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Found 9 results

  1. It's hard to read notifications... can the color of the notification content be made brighter?
  2. Finally here: Update your workflows with the Packal Updater. There is a longer explanation on the Packal page, so just check that one out, but I'll give you a short version here. The updater will upgrade any workflows that you have downloaded from Packal when an upgrade becomes available. It cannot upgrade any workflows that you did not download from Packal. When you launch it the first time, head over to the settings and configure how you want it to work. If you write workflows, then put in the name that you most often use. If you have a Packal account, put that name in there too. If you do those two things, then the updater won't try to upgrade your workflows. If there are workflows that you do not want to update if, say, you've modified them, then Blacklist them in the appropriate place, and the updater will ignore those workflows. If you're running Mavericks (or, theoretically, Yosemite), then you'll have access to a nifty little GUI. If you're not, then, well, you don't, but you can still configure and do everything from Alfred itself. See the animated screenshots below for a quick demo of both. Three other notes: (1) The Updater Workflow uses the Alfred Bundler, which has been receiving an overhaul. If you run into some trouble with it, then just go ahead and delete your bundler directory, and it will re-install itself. A newer version of the bundler should be coming out soon that will make some great fixes, but you needn't worry about that because the bundler will update itself. (2) The Updater can send information to Packal about what workflows you have installed, enabled, and downloaded from Packal. It'll try to do this once a week if you do not disable the feature. It is anonymous reporting in that there is no way for me to figure out who you are from the data. Here's the command that I use to generate your unique identifier: ioreg -rd1 -c IOPlatformExpertDevice | awk '/IOPlatformUUID/ { split($0, line, "\""); printf("%s\n", line[4]); }' If you just plug that into a terminal, then you'll probably see something akin to: . (3) The Updater keeps backups of the workflows you've updated, so, if anything breaks, just open the backups folder and double-click the most recent version of the workflow to restore. Anyway, go grab it from Packal, and start updating. (And, as always, I think I've removed all the bugs, but, as I release this into the wild, I expect to find more. Just report them here.) Lastly, the updater can update itself according to my tests. Cool, right? Demo — Packal "GUI" Demo — Packal Script Filter Interface
  3. I have updated my description of how I use Karabiner in combination with different workflows and keyboard maestro macros. I think it's insanely powerful in combination. Perhaps some will find this idea interesting and would like to implement something like that too on their machines, the only current requirement is being on El Captain as this software is being rewritten for Sierra still and is thus not compatible. The most amazing thing though is that there really is no longer a barrier to adding a new hotkey. I don't have to twist my hands. I don't have to try and remember the shortcuts as first, I use them daily, and secondly, I can map my hotkeys naturally into their appropriate sections. Ultimately I am always two keypresses away from everything that I can dream of doing. And if you don't find this idea interesting, you can just see what workflows I personally use and love and there are many of them. P.S. I hope it is okay that I share links to the workflows like that, if any author takes offence in how I present this information, I am willing to take down the links. I am also currently in process of trying to understand how to use either awgo or alfred-workflow library to write a goodreads and quora search with autosuggestions workflows so I hope I can share those some time later.
  4. I am really curious how do you guys take use of the file system navigation and actions built into Alfred? I just realised that I can 'right arrow' on any file and go to the file system action mode : But I am curious how can I better bring it to use for my own workflow. How do you guys use it, if you do use it at all?
  5. I am curious because just now I realised that I can map it to a single click of left shift with karabiner and it is amazing. Before it was on my right command with a single click too. I also use shift from the keyboard by holding down semicolon so I don't worry if I ever accidentally press shift while writing capital letter. Seriously, an alfred trigger on just the left shift is phenomenal. What are your guy's trigger for opening up Alfred?
  6. It can be tricky finding workflows on the forum, so I thought it'd be a good idea to have a list of those true gems you just can't live without to help other users get themselves some great new workflows. So let's hear about those four or five workflows that make a Mac feel broken when they're missing! Workflow authors: no pimping your own wares; if they're that good, someone else will mention them Here are mine: Dash by Bogdan Popescu. Search programming documentation with the Dash app. Couldn't code without it. So, so good. ssh by Robin Breathe (isometry). Open ssh connections without grubbing around in Terminal. MarkdownBulletin by Vítor. Convert Markdown to BBcode. Markdown rocks, BBcode sucks. Wrote this post (and all the others) with it. Chrome Bookmarks by Marat Dreizen. No more clicking around in Chrome's GUI, or trying to tell your bookmarks from your history in the URL bar. Application Chooser by Gabe Weatherhead. Search applications by tag. Don't use it often, but it's a true lifesaver when you can't remember the name of that app you rarely use but really, really need right now. As long as you remembered to tag it (which you will after the third time grubbing through /Applications looking for the darn app). Let's hear yours.
  7. (--- update: currently on version 1.05 -- download links all the same) So, I have a workflow problem in that I like to install them. Quite a few of them, and I can easily lose track of the commands for each of them. Hence, I present to you a tool that I needed for me: Alfred2 Workflows Help. Basically, this is a python script that will cycle through your workflows folder, process the info.plist files, and grab the hotkeys and commands from each of them. Then it will compile all of them into a Markdown file, and then show that file in a Quicklook window. Yes! Screenshot is below. Github Repository here: https://github.com/shawnrice/alfred2-workflow-help Download here: https://github.com/shawnrice/alfred2-workflow-help/raw/master/Command%20Help.alfredworkflow Currently, there is just one command: help. The file can take a few seconds to generate, and it is generated every time. This will change in a later version. --- Some notes: The main script (help.py) is written in python, and it's really my first venture into python, so the code might be laughable. I welcome collaboration and commits. I can give you access to the repo if you private message me. I do think that this workflow has a lot of potential. This is version 1.0, and there are many improvements to be made. It has Alleyoop support, so updating should be easy. Quirks and files included: This workflow displays the file generated through a debug mode of Quicklook (so that the focus doesn't need to switch to finder), so there will always be a "[debug]" message on the window. I've included a Quicklook Markdown generator in the workflow to make sure that it always displays correctly. There are some images that are included that are not currently used (these are in the "images" folder). They will be used to show the hotkeys later. ALP is included. Right now, only part of the library is used, so I might strip it down to make the workflow smaller. So, the size of the workflow is larger because of these things in there. --- Roadmap: Clean up the help.py code. Cache the generated file and update it only when the workflow folder changes. Make the display of the file nicer. Add in more images to the file. Display individual workflow helps (show the data for that workflow as well as the readme.md file). Have a better precedent to show either text or subtext for the command help. Try to figure out a way to describe arguments taken for different commands / hotkeys. Make it understand file actions better. Clean up the file/folder structure. Maybe some more... any ideas? Dependencies and Testing: Built on 10.8.3, but this should be compatible for all systems as the only dependencies are included in the workflow. Screenshot:
  8. Want to search for movie meta tags. (Not openmeta-style 'xattr' tags or Spotlight comments!) I use Tagger for tagging mp4 files. What can I do, Alfred (or Spotlight) show me the tags?
  9. In many workflows that I've downloaded, I've found that much of the metadata isn't included. It's fairly simple to write the few sentences that make the workflows more meaningful, but the most important one that I've seen is the bundleid, which is often left blank. While not absolutely necessary for the workflow to function on its own, the metadata can help other workflows that interact with the installed workflows in Alfred. Also, it does really help to fill in the website data. If you aren't using github or another page that has more information and lists some other workflows, then it might be best just to link to the forum post in which you release the workflow. Also, this request might just come out of a bit of OCD that I have.
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