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Found 3 results

  1. I made these for myself, I think its a good rescheme to the current macos version; decided to share with you guys. I originally uploaded it via the app, but I couldn't find it afterwards, so I'll put them here. Alfred Neue Dark Alfred Neue Light Enjoy! EDIT: I realised i forgot to change the shortcut text colour on the light theme, and I have updated accordingly.
  2. DigitalAttitude - minimal HUD a dark and minimal HUD style Alfred v2 Theme This simple theme is using only shades of black and white color for all background and text elements (20% - 85% opacity) and minimal border radius. The text is rendered using Helvetica, and the theme is available in two versions, one with a border (25% opacity) and one without (more margin, more minimlizm). Note: Try adding the blur hack, might look nice too! (the blur hack was not used/available while taking the screenshots) Border-Version V2.1 Download: http://bit.ly/1161pbj Non-Border-Version V2.2 Download: http://bit.ly/1162i3K I hope you like this theme as much as I do, Cheers, Dan
  3. nikipore

    New Book

    I really love mattlatmatt's Old Book theme for its reference to the typographic red/black style. I pay my respect to Matt by citing his interpretation first (what a head start!): A very few things I did change though: I don't like to mix fonts, so I had to take a single Font. I like it readable, so that font should be sans-serif. I chose to use Helvetica. I'd love to spend my life looking at Futura >100 times a day, cf. Pedros minimal theme. But I've got to get some work done, and Futura is not nearly as readable (save maybe the original one ;-) I like these red numbers so much that I made them bigger (more readable, lets me navigate to results faster, and removes the sterility which Helvetica carries along). I added a slight level of transparency and tuned brightness a little bit away from white. It looks like milky glass, so cool! A hint: Turn on Andrew's blurry hack. Wanted to share it before, but I only today learned how to embed screenshots via Droplr. So here it is, New Book:
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