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Found 3 results

  1. This was going to be a feature request, but I thought others might have a different approach to solving this problem. I have a lot of subdirectories with the same generic name (like "images"), so being able to pass a little bit of the path when I'm using "Move To..." would remove the need to squint at the parent directories to find the one I want. Like if I had: 1. "~/Project/images" 2. ".../Documents/images" 3. "/Users/BeefBurger/Other/images" I could type "Documents/im" in the "Move To.." pane and it would display option 2. Let's do it picture book style: FILE SEARCH: SELECT "MOVE TO...": SEARCH WITH PATH: (I used MAMP because file searching is actually surprisingly revealing...) I hope I've explained the issue well enough. Let me know if there's another method of acheiving the same kind of thing.
  2. Is it possible to move files to a remote server when my Mac is connected to said server? I connect to my office's server (Command+K) routinely, and while it's connected I can access it like any other drive on my Mac, but Alfred doesnt seem to allow me to navigate through the server's files. Specifically I'd love to be able to copy local files to that server for backup purposes. Is this possible? or are servers just beyond the reach of Alfred?
  3. I was happily cleaning up my "Downloads" folder using (1) cmd+alt+\ and (2) move to, moving the files and folders to an external disk. This was working great. Then I tried to do the same thing moving files from one external disk to another. No "move finished sound". No files moved either. I added the other drive to the searchable directories of Alfred, but to no avail. Does anyone know whether this is not possible, if I need to change some setting, or whether this is a bug? Thanks!
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