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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I use Alfred first for 2 days and wanted to ask if anyone can help me. I have created a workflow with 1Password, which allows me to log into macOS Apps (App Store or App Start). Here is a short video. The "password autofill" works with 1Password Mini enabled, I need an applescript, maybe with "if then else", with which I stop the Alfred Workflow, until I logged in with the blocked 1Password Mini. Does somebody has any idea? Please forgive my bad english ... "Google Translate is my best friend ?" Here the Alfred workflow: https://www.magentacloud.de/shar
  2. Hello! I am brand new to Alfred! I could use some workflow suggestions for college students & busy parents. Some favorite/popular workflows for general use would be appreciated too. I am also looking for a workflow that will launch specific applications & URLs when I login to my MacBook. Thanks! Heather
  3. OK, I would LIKE to be able to make a workflow to grab my current data useage from my Cable provider's account page. The initial LOGIN page is here: https://myaccount.cogeco.ca/acpub/login/ Now, they are using some sort of authentication to protect users, and I am VERY limited in my knowledge of curl in BASH. As far as I can tell, I need to use curl twice, first to authenticate to one URL, then to login with another url ... perhaps using cookies? Can someone help me out here perhaps?
  4. Hi. I have several google apps accounts at work and am logging in and out with them constantly. Is it possible to use Alfred for creating a new google document in a specific users google drive space?
  5. Just wondering if there is a best practice regarding storing or setting user login information that might be used for other services?
  6. First of all, what a great community. Thanks for your help, work and sharing it. Now I hope there is help for my problem. Unter Alfred V1 I was using a Applescript and it worked well. The Script opens Firefox and did a login on a special website. Now with V2 the script starts but opens 2 firefox windows. Could anybody please help me and fix the script or build a workflow? Sorry.. I'm a complete newbie. openFirefoxURL("https://specialwebsite.de/") on openFirefoxURL(x) return do shell script "open -a Firefox" & space & quoted form of x end openFirefoxURL tell
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