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Found 2 results

  1. Memeflow gives you access to a preset list os memes. Customizing By default, the workflow comes with some popular memes, but if you want, you can add yours just creating a .memes file at your home folder with the following format: [ { "title": "Guarana turtle", "image": "http://i.imgur.com/yYgDYHy.png" }, { "title": "Magical unicorn", "image": "http://i.imgur.com/3eluNZ5.jpg" }, { "title": "Bear thief", "image": "http://i.imgur.com/ZvZYNFP.gif" } ] Listing all memes Typing meme will return all memes: Searching by meme title Typing meme <query> will return only the memes that matches with the query: Download Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 And please, let me know if you guys find any bug running that. Hope you enjoy it!
  2. Hi Everyone! After some time not being able to find any good way of searching for memes and pasting them into anything from MacOS, I've decided to create memepaste. It's super simple, just searches for files within your ~/meme folder and pastes it wherever you want! Here's the github page: https://github.com/gcarrarom/memepaste Releases Page: https://github.com/gcarrarom/memepaste/releases Requirements To get memepaste to work, you will need impbcopy into your /usr/local/bin/ folder. Installing impbcopy This is a good old tool that was created by Alec Jacobson, definitely recommend checking it out from his blog post here You can follow his blog post to install his tool or use the script I provide in this repo, completely up to you! To install impbcopy using my script, just run this command: $(curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/gcarrarom/memepaste/master/install_pbcopy.sh) Or download the script and run it locally: curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/gcarrarom/memepaste/master/install_pbcopy.sh --output install_pbcopy.sh chmod +x ./install_pbcopy ./install_pbcopy.sh FAQ "How do I add memes to this?" Just add your memes to your ~/meme folder! It's as simple as that! Make sure to also give a descriptive name to your file, you're going to be searching for memes using it. "why can't you use pbcopy?!?" I'm glad you've asked! If you have ever tried to use pbcopy for images, it's going to reference the file itself on your clipboard and it won't paste it as an image into the chats/documents/<insertYourApplicationHere>. "Where are my memes?!!?" Don't worry, if you don't see anything after typing meme on alfred, that's expected! This workflow uses the regular file filter from Alfred, nothing fancy. Just type something that should be in the file name of your meme. Just make sure it's in the ~/meme folder!
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