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Found 7 results

  1. I liked a workflow I downloaded called Advanced Google Maps Search I would like to re-build it to work on Apple Maps I am not a coder and would like to know if something other would like and if there is someone who can direct on how to do it? Thanks
  2. Allows you to open any address in the Apple Maps application. Basically anything you can enter anything you would enter in the Maps query filed. You can also enter directions between two destinations be simply connecting the two locations with the word "to." For example, to get directions you would type "map los angeles to new york." To get a specific address you would simply type "map buckingham palace" Click here to download.
  3. I'm not a developer, but I have an idea for a workflow if anyone is interested. I find that Google Maps has the best information for phone numbers, hours of operation, and addresses. I'd love to be able to pull up that kind of data within Alfred. If anyone wants to tackle this, would be much obliged!
  4. Quick little Contact Action workflow that will allow you to select a contact's address in the Alfred Contact Viewer and see that address in the Apple Maps app. Download You will have to add the custom action. Use the screenshots below to guide you through setting up the contact action.. After the action is set up.. when viewing a contact in the Alfred Contact Viewer, you should be able to select the Contact's address and view it in the Apple Maps application.
  5. I have a little request with the newest version of Alfred that includes support for Apple Maps. It seems like the ability to do directions in Apple Maps was overlooked in adding support for it. In other words if I type "maps los angeles to new york" instead of getting directions, I get "no results found" when using built in Maps support. I previously published a workflow for Apple Maps (posted to the forum here) that can handle a single location or directions and it's pretty simple. Any chance this issue could be fixed in the next Alfred release?
  6. When you type in "Maps" The icon shows the default google icon. google icon Maps would look much better using the actual google maps icon google maps icon
  7. Any workflows out there that that could map directions using say, google or bing maps with from, to and via operators? Google Earth? Would be great to take to next level by say, using rome2rio.com where transport etc. become part of the picture. eg "From Milan to Charleston via London on April 20 2013" (rome2rio lists flights, trains, buses etc.) With Alfred as a front-ens....zounds!!
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