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Found 3 results

  1. I am sorry if I have missed the answer to this - I honestly have tried looking. I don't want to return results or pass variables. I simply want, from my "startheday" workflow, to run the bn command for the Bear workflow by Dr. Grib. I have tried using Action in Alfred, Open URL with the internal URL for the app, and copying in what I thought might be needed from Dr. Grib's workflow, but none of those worked... Quite obviously I am not a power-user. Shouldn't one workflow be able to call another? If so, what Action do I use? I feel so stupid... Thank you! K
  2. I wrote a workflow to control my Nest thermostat a few days ago. When I was 90% done and was looking for a last bit of how-to info, I saw Nate's fully functional workflow in the forums. Oh well, nothing says fun like a little duplication of effort. My workflow currently lets you see the Nest's general status, away status, target temp, and local weather, and it will let you toggle the away status and set the target temp. It uses a different technique than Nate's to get your login information--I open dialogs via AppleScript to ask for your email and password, which keeps them out of Alfred's history. To use the workflow, just install it, type 'nest' in the Alfred input window, and select one of the available commands. If you need to authenticate the workflow will ask for your login information. Once that's done you should be good to go. The workflow is written in Python with a couple of embedded AppleScripts for the dialogs. It's available at https://github.com/jason0x43/jc-nest. Download Update 2014/03/19 (again): The weather command should now show temperatures in Celsius if that's how your Nest is configured. Update 2014/03/19: I updated the workflow to use TLSv1 because of recent updates to the Nest API servers. Update 2014/02/06: I added a "clear" command to make it easier to clear the workflow's session data. Doing this, which basically logs the workflow out of nest.com so that it has to create a new session, can help when the workflow isn't...flowing. Update 2013/10/06: Bug fixes Update 2013/08/30.4: A bunch of small updates were made to fix issues with multi-nest support. Update 2013/08/30: I added support for multiple Nests (for those of you lucky enough to be in that situation...sigh). You can use the "nest nest" command to list your Nests and choose the current active one. Update 2013/08/20: Fixed a major bug in how actions were being called (they weren't). Update 2013/08/14: Added support for Alleyoop updating. Login info is now stored in the Mac OS Keychain
  3. I put this workflow together this evening and thought I would share. Version 1 simply retrieves information about your Nest and displays it. I plan on adding the ability to control the thermostat and set temperatures in later versions. To use Set your username with the keyword: nestusername {username} Set your password with the keyword: nestpassword {password} To view thermostat info: ntemp The workflow will display the current thermostat temperature, humidity and status of AC, heat, fan, leaf. Version 1.1 Workflow GitHub Project Page Changelog 1.1 Fixed authentication for some users 1.0 Initial workflow
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