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Found 6 results

  1. [I'm sure this has been addressed before, but with keywords like "menu" and "launch", it's hard to search.] I'm trying to design a launcher that will open apps from a menu choice, much like some Siri Shortcuts I have designed. An example might be: A hotkey triggers a Games menu. A selection from the games menu will open the specific game. Another hotkey would open a Utilities menu. Again, the selection from that menu would open the specific utility. And so on... I've been using Alfred for a very long time, but just have never gone into workflows. I'm sure this is simple, but I'm not clear on how to do it. Your help is appreciated. Tony
  2. Keylue (Key Clue): Alfred 2 Workflow for Menu Bar and Keyboard Maestro Hot Key Search It is like KeyCue which helps you memorize or quickly launch hot keys. But it is still too much to pinpoint a shortcut from a 50+ entries with your eyeball. This workflow gives the freedom to search and filter the results and execute them from Alfred. Usage Just one keywords kc: Show menu items and Keyboard Maestro hot keys. Hit Enter to execute. The feedback results for each application are cached for speedy response. The cached results are reloaded if it is older than an hour. To refresh staled feedback, append ! after the keyword. For example, kc ! query. Installation You can download the Keylue.alfredworkflow and import to Alfred 2. This method is suitable for regular users. For more instruction, go to http://zhaocai.github.io/alfred2-keylue-workflow/ Reference - Menu Search - ctwise/menudump [KeyCue]: http://www.ergonis.com/products/keycue/
  3. The previously released menu search workflow has been universally panned due to the poor performance of the AppleScript that dumps menu contents. The caching of results worked very poorly as a stop-gap. So, I've re-written the menu extraction in Objective-C. It's much faster. The source is here: https://github.com/ctwise/alfred-workflows You can download the workflow directly from http://tedwi.se/u/db To recap, this workflow lets you trigger an application's menu's from Alfred. For example, if you're in iTerm and trigger Alfred, you can type 'm view' to get a list of all menu items with 'view' in the name or that belong to the 'view' menu. Selecting one of the entries triggers the corresponding menu entry in iTerm. In one sense it gives you a command-line to control your applications. The workflow has the beginnings of shortcut key display as well but it's currently disabled due to numerous bugs. Update: v1.3 - Provide error message when assistive devices isn't checked. v1.2 - Skip the Safari History and Bookmarks menus. They take too long. v1.1 - I fixed the bug with Alfred not remembering selections and added AlleyOop support. Download from the same link. Requires OS/X 10.7+. --- You need to turn on OS/X assistive device support to allow this workflow to operate. You can find the checkbox in Settings. The settings page looks very different in recent versions of OS/X but the wording for providing access for assistive devices is very similar no matter what OS/X version you're using. Here's an image of the settings from the latest version of Mountain Lion.
  4. This feels like it should be simple, but can I create an Alfred workflow to add a keyboard shortcut for a menu item in an application. For example, in the same way you can go into System Preferences under App Shortcuts and you can create a keyboard shortcut for a specific application by giving it a menu item name, can you do the same in an Alfred workflow? I know this should be simple but I've done some searches and haven't found an example to do this.
  5. I would love to have a similar function like the app Option+Space (Website). Search menu-items with Alfred.
  6. I have a script that searches an online file system. Currently, when I find the file I want and hit enter it just runs a script to open the URL of the document in the browser. However, I would like to now update it to give me a selection of actions I can take (e.g. copy url, open document, download document). I can't figure out how to create the secondary menu. I know that I could just create multiple scripts and assign them different modifier keys, but I would like to be able to visualize the list (not just have to remember the keys). Is there a way to create second menu?
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