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Found 5 results

  1. It would be awesome to have Alfred appear on all displays at the same time always. I currently have three displays and many times I need something from Alfred while looking at info from an "inactive" screen, after one second of thinking alfred didn't work, I realize that I have to look for it in my other monitors. Sure, if I open a file or website, it would open it in the active screen, but still, I would always see alfred appear in front of me.
  2. This Alfred workflow allows you to control your Moom app within Alfred 3. Moom: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/moom/id419330170?mt=12 Installation: 1) Create your Moom layout shortcuts. You must always have "shift" as your modifier key. 2) Add your Moom commands in the "List Filter" within the Alfred workflow, including just the letter inside the “Arg" section. Use instructions: 1) Open Alfred and type "layouts". You must have the window you wish to move as the active frontmost window. 2) Select one of the options and press Enter. - Your window will move to the selected position or monitor. Key features: - You can use this workflow to activate any keyboard shortcut defined in Moom. - Supports multiple monitors. Notes: - If you wish to change "shift" from being the modifier key you must modify the AppleScript. Download: * For Example images check the Github pdf Github: https://github.com/SteliosHa/Alfred_Moom_Interface Packal: http://www.packal.org/workflow/moom-window-layouts
  3. I have a new setup where I have 2 monitors and a laptop. In Alfred, I set up on Mouse screen and previously on Active screen. I'm wondering if there is a way to show up on all screens? Also, if I can get it on all screens can I mirror typing on all screens?
  4. I am working on 2 macs (macbook pro / mac mini (2 displays)). Thanks to synergy/teleport I can switch between the two computers quite easily. The problem is one of my 2 Macs, has 2 displays. In that case, switching from my macbook pro to the second display of the second mac is way more "painful". I have seen one window manager app that lets you do switch between any display/computers via a keyboard shortcut (but decided not to use/buy it for so many reasons. Main reasons are I found it not 100% reliable + you must buy a licence for every computer you use => more than 50$). Synergy has a feature that let you switch between computers (not displays) but I could not make this feature work. As of today. I would like to keep the number of applications I simultaneously use as low as possible. So, I thought Alfred might be of any help. If I only could move the mouse to the center of the display the application is opened/activated. I couldn't switch between computers but that would be way better than what I can do now. My trackpad and middle finger would thank you
  5. On Yosemite, the latest version of Alfred always opens on the primary screen, not the one that currently has focus. There are already many threads about this, but the advice is always to set the "Show Alfred on Active Screen" option under "Appearance > Options", but there is no such option on the latest version of Alfred.
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