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Found 8 results

  1. Press a shortcut to simulate a right click in the Finder and use the context without leaving the keyboard. A native alternative exists but suffers from a major flaw: it right-clicks where you cursor is, not what you’re selecting. This workflow (or gist, if you prefer it as a Service) addresses that limitation. Download | Source
  2. Hi, Does anyone know if there's an Alfred workflow to move the mouse to the active window. This would be very useful for my 3 monitor setup, as I can easily use the application switcher to get to desired window but it takes (what feels like ages) to get the mouse there. My google searches are polluted by "focus-follows-mouse" content... which is the opposite of what I'm looking for! I also see a bunch of options for Windows users through AutoHotKey scripts, so I know that this is a commonly desired functionality. So, has anyone made this for Alfred? If not, is it possible and what tools and resources are available for it? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi, I'm using BTT to map Ctrl+J and Ctrl+K to up/down arrow keys and also my control is now mapped to caps lock using Karabiner elements. So this way when I'm typing in the search filed of Alfred I can easily hold caps lock + J or K to move up and down on search results without having to use arrow keys that are kinda farther from where my hands are. This does work in Alfred unless the mouse cursor is not inside the Alfred window otherwise mouse cursor will override my arrow key movements and after releasing any keys, selection will jump back immediately to where the mouse cursor is. I know mouse cursor is not intervening with the normal arrow keys but is there any way to disable the mouse when any key is pressed? Or at least mouse position should be ignored if any key is pressed right?
  4. Hey guys is there a mouse click in the workflow when launch the app, I have jnlp which i open in the workflow but when it starts it requires to click 'Continue' button. Can i implement that click via workflow, also after that it requires to type a password, can I remember a password in workflow and insert it in the app menu ad then hit 'Enter'? I am attaching 2 screenshots to show what i am trying to achieve. Thank you.
  5. Hi, is it possible to set magic mouse gesture (e.g. 2/3 finger tap, etc) as a trigger for workflows? I'm currently using bettertouchtool/magicperfs to achieve that but would like to incorporate that function into alfred (e.g. three finger tap -> to simulate middle click for browsers:open in new tab/close tab).
  6. Hello everyone, I am often working with a secondary monitor. But it is really tedious to drag the cursor with the trackpad all the way to the other screen every time i want to do something on the other screen. Is it possible to write a script which can be activated via shortcut to automatically switch the cursor position to the middle of the other screen every time it is activated? Best regards
  7. Hi, i'm using OSX 10.9.2 i'm using Alfred v2 (243) My Problem is that after some time Alfred can't find 'Mouse' any longer. I was able to fix the Problem by 'Rebuilding the OSX Metadata', a few weeks later Alfred again is unable to find 'Mouse'. Clearing the 'Application Cache' didn't help in any way. The strange thing is that all other prefPanes can still be found 'Keyboard', 'Notifications' and so on... Thanks, Jonas
  8. Ddyracer

    Icy Blue

    Link to Theme Inspired by Glaciers
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