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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I just tried to use the email function from Alfred for the first time and it prompted me to give Alfred access to create messages in the Mail.app client. I accidentally hit "Cancel" on that prompt. Now I can't get it to prompt me again. When I use the Email function it just opens Mail.app but sits at the inbox screen without creating a message. Demonstrated here in a video. My attempts to solve the problem so far: I've looked in the Alfred settings where it prompts for permissions but I've already granted all that access and I see nothing about Mail.app. I've also gone to my MacOS System Preferences and looked through the Security and Privacy pane to grant permissions but I'm not seeing anything for Mail.app there. Finally, I've gone to Mail.app preferences as well to see if there is a setting to grant permissions but I'm not seeing anything. How do I invoke this prompt for access? Thanks!
  2. I would love Alfred to search my email. Gmail and Outlook web both have fantastic search these days. The Mail app seems to be seriously lagging behind. The only reference I can find to Alfred and email is a thread from 2013 about a Powerpack script that doesn't work on Big Sur. Ideally I would like to search (incrementally?!) in OWA or Gmail accounts, but failing that, having similarly amazing search of local mail folders (by subject, date, sender, contents, etc.) Is this completely outside of Alfred's scope? Am I missing an obvious setting somewhere? Is my duck-duck-foo failing me? Thanks!
  3. Hello, I have some difficulties using Albert. I installed the Mail.app workflow you created. To write a mail with the shortcut I have no problem. However the search for mail from the subject or the recipient does not work. As soon as I type the shortcut and add the name of the recipient I find myself on a web page. Can you help me? Second problem: I thought a shortcut to go to a web page. I would like the page to open in chrome but by default it opens in Safari. How can I make it open in chrome? Alfred app : 4.1 MacOS : 10.14.6 Workflow : Mail.app Search 1.0 Respectfully
  4. Hi, my first post is a little bit long, but I spent some days in Google before posting here, so I hope to get help. I am trying to create workflow using AppleScript that creates Mail message for me with some links in the footer of the mail body. The problem is that I can't insert links this way, because it places this html as Plain text instead of Rich text: set FooterText to "<a href=\"http://example.com\">Example link</a>" I was trying to find a way to convert html text to Rich text, and found that it can be done with "textutil" from a Terminal app. Running this command from Terminal app works fine: echo '<a href="http://example.com">Example link</a>'|textutil -inputencoding UTF-8 -format html -convert rtf -stdin -stdout|LC_CTYPE=UTF-8 pbcopy I can then open Mail app and paste "Example link" as a rich text, and this link is working. However I can't do the same using "do shell script" from Applescript (NSAppleScript). First I thought it is something to do with escaping characters, so I did a test with <b>bold</b>, but it didn't work, too. Then instead of using "do shell script" I tried "do script" by telling application "Terminal" same script that was working in Terminal app, but it doesn't work from AppleScript, too: on alfred_script(q) set myHtmlText to "<b>bold example</b>" tell application "Terminal" do script "echo " & quoted form of myHtmlText & |textutil -inputencoding UTF-8 -format html -convert rtf -stdin -stdout|LC_CTYPE=UTF-8 pbcopy" end tell end alfred_script Error msg says: "Expected end of line but found identifier." pointing to "|" before LC_CTYPE Any ideas why it is not working? Thanks in advance, Romans
  5. Hi, I´m trying to do a few workflows but can´t get them to work. I´ve tried Googling for a few hours and set up different kind of workflows by my own and downloaded. But can´t get any of thoose to work. 1.Copy text and search in Mail App. Would like it to launch with hot key cmd + double "c" key click. Can get the search to work, but very very slow (can´t the result load within 0,1 sec?) and can´t get the cmd + double "c" key click as a hotkey. 2.Copy text and launch new mail and new email based on a template How to copy text, paste it in the to form, go to subject and paste a different (textexpander) sentence and then to main content and launch a different (textexpander) sentence there? 3. Copy text and open a Google Docs Online data sheet, and search within that whole sheet (including all working sheets) Hope some kindly soul could help me with this or send me to guides of how to do it
  6. Hello, I'm not sure it is an Alfred problem, but I don't know where to find a solution. When I try to write an email to a contact thanks to Alfred, Mail app doesn't open. I have a google url shortener extansion in Chrome and normally I can send directly the link by email, but again that doesn't work anymore. So I think it is a OSX issue, is somebody know how to fix this ? Thanks a lot,
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