... thanks!
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