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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, I don't use Alfred currently to manage my clipboard (I use the app Paste) for one single reason : In Paste, I can select multiple results (with the shift key) to paste all the results at the same time, which seems to be impossible in Alfred. Is there any solution to do that in Alfred, or is it planned in a future release ? This topic is about the clipboard, but I have exactly the same issue with Chrome bookmarks results in Alfred : I would like to be able to select more than one result to open the selection in several tabs (my workaround today is to create workflows, but it would be way more efficient to just be able to select multiple results for your search, like selecting multiple files in Finder). Anyway, thanks for this great app that I use everyday. Edit : Added a video
  2. For advanced workflows it would be nice to be able to specify *combinations* of modifier keys when specifying action modifiers for workflow connections. For instance, allow an action modifier based on holding down *both* the Option and the Shift key. (I know there's potential for conflict with global hotkeys, such as Cmd-Opt-Return for the iTunes mini player.) Currently (Alfred 2.0.3), you're limited to a single modifier key.
  3. I would like to suggest one of these two features: 1. Multiple Keywords for Snippets and Workflows Just as the headline says: Multiple keywords for snippets and workflows would be a nice possibility to defeat our habits when it means to finding the right word to access the wished snippet or workflow. I think we all already had the situation where we tried 3 or 4 keywords and then gived up to look how that damn keyword for the workflow was called. If we could add more keywords to snippets and workflows, it would make the bad times, less bad. 2. Option to turn on/off the case sensitive on Keywords Please add an option to turn this damn case sensitive keyword detection off. Yes, it is more precise if I say you only have to toggle when I write it exactly like "tHiS". But sometimes it is just annoying that the keyword auto insertion don't toggles because you wrote on letter in the wrong case. But talk about an option here, like a check-dialog-field in the snippet-editor. Not all keywords should are able to ignore case sensitive, the user should exactly set what he wonts to trigger on case sensitive and what, without. Example: If I would make a Internet-Signature-Snippet for fourms the signature for the Internet would be've the keyword-string "signet". Sounds good, but if the case sensitive option would be just a global one, instead for each keyword for itself. The problem would be that "Signet" is already a word in my language what I wouldn't like to trigger an event when starting with a capittal letter.
  4. I have a new setup where I have 2 monitors and a laptop. In Alfred, I set up on Mouse screen and previously on Active screen. I'm wondering if there is a way to show up on all screens? Also, if I can get it on all screens can I mirror typing on all screens?
  5. On Yosemite, the latest version of Alfred always opens on the primary screen, not the one that currently has focus. There are already many threads about this, but the advice is always to set the "Show Alfred on Active Screen" option under "Appearance > Options", but there is no such option on the latest version of Alfred.
  6. What? Lets you send emails to multiple persons, including CC. You can either use your default email client or web based gmail Download HERE (Current version 1.4) Changelog (May1, 2013: Updated version 1.4: You can now either use 'memail' to use your default client, or 'memailg' to send the mail via the web based version of Gmail) (Apr 30 2013: Updated version 1.3: Changed workflow to work even if your address book is stored in iCloud. Thanks to Kerry Dawson for patiently testing this) (Updated: version 1.2: Changed keyword to 'memail' to avoid confusion. Fixed bugs, allowed CC option. For CC, just hit "/" and all emails after that will be in cc) How? Alfred has an excellent "email" keyword that lets you enter names and it autocompletes them from your address book - and then you can send emails. However, it only supports sending emails to one id - you can't enter multiple names. Enter this workflow: You have two options - you can type in "memail" to send emails via your default email client or "memailg" to send emails via web based gmail. Type in "memail" or "memailg" and start entering the name - it will resolve via address book - then type a comma and keep entering more names. When done, select the action to send emails to all the ids. Basically, as you type names, you will see options in a list below - just scroll to the right name and hit tab to continue selecting more names (don't hit enter if you want to type more names, as typing enter means you are done). To copy the names to your clipboard instead of composing an email right away, hit Cmd+Enter at the end. Two keywords: (memail or memailg) The workflow will start searching your Contacts only after you enter at least 4 characters Example of matching entries: Example of multiple emails including CC (for CC hit / and continue with names) Feel free to extend it and if you do, please share back with me. Purchasing information Just kidding. It's free. But thanks for reading upto here.
  7. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? I cannot figure out why Alfred will not switch between my mac desktop screens. Example: I have spotify and mail in one screen, then I have chrome in another, and photoshop in another. Say I am in screen 3 (using photoshop) and I pull up Alfred and type spotify and hit enter - It does not move me to that first screen where spotify is. Is there a fix?
  8. Is it possible to provided multiple parameters to a workflow? I tries {query0} {query1} / {query1} {query2} neither of the above worked. And if we give {query} {query} they both are the same values, so should I be passing it to a shell script and then work out the logic there and then invoke my operations accordingly?
  9. It would be much faster (and very cool ) to Shift-[up/down] to highlight several successive files at once instead of hitting Alt-up for each file. It would use the same shortcuts as those for a single file, except it acts like a file buffer; or all the highlighted files could be added to the buffer with a single Alt-up.
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