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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I use Alfred first for 2 days and wanted to ask if anyone can help me. I have created a workflow with 1Password, which allows me to log into macOS Apps (App Store or App Start). Here is a short video. The "password autofill" works with 1Password Mini enabled, I need an applescript, maybe with "if then else", with which I stop the Alfred Workflow, until I logged in with the blocked 1Password Mini. Does somebody has any idea? Please forgive my bad english ... "Google Translate is my best friend ?" Here the Alfred workflow: https://www.magentacloud.de/share/gm3mfyyis5
  2. Hello! I am brand new to Alfred! I could use some workflow suggestions for college students & busy parents. Some favorite/popular workflows for general use would be appreciated too. I am also looking for a workflow that will launch specific applications & URLs when I login to my MacBook. Thanks! Heather
  3. OK, I would LIKE to be able to make a workflow to grab my current data useage from my Cable provider's account page. The initial LOGIN page is here: https://myaccount.cogeco.ca/acpub/login/ Now, they are using some sort of authentication to protect users, and I am VERY limited in my knowledge of curl in BASH. As far as I can tell, I need to use curl twice, first to authenticate to one URL, then to login with another url ... perhaps using cookies? Can someone help me out here perhaps?
  4. Hi. I have several google apps accounts at work and am logging in and out with them constantly. Is it possible to use Alfred for creating a new google document in a specific users google drive space?
  5. Just wondering if there is a best practice regarding storing or setting user login information that might be used for other services?
  6. First of all, what a great community. Thanks for your help, work and sharing it. Now I hope there is help for my problem. Unter Alfred V1 I was using a Applescript and it worked well. The Script opens Firefox and did a login on a special website. Now with V2 the script starts but opens 2 firefox windows. Could anybody please help me and fix the script or build a workflow? Sorry.. I'm a complete newbie. openFirefoxURL("https://specialwebsite.de/") on openFirefoxURL(x) return do shell script "open -a Firefox" & space & quoted form of x end openFirefoxURL tell application "System Events" delay 4 tell application "Firefox" activate tell application "System Events" to keystroke "username" tell application "System Events" to keystroke tab tell application "System Events" to keystroke "password" tell application "System Events" to keystroke return end tell beep end tell Thanks in advance for your help.
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