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  1. Brief Instructions: 1. Import it. 2. Set snippet. 3. Use it with keyword to copy URI link to clipboard and paste where you want, or with snippet in your text editor. Support Applications: OmniOutliner,OmniFocus,Evernote(Chinese users: Yinxiang Biji),Mail,Finder, Safari Web Donwload: Web:huhesper/KW-URI-Everywhere Detail instructions: Web:URI Alfred Workflow Everywhere – Knowledge Work Tool
  2. Hey all. I used use Things 3 & miss the links to email messages or websites when creating a task. Justusing Apple reminders now and created the same feature with someone else's idea for Text Expander. The Applescript I'm using is here: MacSparky AppleScript to Mail.app message I added a simple workflow to make this work and it's perfect with a hotkey but I saw a prompt saying this featured would be disabled and I need to contact the developer. I didn't capture the warning message, sorry. As a novice with these scripts, is this an Apple AppleScript issue moving forward, Alfred interaction with macOS or something I don't understand? Thanks
  3. An easy way to send eBooks from your computer to your Kindle email address. Just select it in Finder and trigger the workflow. Features - Integrates with Mail (default) and Mailplane 3. - Choose which account to send with. - Can convert EPUB to Mobi (with Calibre installed). Configuration Before you use the workflow, enter your settings (Kindle address, conversion toggle, etc.) in the Run Script element. Usage Select a file in Finder and trigger the workflow: - Keyword "send" - Configurable hotkey. - Alfred file action menu. >>> DOWNLOAD v1.0 <<<
  4. I am currently using the latest buld of A4, along with the latest release of Catalina on my Macbook Pro. When i enter in the keyword to search for emails in Apple Mail, Alfred always shows only my fallback search options. I have taken the following steps to troublesheoot: - Deleted and reinstalled the workflow - Made sure i am on the latest release of Alfred and MacOS - Granted Full Disk Accesst o Alfred in the security settings - Double checked that my emails are showing up in spotlight search - Enabled 'search all file types' in Alfred ettings - Confirmed that the workflow is searching in the correct folder where my emails are saved When i head over to System Preference > Security and Privacy > Automation, I can see that Alfred has requested access to other applications such as Evernote, Fantastical, Music, System Events etc, but there is no mention of Mail or Notes on this preference pane. Could this be causing some issue? I am also having this very same issue when trying to search for my saved notes in Apple Notes. I was facing this issue in Alfred 3 on Mojave as well. I am not facing any issues with any other Workflows - I have various other workflows installed which are all working absolutely perfectly. Will greatly appreciate any spport on this.
  5. I've gone through all the troubleshooting of Alfred and Catalina and it won't search my email, even with the powerpack and the mail workflow installed. I bought Alfred mostly for one purpose -- searching my mail, because Apple's search tools do such a poor job. I rebuilt the index, etc., etc. All I get when I put in em "search words" is Google, etc, etc. -- never mail.
  6. Introducing Mail Actions Go crazy minimal with Mail.app and still stay functional thanks to the power of Alfred 2 Workflows. See it in Action here Features Use Alfred to: Navigate Mailboxes from Alfred. Drill down to the Mailbox you want and action the result. Move/Copy selected emails with Alfred. Type a few keywords to choose the desired folder. ↩ to move, ⌥+↩ to copy. Optimisations In order to limit the overhead of always having to query and generate a list of all Mailboxes, the workflow store the information in a plist file that is updated every 7 days. The file is located at: ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/Workflow Data/com.palobo.mailactions/mbCache.plist Installation Download and import or alternatively use AlfPT. Usage Keywords mm - Move the selected messages to the chosen folder; mm - With ⌥ as modifier copies the messages rather than moving mg - Go To the chosen folder. mgu - Show list of mailboxes with unread messages minfo - Choose to view either Info & Usage or Change Log. Tries to use Marked otherwise it will use your default app for .md files. Hotkeys ⇧⌘A - Toggle script to Move/Copy messages ⇧⌘Z - Toggle script to Go To Mailbox; ⇧⌘R - Mark every unread message in current mailbox as read; ⇧⌘D - Delete every message in current mailbox!! (USe with caution) ⌘U - Show list of mailboxes with unread messages Todo Implement an action to update the cache on demand; Add history feature, showing list of last X used mailboxes for quick access; Filter list of mailboxes with unread mail; Integrate other useful workflows such as send to evernote/taskpaper etc.; Changelog 23-04-2013FIXED: Code optimisation by Carlos-SZ. Results are now limited to 20 mailboxes at a time. XML Encoding has also been optimised (Initial work by Carlos-Sz, improved by Ursan Razvan). 04-02-2013FIXED: Unread count was getting stored with folder list and not being updated on each run; NEW: Hotkey to mark all messages (unread messages in current mailbox) as read; NEW: Hotkey to delete every message in current mailbox (useful for me anyway) NEW: Keyword/Hotkey to show list of mailboxes with unread messages 03-02-2013Now shows unread count next to mailboxes that have unread emails. 29-01-2013Added Support for Local Mailboxes Added a new Action to view Info & Usage or Change Log 28-01-2013Fixed small encoding bug where special characters weren't encoded thus forming invalid XML. 27-01-2013Fixed wrong information in the Go To action (Thanks CarlosNZ); Uploaded to AlfPT (Forgot to do that initially)
  7. I like to be able to link to my mail. Apple gives you a way to do this, but you have to open the raw message to get the messageid. I finally decided to create a workflow that would allow you to get the message id's of selected mail, format them and put them into the clipboard. The workflow works like as such. Select message or messages in Mac Mail app. Open Alfred and type mailurl. optionally type a format html or markdown (md). If no format is selected html is assumed. Paste messages into markdown or html sensitive application. It is probably worth noting that this is useful in a variety of situations. I use it to link email messages in Things, DayOne, and Calendar. It is great to be able to reference the email the todo, calendar event, or log entry that created it. You can download the binary at Copy Mail URL. The repository is located at bitucket. Fork me or file a bug report! **Updates** 2014-03-24 06:03AM: I now have a blog entry detailing how this works. With screen shots!
  8. I've seen several workflows that do things like autocomplete tags, or folders, or something else. I'm wondering if there is a way to autocomplete mailboxes in mail.app? My use case would be a keyword to move a mail message, allowing the user to start typing the desired mailbox with the workflow providing matches. Any ideas?
  9. Apologies for what is a pretty basic question for most people in this forum, but does anybody know how to click a menu item that contains quotation marks? More specifically, in the Mail app, I would like to take one of my mailboxes offline (as opposed to taking them all offline). However, the menu items include quotation marks around the name of each mailbox. For example, from the menu's hierarchy, the menu might look something like the following: Mailbox Online Status Take "GMAIL" Offline Take "AOL" Offline Take "Hotmail" Offline Take "Prodigy" Offline Under this setup, what should my applescript look like if I wanted to click the GMAIL option? I've tried the following code below, but it doesn't work. if application "Mail" is running then activate application "Mail" tell application "System Events" tell process "Mail" click menu item "Take \"GMAIL\" Offline" of menu 1 of menu item "Online Status" of menu 1 of menu bar item "Mailbox" of menu bar 1 end tell end tell else display notification "To take a mailbox offline, Mail must be open." with title "Mail - Not Open" end if I suspect I screwed up how to deal with quotation marks in the string, but I can't seem to figure it out. I've tried adding more slashes and moving them around, but I haven't had any luck. I'm a newbie, so thanks for any help you can lend!!
  10. This workflows enables Alfred to find a temporary inbox in Mailinator by just typing the name of the inbox you want to open. How it works Use keyword Nator and press enter Type the inbox name you want to search (e.g. 'thisalfredtest') You´ll be redirected to the mailbox in Mailinator with the query you typed. >>> Download from Github <<<
  11. Hello, has someone already made a workflow for a Disposable Temporary E-Mail Address Service like https://www.guerrillamail.com/ ? I wanted to make something for Guerrilla and read the API Guide on https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Qw5KQP1j57BPTDmms5nspe-QAjNEsNg8cQHpAAycYNM/edit?hl=en&pref=2&pli=1but i don't know where to start and think i am not familiar with Alfreds Workflows.
  12. Hello, Here's a simple workflow to create a new blank email using hotkey. I personnaly set it to CMD+Shift+M and here's a link to it: http://db.tt/FS7510mg Let me know if this is of any help to you. Cheers.
  13. Keyword: allread Download Thanks to David Ferguson for coding the script. Original thread.
  14. Hi I'm new on here but have used alfred for a few years now. I notice I spend a lot of time opening Mail.app and searching for a particular contact so I can see all emails to/from. I have tried tinkering with workflows, but for the life of me cannot seem to get a grip on how it all works (*I am in awe of people who make such excellent ones). Can someone help make a workflow that does this: Finds contact > Opens mail app > inputs contact name into the search box. I will be your Alfred-BFF-4ever, and think of you kindly every time I do a mail search. :-) Thanks. -G
  15. I recently use a lot the function to send an image via mail. I've set up mail app to disable inline attachment like this: defaults write com.apple.mail DisableInlineAttachmentViewing -bool yes Mail preview seems right: But this is what I receive in outlook on windows: Just a shitty Icon-like Preview: The thing ist, when I add the image directly in mail via "add attachment" button. It works fine and I receive the image in outlook as a real attachment. How can I tell Alfred to do exactly the same as when I would make it in mail-app? Thanks for your help! Cheers Tommy
  16. Is it possible to modify the Search Mail workflow to open in the parent Mail window when I click on a result rather than opening in a new window? I found the custom trigger for it (awesome!) but having to close the additional mail window it opens in adds a big step to my routine (I do hundreds of mail searches a day). Sorry if this is a noob question, but I am an Alfred noob I searched the forum and could not find anything on this. Loving it so far! Boutwell
  17. Is it possible to create alfred worklfow that will display flagged messages in Apple mail ? Thanks.
  18. I'm new to Alfred this week, I love it so far! One thing I'm missing from Spotlight is the file searches displaying Reminders.app, Calendar.app, Mail.app, Messages.app, etc search results. I'd like to see these supported and integrated by default in Alfred, then it will be a total spotlight killer. I've found a workflow for Mail.app (by Vero), and I'm using a simple Reminders workflow, but I'm still looking for a satisfactory Calendar and Messages search function. I haven't found a way to search Calendar yet. With messages some integration of iMessage into the Alfred contacts would be ace, the problem with iMessage is they have emails & phones, and these already do something else in Alfred! (I've currently directed all phone numbers to Skype).
  19. Hi I'm wondering if it's possible to create a simple workflow to do nothing more than search a folder on the Mac for email (i'm using Airmail and i suppose it's downloading whatever email to a folder on the harddrive?) There's a workflow lying around on the forums which is supposed to do a search. It does that by activating the actual app and do a search query but i can't get it to work. It's not the primary function of the workflow either. What i'd want is this; <keyword> <string> and Alfred would show me inline results of all emails including my search and if i hit enter Alfred would open that specific email or the complete conversation. Does it make sense? If you're even reading this, thanks a lot!
  20. Using Alfred's email <contact> command opens a separate email composition window rather than bringing up the email composition overlay in full screen view. Although I'm currently running Mavericks DP6 I believe that this happens in Mountain Lion too. Similarly, when running on Mavericks it'd be neat to have Alfred open new Finder tabs rather than separate windows (especially while Finder's in fullscreen mode) when responding to commands. Is there any way of making Alfred behave in this way, or should I post a feature request? Mavericks is still in beta, I know, but I thought I'd mention this anyway.
  21. I had built a useful workflow where I could type a specific code followed by arbitrary text and that text would be mailed to an email address associated with the code. This makes it really easy to send a quick message to someone without actually having to switch contexts to the email program. I'm essentially invoking command line email via a shell script to do this. However, it only works for the three or four names that I have predefined in separate workflows. I was looking at how you can invoke the email program by selecting someone's name from contacts and I'm wondering how I could select a contact but explicitly invoke my own command line email, so that I could use my shell script to send a quick email to an arbitrary person
  22. Hi, Can you help me creating a few workflows for: 1) Start a call with FaceTime 2) create a new note 3) create a new reminder 4) Create a new event in calendar 5) search for in Game Center 6) Search for an email 7) open photo booth in photo mode 8) open photo booth in video mode Thanks, Tecnoborder
  23. What? Lets you send emails to multiple persons, including CC. You can either use your default email client or web based gmail Download HERE (Current version 1.4) Changelog (May1, 2013: Updated version 1.4: You can now either use 'memail' to use your default client, or 'memailg' to send the mail via the web based version of Gmail) (Apr 30 2013: Updated version 1.3: Changed workflow to work even if your address book is stored in iCloud. Thanks to Kerry Dawson for patiently testing this) (Updated: version 1.2: Changed keyword to 'memail' to avoid confusion. Fixed bugs, allowed CC option. For CC, just hit "/" and all emails after that will be in cc) How? Alfred has an excellent "email" keyword that lets you enter names and it autocompletes them from your address book - and then you can send emails. However, it only supports sending emails to one id - you can't enter multiple names. Enter this workflow: You have two options - you can type in "memail" to send emails via your default email client or "memailg" to send emails via web based gmail. Type in "memail" or "memailg" and start entering the name - it will resolve via address book - then type a comma and keep entering more names. When done, select the action to send emails to all the ids. Basically, as you type names, you will see options in a list below - just scroll to the right name and hit tab to continue selecting more names (don't hit enter if you want to type more names, as typing enter means you are done). To copy the names to your clipboard instead of composing an email right away, hit Cmd+Enter at the end. Two keywords: (memail or memailg) The workflow will start searching your Contacts only after you enter at least 4 characters Example of matching entries: Example of multiple emails including CC (for CC hit / and continue with names) Feel free to extend it and if you do, please share back with me. Purchasing information Just kidding. It's free. But thanks for reading upto here.
  24. Some introducing words: Sorry for my bad english. I made this as an extension for Alfred 1 about 3 years ago. It is a very complex extension, completely implemented with Applescript. So, it's way to much code for his functionality and often there are not very beautiful solutions. But I made this to learn Applescript and checkout the possibilities. I made an Workflow for Alfred 2 out of the extension, but some functions like the detailed growl notifications do not work anymore. But the main features still work. I have no plans to change anything on the workflow or in the code itself (but never say never). There will be many ways, to do it better. Feel Free to use the Idea and the code, to make a better workflow out of this. The Workflow: Quickmail offers the possibility to write emails straight from Alfred. You can define a subject, attach files, choose your Email-account, use the nicknames from address book for the recipients & much more. Besides you can use Quickmail to read new unread messages in a dialog without opening the mail app. You can also reply from this dialog. You have to make some definitions in the code, to make quickmail run. It is not very difficult (I made some comments on the relevant positions), but if it is the first time you see code, it will take some time to understand. You can do a lot of customization in the code. Quickmail supports multiple languages like english, german, french, spanish, italian. But most of them on a Google Translator level. But it is easy to correct the mistakes in the code, because all texts depending on the language are listed in a special part of the code. How to use: Attention: the examples will work with the default settings for characters, if you change them, you have to use the new ones of course. Simple Message: qm example@example.com*A subject*A message Message to predefined contact (you can define in the script code or in Adressbook (nickname) e.g. with shortcut "anna"): qm anna*A subject*A message Formating message with returns: qm example@example.com*A subject*Hi there,> this is a message>>sincerely,>your friend Add an attachment (attachment is the selected item or items in finder): qm anna*A subject*A message*# Send from a specific account, not standard-account (you can define in the script code e.g. "work"): qm anna*A subject*A message*work Send from specific account & add attachment: qm anna*A subject*A message*#*work Message without subject (quickmail generates from message or uses a predefined subject you can define in the script code): qm anna**A message Further you can use Read&Reply-Mode (This Mode shows you an unread message with the possibility of quick reply in a dialog): qm r --> quick reply messages can be formated too. Use Symbol: > Tip: It is extremly usefull to use the Alfred Large Type feature (Appearance-->Large Type) to check your text before sending. Screenshots: Download: From my Dropbox
  25. FastMailx Send an email to a preset address in a single command. Uses OS X's mailx command line util, so it's extremely lightweight and quick. Example: ..To do today/Stop hacking on workflows and do the laundry sends an email to my personal address as defined in the script's MAILTO variable: To: <my address> Subject: To do today Stop hacking on workflows and do the laundry I'm brand-new to Alfred and very rusty in my UNIX skills, so please: be gentle I'm unlikely to maintain or extend this, but others are welcome to. Installation You MUST enable Postfix to make this work! Instructions for Mountain Lion with Gmail are here: http://benjaminrojas.net/configuring-postfix-to-send-mail-from-mac-os-x-mountain-lion/ Download from http://feen.com/alfred/ Import and edit MAILTO in the script to set the destination address. Keywords ..subject /body - Send a message to MAILTO with subject and body separated by a slash ( / ). Known issues Doesn't handle errors; if you don't set your MAILTO address, the command will silently fail. No input validation. It's pretty crappy. I have no idea what I'm doing. A slash may be a lousy field separator; feel free to change the IFS variable to something better. Unforeseen consequences are unforeseen. Could go berzerk and destroy everything you love. Use at your own risk. Changelog 2013-05-08: Initial release.
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