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  1. @Andrew The new view stack option, which allows users to define the escape behavior of the Browse object, was a brilliant addition to version 4.3.2! And, I was wondering if you'd be willing to take things a litte further? Namely, would you consider adding this option to Alfred's default navigation settings (File Search > Navigation)? When using Alfred's normal and quick file search modes, I regularly find myself dipping into a document or a folder to find something, and then wanting to escape right back into the query (because I didn't find what I was looking for).
  2. Would be great there's an option to turn on vim navigation (h,j,k,l). This would probably replace ctrl + n / ctrl + p.
  3. When searching, Command+[Number] opens a folder in Finder (rather than navigate into the folder), even though in Alfred's preferences>File Search>Navigation, "Use [return key] to open folders in Finder" is unchecked. Strangely, when I run "Previous Path", the Command+[Number] navigates into the respective enumerated folder, which is the behavior that you'd expect. I tried checking and unchecking "Use [return key] to open folders in Finder" and restarting Alfred, but that doesn't resolve the issue.
  4. In Finder, if a file name is longer than the column containing it, it is truncated with a '…' in the middle, so you can see the file extension and other important data found at the end of the name. Alfred puts the ellipsis at the end of the column, so I can't tell whether I'm looking at com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred or com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-2 Just a suggestion
  5. I'd like to be able to see the preview pane with the search results ( say while using 'find' ) like the preview shown while navigating paths . Currently i need to press SHIFT or Command-Y over each result . Is this possible as an preference option or a workflow option ?
  6. Hello, I rely on Alfred exclusively for traversing my file system - opening files and folders with Finder, that is. The problem is that every new folder that I open - unless it already is - is opened in a new tab. Since I jump to and from my Mac's directories like a wild ferret, a simple browsing session results in dozens of Finder tabs. Is there ANY way to make folders open in a current/most recent Finder tab? This would be a real lifesaver. Path Finder behaves likes this out of the box and it's really nice, but the rest of that software is so buggy I couldn't use i
  7. Background I often find myself landing deep within some website structure, e.g. http://www.thedomain.com/subpage/anothersubpage/imhere. I'd now like to press a keyboard shortcut to jump up to http://www.thedomain.com. Let's call it an ease-of-life feature. Problem I've tried for several hours to get this workflow going, but have realised that my programming skills are too weak/non-existent. Steps (according to my n00b mind) Get URL from active browser tab (this is the part that's running, thanks to input from this forum. It's using an Applescr
  8. Hello, in macOS 10.13.3 alfred navigation can't into next file path. like /Library/Application Support/ it well stop at /Library, can't into application support How to solve it ?? thanks for your read. ps. I am not english speak, so my english poor, if grammar error. I am sorry.
  9. In Alfred's filesystem navigation mode, the entire right half of the file list is given over to a preview, with filenames being truncated to make room for it. In common situations, the preview adds nothing useful, while the truncation takes a whole lot of important data away: In such situations, it's both easier and faster to scroll through the contents in Finder, where I can see the complete filenames, instead of going through them one-by-one in Alfred so I can see the full name at the bottom of Alfred's window. Being able to turn off the previe
  10. Hi, Is it possible to add this feature? It would be really nice if we had hotkeys like delete file/folder in navigation mode. For instance: cmd + delete. Like standard hotkey in mac os for removing files. It's really convenient. I used to have this in other similar extension. What do you think?
  11. When searching in Alfred, I would love to be able to open the location of files/directories in the Finder from the search results I'd also like to be able to right click on them and get a context menu as you would the finder or on the desktop. I did a search on this forum and came across something where users can press the right arrow to get the path, but this would be a bit of a pain to manually open the finder, Go > Go to Folder, paste in the path. I imagine it would not be hard to get a script to make this happen although it'd be a bit hacky. I'd like to see these
  12. Hello, I love the navigation and file actions features in Alfred and would like to be able to access them immediately, from the Finder. However, the built in option for this isn't working for me. Under Features->File Search->Actions->File Selection, the text states "Use this hotkey to show the actions panel for the currently selected files in OS X." However, although I've tried setting this hotkey to many various keyboard combinations, all it ever does is open the Info window in the Finder for the currently selected files. (It's equivalent to pressing ⌘I.) I've also tried
  13. When scrolling while navigating inside a folder, the preview pane on the right half of the window flickers. I am using the default Alfred 3 theme (white+purple).
  14. This is a workflow to activate the dock (even if hidden) and navigate it with arrow keys and enter-key. I know i know, Alfred is all about making the dock redundant. But I find myself reaching for the dock juuust often enough that it'd be nice to access it without using a mouse or trackpad. The workflow uses a keyword "dock", or a hotkey "ctrl+D", of course this can be changed to whatever suits you. The workflow activates a script that basically mimics the keystroke: fn+ctrl+F3. For some reason it only worked after i removed the fn-key from the script, don't know what that's about. I'm n
  15. So I read how Alfred propagates a list of folders that you have visited when you use the Move or Copy feature. My question is, how or when is this list cleared? I futzed a Move and now have /Volumes in the list. Uh.. How can I clear /Volumes or is there a keyboard shortcut to delete folders from this list?? Or is there some way to clear the list (except for the default folders I first saw?
  16. So... I'm an electronic musician with a lot of MIDI apps and utilities, so I'm making a MIDI workflow to suit my ends. All is working, but as I want to support quite a number of actions, I'm having difficulty having the actions being displayed in order when I type in the workflow name. Being able to such would really speed things up for me. Unimaginatively enough, the workflow name and keyword is MIDI. When I type MIDI (any case), I want any of the 10-15 actions supported by that workflow to be listed in the order I have declared them in the workflow, in the drop down list beneath the keyw
  17. Hey, I've been using the new v2 beta since it's launch. I've been impressed with the features and the possibilities and flexibility of the workflow system, it allowed me to replace TextExpander and Keyboard Maestro to a certain extent and I'm a big fan of less. But there is a feature I really miss from LauchBar when navigating the file system. Let's say I have these folders, and I'm navigating them in Alfred. /A Blue Sky Haze /Red River /Purple Haze I remember the folder I'm looking for had something to do with Haze, and I start writing it by pressing "H", it gives me an empt
  18. Sometimes when a search for a word, Alfred shows me different results but with the same name so, if I need to select the second o third result, I have to use the arrow keys and then press tab. The point is that it could be annoying move the hand to the arrow keys to select a result. I suggest to add cmd+j and cmd+k shortcuts to navigate in the showed results as a kind of VI mode.
  19. Let say I am in the Alfred's actions list with one file selected and I want to go back to the navigation folder. Hint: I don't want to do the whole navigation again
  20. I noticed if I browse in Alfred to /Volumes/, I can select volumes from the list (flash drives or whatever), but the file actions menu for them doesn't include "Browse in Alfred." This seems silly, since I can obviously browse the volume by typing ⌘-down arrow. Shouldn't this be in the file actions list also?
  21. I had earlier posted about this here: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/2719-browse-in-alfred-shows-finder-info-window-instead/ I'm making a new topic because I better isolated the trouble (as described in my final post in that topic). What's happening is that the hotkey to activate the File Actions menu from the Finder just gets remapped to "⌘I". So when I try to use that hotkey, I just see the Finder "Info" panel for the selected files instead of the list of Alfred actions. The hotkey setting I am talking about is under Features -> File Search -> Actions, and it's at the ve
  22. Hi, in LaunchBar there is a nice way to navigate System Preferences through the interface. A menu opens with all the preference panes (General, Desktop, Dock...) and you can choose the one you want with keyboard arrows or with typing the first letters of specific preference pane. Is it possible to do something like that in Alfred? If I go into Preferences with right arrow it shows me just the "Contents" folder. (Also if I search for a specific preference pane in Alfred it doesn't even show up.) What is the quickest way to navigate System Preferences in Alfred? Thank you.
  23. Pressing right arrow while browsing file on Alfred, a list of action comes up including "Move to...". Pressing right arrow on that option will yield 3 results, Documents, Desktop and Application. However, I'd like to add some custom folders, which I access on a regular basis. Is this possible? Thank you for any help!
  24. In file navigation, I don't like remembering when I can use ↩ to enter a directory (e.g. move operations vs. normal navigation). ⌘↓ is nice, but I usually end up removing my hands from typing position to hit that hotkey. It only takes one ⌫ to exit a directory. It would be awesome if typing a single / would enter a directory. Thanks
  25. I think every Alfred power-user is keyboard Geek. We want to navigate through OS X using keyboard shortcuts as much as possible because it is fast as hell comparing with mouse actions. So why don’t make navigating through Alfred Preferences tabs faster by using keyboard shortcuts to switch them? I really like the idea of switching tabs in Mac App Store app using Cmd+1 … Cmd+5.
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