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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, if I perform the "Move to..." file action on a file on my internal Mac SSD (on Desktop for example) and try to move it to an external drive Alfred is coping the file instead of moving it. I discussed the issue here: https://www.alfredforum.com/topic/11442-move-file-action-is-always-copying-instead-of-moving/ And the only other mention of this problem I could find is from 2013/2014: https://www.alfredforum.com/topic/1331-move-file-not-always-working/ As I understand, Alfred is using the Finder to move files and the default Finder function is copy if the destination is on an other drive/partition as the source file. This is an explanation but still the action is named "Move to..." not "Sometimes move sometimes copy to..." so I think this is a bug/behaviour that should be fixed. What you were doing when the issue happened Trying to move a file from Desktop to external drive Whether you were able to replicate it a second time by performing the same action Every single time Include any screenshots that might help us - Include the Alfred version & build number you are using Alfred v3.6.1 [910] with Powerpack Include your OS X version Macbook Air with Sierra 10.12.6 and Macbook Pro with High Sierra 10.13.3
  2. Dear Forum, I'm totally new to Alfred (at least to its workflow tools). Nevertheless I want to try to develop a workflow that allows me to copy/move files to external volumes in our company network. I know that there are the "move to ..." and the "copy to ..." commands already implemented in the Alfred software, but I find that this only really works well when I want to move to / copy to a location on my hard disk or an USB-linked drive. smb-mounted server volumes are not being found by Alfred yet. What I would like to achieve now is that I can enter a short command like e.g. "copy to server volume x" and then afterwards have the possibility to specify at least two existing subfolders on the volume, via typing their names and then my file is being sent to this location. Beyond that it would be cool if the workflow also mounts the adressed network volume if it is not yet mounted. (But this would be 2nd prio) It would be great if someone could give me a hint, where I can maybe find an already existing workflow that I can try to modify or at least a hint which objects would be helpful for my task or if there are maybe other scripts, that I could modify and adress via Alfred. Of course I am no coder at all but what irritated me a tiny little bit was that there are no objects for moving or copying things around in the Alfred workflow objects. I guess I not really understood the whole architecture of the Alfred workflow section yet. So if somebody had a link for a tutorial that might help me to better understand the basic concept, that might also be helpful to me. Thanks & all the best, Michael P.S.: What I already achieved is an automator script that I could adress via Alfred. But my outcome is not very flexible as I can only start the script without entering further variables for the selection of the destination. I would then have to create an automator script for each of the volumes I would want to move something to.
  3. Hi! So, here I am again with another question regarding Spotlight comments... I had a little issue with Spotlight comments after switching from Alfred 1 to Alfred 2, but those were resolved with build 2.0.2 (180) - thanks again to Andrew for the instant fix! Now Alfred 2 finds all my files, apps and folders with the corresponding Spotlight comment when I do a regular search. But there's one thing that doesn't work for me - I can't get Alfred 2 to recognize Spotlight comments in the "move to..." actions menu. To be more specific: All my folders have Spotlight comments (abbreviations mostly, like "ss" for "screenshots" and so on) and with Alfred 1 I was able to do the following: in Alfred's actions menu I would choose "move to..." and then type "ss" into the search field. Alfred 1 would present me the correct folder ("screenshots") instantly and I could move the file to that folder. Alfred 2 on the other hand doesn't recognize any Spotlight comments in the "move to..." actions menu, he has no idea what I want when I type "ss" (or another Spotlight comment). I don't know if this is a bug or if it's expected behavior in Alfred 2 - but it would be totally awesome if that version 1 feature could be brought back to Alfred Of course I know this is not something that belongs on the "high priority"-list, most folks will probably never use a Spotlight comment in the "move to..." menu. But I still wanted to mention it here because I always thought it's a really useful feature. Thanks and cheers, Anna OS X 10.8.3 Alfred v2.0.3 (187)
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