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  1. alfred-spotify-mini-player.com Find all information on dedicated website: alfred-spotify-mini-player.com Follow on Twitter @TheMiniPlayer to get all news Features Example PS: If you have a problem with the workflow, do not spend time reading the forum post, the workflow has been rewritten many times! Follow instructions from here http://alfred-spotify-mini-player.com/articles/support/ instead
  2. I have a lot of compilations in my music collection. This means I have many many artists which are only on one or two compilations. Now when I call the mini player in Alfred and select "Artists" I see way too many artists which I would never want to see in that list. It would be great to have an option to ignore artists which are only on compilations. The same goes to "Play random Album", it would be nice to have an option to play random album which is not a compilation.
  3. This workflow was made to cut down on media response time by bypassing the Spotify API. It works with both commands and shortcuts and is really a collection of general Spotify and system media controls. Below are screenshots of included features as well as a general overview of the workflow. Source: https://github.com/SoloUnity/alfred-Spotify-Commands Features:
  4. Control iTunes and Spotify using the same global hotkeys with this Alfred workflow. Play magically knows which player you're currently using and sends the command to the right place. Download — stable version. The source code is available here: https://github.com/pstadler/alfred-play
  5. With a new MusicKit API dropping in Monterey (you can now ask for music app access permission), could you replace the mini player with integrated music search and playback? https://developer.apple.com/documentation/MusicKit/
  6. Hi all started using today the mini music player and love it. was wondering when if anyone knew when showing albums by artist if there was a way to sort the albums by year (date). Maybe even show the album release date alongside the name? if not is it common to add feature request here? (im very new :)) thx a lot in advance Z
  7. When I unselect the "Include unticked tracks in Mini Player indexing" option for Music, Alfred ignores the setting, and displays all tracks including unticked ones. I tried resetting the music library by both using the button on the preferences and pressing command+r on the Alfred search. I also tried quitting and reopening the Music app, and then resetting the music library on Alfred again. (Alfred 4.3.2 on macOS 10.15.7)
  8. change the volume of the Music.app from Alfred. useful if you're using AirPlay devices. GitHub: https://github.com/godbout/alfred-music-volume Packal: http://www.packal.org/workflow/alfred-music-volume enjoy 🌻️
  9. I first released my Sonos Workflow back in 2015 (!!), and then Sonos split their app into S1 and S2 and so I took the opportunity to update my workflow with new iconography and to make some other improvements. It's still pretty basic, but it meets my needs (which is primarily controlling playback). @karimkaylani made a much more powerful workflow called the Alfred Sonos Controller if you want to be able to interact with your Sonos system. 🎩 Get the workflow here This workflow supports the following keywords: previous, pause, play, shuffle, next, mute, volume-down, volume-up, search, mini, and sonos.
  10. Hi, I created a workflow to quickly jump into favorite spotify playlists. instructions and download: https://github.com/Goldsucher/Favorite-Spotify-Playlists-Alfred-Workflow
  11. Not sure how to frame this, because I don't know how Alfred thinks about media and music playback beyond the native apps macOS comes with... but the built-in Music mini-player works only with Music.app (né iTunes) but seems somewhat antiquated now that podcasts and shows have their own apps: TV.app Podcasts.app While I understand a music mini-player isn't meant to be holistic in nature, I do wonder if it might be possible to make the mini-player pluggable in order to support other music services (i.e. Spotify, YouTube Music)? I currently use Spotificious but it would benefit from the richer interface of the mini-player: Like, Spotificious works, but it's not nearly as functional as Alfred's mini-player: but I think it'd be quite the improvement to Alfred to support other Music Services similar to Sonos: Anyway, I'm filing this under Themes because there are some visual inconsistencies in the mini-player UI and so I figured I'd bring up this broader question ahead of diving into specific theming details related to the mini-player to get the general temperature.
  12. I’m struggling to get a script filter to work which outputs a variable containing a mixture of text and emojis. In the output, Alfred just spits out empty characters for the emojis (⍰ question mark in a box). There’s obviously an encoding issue I’m overlooking, and I haven’t been able to quite put my thumb on it. To explain, I’ve created a script filter with AppleScript that’s supposed to let the user select a playlist from their Apple Music library (to play it, move it, etc). I recently moved over from Spotify to Apple Music, and I have a ton of playlists (put that's a separate problem - ha)! And, as you might guess, some of my playlists include emojis. When I run the script filter, Alfred’s output just shows empty characters where the emoji’s used to be. Consider the following example: Playlist: Radiohead ⭐ Faves Script Filter/Alfred Output: Radiohead ⍰ Faves Debug: Radiohead \u2b50 Faves So, while most of this is over my head, from what I understand, my JSON output is being spit out as formatted for C/C++/Java Src (when it should be in the usual utf8 unicode format). Any suggestions for fixing it? I've never tinkered around with JSON.scpt file that does all of the heavy lifting, so hopefully it's just a minor issue with my code. Admittedly, I’ve always been confused about how JSON and AppleScript work together. Although I’ve been able to create script filters in the past thanks to everyone’s help, I’ve never made one that dealt with text that containing emojis. Thanks for any help you can lend! For testing purposes, I’ve uploaded a test workflow here: https://share.getcloudapp.com/xQuDN0dl. And, here's screenshot of its script filter:
  13. Not sure what I am doing wrong but my "iTunes" mini player does not do anything when it is open. I can go through the playlists, albums, artists but will not play anything when they are selected.
  14. only reporting now but actually it's been a long time for me, so i'm surprised. might be only a few people? volumax and volmid work fine, but up, down and mute don't. i'm reporting now because i'm doing my own workflow (that can set to any % you pass as argument) and i think it's be nice to have it corrected in Alfred, and why not adding a new feature to set to the volume we want. let me know! Alfred 4.0.9 Build 1144, Friday 20th March 2020 Catalina 10.15.4 (19E287)
  15. Share music links the right way with your friends. With song.link it doesn't matter which music service your friends are using. When you share a song or album and if your friends (or enemies) are using another music service than you, they'll get a function link to their service. You'll find the latest relase at github. Happy music link sharing. /Lari Edit: Removed packal.org link.
  16. This is a simple workflow for controlling Google Play Music playback/search in Chrome. It is updated for the version of the web-based music player that was released ~May 2015. The workflow uses the following keywords to control playback in an open Google Play tab: 'gpp': Play/Pause 'gp prev': Previous Song 'gp next': Next Song 'gp search <search term>': Search Music for <search term> Github Repo: http://bit.ly/1ILnjFZ Download: http://bit.ly/1cOMM3y
  17. Because I found no Deezer workflow for Alfred I've created one in Go: https://github.com/snipem/alfred-deezer There should be no dependencies besides deezer-cli (which is included) and the yet not published soundstage client I've created to directly play Deezer tracks and albums on my Bose Soundtouch. Due to the nature of Go all dependencies should be satisfied already. Alfred-Deezer searches for tracks (Keyword: h) and albums (da). Download See Releases. Setup for Development See deezer-cli on how to setup deezer-cli which is included to the workflow.
  18. Whenever I select a track to play in the Mini Player, iTunes launches and plays the track. Is that how it's supposed to be, and if not, how can I stop it happening? This happens when I open Mini Player and press enter when a track is selected, or click on Mini Player's play icon.
  19. Alfred MPD Control MPD from Alfred. Installation Download the latest version from GitHub releases or Packal. Usage mpd [<query>] — View mpd status and search for tracks On actions: ↩ or ⌘+<NUM> — Perform action On tracks: ↩ or ⌘+<NUM> — Queue track ⌘+↩ — Play track ⌥+↩ — Clear queue and play track ^+↩ — Queue album On albums/artists/playlists/types: ↩, ⇥ or ⌘+<NUM> — Search within albums/artists/playlists/types Licencing, thanks This workflow is released under the MIT licence. It is based on the Alfred-Workflow library, which is also released under the MIT licence. Changelog 0.1.0 First release
  20. Hi all, I've been getting lots of requests to update this workflow to make it compatible with Ruby >=2.0 which is what's been shipping with the past couple releases of macOS. Well, I took some time this week to finally do it and also added a few new features. Results will now show their album art, and the pairing process has been improved. You can also now search by artist name and album title. I've also renamed the workflow to iTunes DJ (reminiscent of the original queuing feature in iTunes). See the README on Github for more info and download links. ------------------------------------------- ORIGINAL POST ------------------------------------------- Hey Guys! Up Next is one of my favorite features of iTunes 11, but adding songs to it can be pretty tedious. That's what this workflow tries to fix. You can search for songs right in Alfred and quickly queue them to be played in iTunes! The source is available on Github. Feel free to fork it and submit pull requests. Here's a download of the workflow that you can import directly into Alfred. This workflow works similarly to the iOS Remote app. Because of this, it needs to be paired with iTunes before you can use it. To do that just follow these instructions: iTunes must be open to complete the pairing process. Invoke Alfred and type pair followed by a 4-digit numeric pin number and hit enter. Switch to iTunes and click the devices button in the top right. Then click on Alfred in the devices list and enter your 4-digit pin. Now you're all set to start queuing songs! Just type "next" followed by the name of a song and Alfred will search as you type. Then just hit enter on the song you'd like to queue. Enjoy! Known Issues: Searching can be slow for large libraries Can only search using song titles, not artists or albums
  21. Enter the keyword vlcr followed by ... - play or pause to toggle between playback and pause - stop to exit out of playback and show the playlist - next to go to the next chapter or file - prev or previous to go to the previous chapter or file - fullscreen to toggle between fullscreen and windowed - downloads to load all content of your user's Downloads folder into VLC's playlist - volup to increase the volume by one increment (of 32) - voldown to decrease the volume by one increment (of 32) - volmax to put VLC's volume at its maximum level (use with care) - mute to toggle mute - delayup to increase audio delay by 50ms - delaydown to decrease audio delay by 50ms - subs to toggle through the available subtitles - quit to quit VLC Download: https://github.com/geberl/alfred-vlc-remote Packal: TBA
  22. I was hoping to find a playback controller for the Sonos desktop app but only found Jeff Johns's "Sonos Sound Controls" workflow, which unfortunately only offered volume control hotkeys. I tend to do a lot of playback control using keywords, so I set some up for Alfred. I'm an AppleScript noob, and Sonos doesn't really support AppleScript, so this was kind of a pain, and pretty hacky. There were some useful posts from 2008, but otherwise, I was kind of stabbing in the dark. Download here. There's support for the following commands using the 'sonos' keyword: search, play/pause, next track, previous track, volume up/down, and mute. Feedback and suggestions welcomed.
  23. Hey Gang Just wanted a quick workflow to easily bop the volume up and down for Spotify. Alfred workflows to the rescue. Dead simple and easy to adjust the increments if you like. DOWNLOAD
  24. Download https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4265900/Alfred/Mute.alfredworkflow This workflow mutes the system volume with the Keyword mute, meaning that all sound coming from the computer is stopped. Typing mute again will re-enable sound. It's pretty simple, but effective: Remember to disable the iTunes mute Keyword, if previously enabled: Preferences > Features > iTunes > Keywords > Mute iTunes If you want a finer degree of control, you could also rig it to work in conjunction with the iTunes mute Keyword if this workflow's Keyword is changed to something different, say "muteall". Dependencies None Download https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4265900/Alfred/Mute.alfredworkflow
  25. See what's currently playing on BBC Radio 6music. Also displays how long ago the song started/finished. Uses a BBC JSON feed. keyword: 6music hotkey: F16 What’s on 6music.alfredworkflow Requires latest Growl.
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