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Found 3 results

  1. Sorry @Andrew for asking you directly, but I think you're the only one that really know the answer since you're the one implementing it... I've been testing/using the new Match Mode of the Script Filters and I thought that when you said word boundaries that would mean word separated by white spaces. However, from testing this seems to be only true for word delimited by spaces. So, any other white spaces directly in front of a word (newline '\n' or tab '\t') would make this word to never match... At the moment I'm modifying the string before setting the 'match' item of the JSON to replace '\n' and '\t' with space, but I was wondering if this was your intention to only allow spaces to delimit words ? Here is a workflow to show you an example. Filter the results with the word 'match' [wbf match] and you will see that not all items are kept: https://nofile.io/f/sx6xst0g3RC/Example-Word+Boundary+Filtering.alfredworkflow I'm repeating myself, but thanks for this addition in Alfred! Best!
  2. Hi everyone! Introducing Regex. http://code.instructorium.com/regex/ Copy any text on your computer. Fire up Alfred and type your search-and-replace regular expression. That's it! Other Features: 1. There is a "quoted" mode (sq) for people less familiar with regex, or simply for convenience. It disables all escaping, interpolation, and regex features. It is a plain-old search and replace. 2. You can save regexs you use often under a name, then execute them by name whenever you want! 3. coming soon: match previews The download link is on my website, which also has more thorough explanations: http://code.instructorium.com/regex/ Please contact me with feature requests or (hopefully not) bugs. You can leave comments here or on my website. Thanks!
  3. Currently, Alfred's file buffer uses a set icon size instead of matching the size of result icons. For the visually impaired (or just plain picky, like me ) user where a larger icon is needed, a dynamic size may be better. Finally, for a buffer containing more icons than Alfred is wide: the latest icon should align right, and the icon at the farthest left should be gradually faded out, to indicate there are more behind it. An ellipsis of sorts. Currently, the only way I know Alfred has more files in his buffer is because of the whitespace at the far right, a result of the buffer matching my window width. Cheers
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